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Dip - Label Discography

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Roy Shirley

A: I Fancy You
B: Pretty Brown Eyes
Dip UKDL 500119737"15.0
Hot Ice [Reggae]

A: Sweet Dream
B: Don't Hurt The One You Love
Dip UKDL 500219737"1 
I. Roy

A: Don't Get Weary - Joe Frazier
B: Don't Get Weary
Dip UKDL 500619737"1 
Big Joe

A: Selassie Skank
B: Selassie Skank (Version)
Dip UKDL 500719737"0 
Big Joe

A: Weed Specialist

Cherry And The Dubmaster

B: Dub A Daughter
Dip UKDL 500819747"28.0

A: You Made A Mistake
B: Showers Of Blessing
Dip UKDL 500919747"1 
Gladstone And Trios Jamaicos

A: Freedom Train
B: Version
Dip UKDL 501019747"0 
Green And Hodge

A: Green Bananas
B: Green Bananas (Pt. 2)
Dip UKDL 501119747"0 
Laurel Aitken

A: For Ever And Ever
B: None Sweeter Than You
Dip UKDL 501219777"1 
Elpido Burke

A: Walking In The Dark
B: Sitting Down Praying
Dip UKDL 501219747"0 
Willie Smith

A: I've Got A New Thing
B: New Thing
Dip UKDL 501319747"0 
Laurel Aitken

A: Goodbye My Love Goodbye
B: When Forever Has Gone
Dip UKDL 501319777"1 
R. Edwards And Social Eagles

A: One Sunday Morning

African Bros.

B: Mysterious Nature
Dip UKDL 501419747"1 
R. Edwards And Social Eagles

A: One Sunday Morning
B: Version Sunday Morning
Dip UKDL 501419747"0 
The Royals

A: Promise Land
B: Every Jamaican Is A Rebel
Dip UKDL 501619747"010.0
Jah Ali

A: Knight Of The Round Table
B: London Dub I
Dip UKDL 501719747"0 
Jah Ali

A: Psalms 1

Big Joe

B: Zion Train Version
Dip UKDL 501819747"0 
Jah Ali

A: Black Snowfall

T. Brevitt

B: From Dusk Till Dawn
Dip UKDL 501919747"0 
Gene Rondo

A: Try Me
B: Gimme Little Sign
Dip UKDL 502019747"0 
Jah Ali

A: Soldier Round The Corner

Bungo Herman

B: Immortal Drums
Dip UKDL 502119747"1 
M. J. Dorane

A: Loving You
B: Medley
Dip UKDL 502319747"1 
Shelton Walker

A: One Of Us Will Weep

King Edward's All Stars

B: Version
Dip UKDL 502619747"0 
Prince Glen

A: Hog Ina Mi Minty

Big Joe

B: Sweet Melody
Dip UKDL 502719747"1 
Tony Brevett

A: You Don't Love Me

King Edward's All Stars

B: Version
Dip UKDL 502819747"0 
Suzan Cadogan

A: Hurt So Good


B: Loving Is Good
Dip UKDL 503019747"38.0

A: Enter The Dragon

Joy White

B: Lady Lady
Dip UKDL 503119747"1 

A: Rebels Train
B: Rebels Dub
Dip UKDL 503219747"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: I Am Glad

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Dip UKDL 503319747"0 
The Mighty Falcon

A: Kingston 2
B: Part 2
Dip UKDL 503419747"0 
Junior Byles

A: Curley Locks
B: Now Generation
Dip UKDL 503519747"49.0
Prince Jazbo

A: Penny Reel
B: Good Things
Dip UKDL 503619747"5 
Lee Perry And The Silvertones

A: Dub A Pum Pum


B: Kill The Music
Dip UKDL 503719747"0 
The Versalites

A: Cutting Rasor

L. Perry And The Upsetters

B: Black Belt Jones
Dip UKDL 503919747"1 
Rupie Edwards

A: Bolo Man

Rupie Edwards All Stars

B: Bolo Dub
Dip UKDL 504119747"0 
Pat Francis

A: To Be Your Lover

Jah Lloyd

B: Soldier Round The Corner
Dip UKDL 504219747"0 
Dobbie Jones

A: The Wrong They Do

Jackie Brown Allstar

B: The Wrong Dub
Dip UKDL 504319747"0 
Wain Nelson

A: Christmas Time
B: Santa Claus
Dip UKDL 505019747"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Stay By My Side
B: Its You I Love
Dip UKDL 505119757"0 
Roy Shirley

A: The Greatest Fight
B: Deejay Race
Dip UKDL 505219757"0 

A: Cane River Rock
B: River Side Rock
Dip UKDL 505419757"0 
Lorenzo And Eva Maria

A: Baby Baby
B: Think It Over
Dip UKDL 505519757"0 
King Burnett

A: I Man Free


B: Freedom Version
Dip UKDL 505619757"110.0
Delroy Wilson And Niney All Stars

A: Halfway Up The Stairs

Niney All Stars

B: Dubstairs
Dip UKDL 505719757"0 
Niney All Stars

A: Zuki-zaki
B: Zuzu-zaff
Dip UKDL 505819757"0 
Lee And Junior

A: Dreader Locks

Lee Perry

B: Militant Rock
Dip UKDL 506019757"2 
Carl Bert

A: Loving Girl
B: Tears Fall In My Sleep
Dip UKDL 506119757"0 
Gene And T.T.

A: Miss Grace

Hot Ice [Reggae]

B: Graceful Version
Dip UKDL 506219757"0 
Lord Repatriator

A: Its Nice (Norma And The Ripe Banana)

The Natives [Jamaica]

B: Skins
Dip UKDL 506519757"0 
Lord Repatriator

A: Calypso (Miner Pains And Labour Pains (74) Election)

The Natives [Dip]

B: Feeling
Dip UKDL 506619757"0 
Jimmy Riley

A: Ram Goat Liver

Omar And Marsha Perry

B: Ram Goat Dub
Dip UKDL 506719757"16.0

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