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Dirty Water - Label Discography

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North London's premier Garage club night 'The Dirty Water Club' forms it's own record label.
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The Dirty


A1: Cinnamon
B1: Black Sugar
B2: B-Movie Dance
Dirty Water UKDWC 10014 Oct 20047"0 
Thee Exciters

A1: Pretty Elegant And Neat
A2: Ugly Face
B1: Guts For Garters
B2: Things Ain't Right
Dirty Water UKDWC 100226 May 20067"0 

A: Don't Give It Up Now
B: How Do You Know?
Dirty Water UKDWC 1003Apr 20077"08.0
The Priscillas

A: Superhero
B: Y.O.Y.
Dirty Water UKDWC 100420 Aug 20077"08.0
Muck And The Mires

A1: I'm Down With That
B1: One Of These Days
B2: All I Really Want To Do Is Cry
Dirty Water UKDWC 1005Oct 20077"0 
Los Peyotes

A: El Humo Te Hace Mal
B: Te Pegare
Dirty Water UKDWC 1006Apr 20087"0 
The Vipers [00s]

A: Satellite Boys
B: Icarus
Dirty Water UKDWC 10092 Jun 20087"0 

A: Wanna Hold You
B: Go
Dirty Water UKDWC 10102 Jun 20087"0 
The Branded

A: You Got The Hurt
B: I Can't Stand It!
Dirty Water UKDWC 10112 Jun 20087"1 
The Hollywood Sinners

A: Todo El Mundo Haciendo El Dawn!!

The Urges

B: The Urges Theme
Dirty Water UKDWC 101416 Jun 20087"010.0
The Kits

A: Don't Want To Lose This Fight
B: She's The Number One
Dirty Water UKDWC 101730 Jun 20087"0 
The Morlocks

A: I Don't Do Funerals Any More
B: Nightmares
Dirty Water UKDWC 101823 Jun 20087"0 
Thee Vicars

A: Don't Try To Tell Me
B: Why Have You Changed?
Dirty Water UKDWC 1019-715 Sep 20087"0 
Los Peyotes

A: Bdaa!!!
B: El Entierro De Los Gatos
Dirty Water UKDWC 1020-715 Sep 20087"0 
King Salami And The Cumberland Three

A: Do The Funky Walk
B: Do The Wurst
Dirty Water UKDWC 1026-78 Sep 20097"0 
The Branded

A: She's My Woman
B: Justine
Dirty Water UKDWC 10281 Jun 20097"0 

A: Don't Need Your Lovin'
B: Death Of An Angel
Dirty Water UKDWC 10293 Aug 20097"1 
Thee Vicars

A: You Lie
B: Gonna See Me Again
Dirty Water UKDWC 10303 Aug 20097"0 
Thee Gravemen

A: Haunted
B: All Black And Hairy
Dirty Water UKDWC 103523 Nov 20097"0 
King Salami And The Cumberland Three

Xmas Á Go Go

A: Sock It To Me Santa
B: Black Santa
Dirty Water UKDWC 103614 Dec 20097"0 
The Dustaphonics

A: Burlesque Queen
B: Tornado
Dirty Water UKDWC 103721 Apr 20107"0 
The Routes

A: Do What's Right By You
B: Love Like Glue
Dirty Water UKDWC 10387 Jun 20107"0 
Los Chicos

A: We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
B: Wreckin' Rome
Dirty Water UKDWC 103929 Mar 20107"0 
The Kits

A: Salvation
B: Detroit Feeling
Dirty Water UKDWC 104116 Aug 20107"0 
Peter David And The Wilde Sect

A: Out Of My Mind
B: Don't Leave Me
Dirty Water UKDWC 104415 Aug 20107"0 
The Wildebeests

A: Lucinda
A: One Minute's Time
Dirty Water UKDWC 102519 Jan 20097"0 
King Salami And The Cumberland Three

A: Trubble Trubble
B: Jellyfish
Dirty Water UKDW C1053Sep 20117"0 
Beat Seeking Missiles

A: Break My Fall
B: Dr Strangelove
Dirty Water UKDWC 1054Nov 20117"0 
The Thanes [Scotland]

A: Dishin' The Dirt
B: I Don't Want You
Dirty Water UKDWC 1068Jan 20147"1 
MFC Chicken

A: (Get Outta The) DJ Booth
B: Colonel Sanders' Bastard Son
Dirty Water UKDWC107620157"0 
MFC Chicken

A: "Lake Bears!" Theme Song (Vocal)
B: Main Theme From "Lake Bears!" (Instrumental)
Dirty Water UKFDW-00220157"0 
The Loons

A: Miss Clara Regrets
B: Alexander
Dirty Water UKDWC107820 Apr 20157"3 
Les Grys-Grys

A: Left Unseen
B: It's Mighty Crazy
Dirty Water UKDWC108014 Jul 20157"0 
Thee Vicars

A: Every Day
B: Don't Wanna Be Free
Dirty Water UKDWC 10557"0 

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