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DJM - Label Discography

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  UK  595
  Netherlands  66
  USA  66
  Germany  61
  New Zealand  38
  Australia  35
  Japan  28
  France  27
  Portugal  24
  Spain  16
  Norway  12
  South Africa  9
  Belgium  8
  Italy  6
+ More Countries (21 Total)
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DJS 201
Dave Sealey

A: It Takes A Thief
B: Put Your Head On My Shoulder And Cry
DJM UKDJS 20128 Feb 19697"26.0
Ray And Elaine

A: Please Be Patient
B: Never Can A Tear
DJM UKDJS 20214 Mar 19697"0 
Lew Rich

A: You And Your Tomorrows
B: Taking The Sun From My Eyes
DJM UKDJS 20321 Mar 19697"1 
The Zack Laurence Orchestra

A: I Will
B: African Waltz
DJM UKDJS 204Apr 19697"1 
Elton John

A: It's Me That You Need
B: Just Like Strange Rain
DJM UKDJS 20516 May 19697"66.0

A: Holly Golightly
B: Thing's I'm Doing
DJM UKDJS 20623 May 19697"58.0
Ray And Elaine

A: Dearly Beloved
B: That's What Living Is For
DJM UKDJS 207Jun 19697"0 
Gerry Langley

A: Goodnight Sweet Lady
B: Write Me A Letter
DJM UKDJS 20820 Jun 19697"0 
Voces Amigas

A: Anything That You Want (Zucchero)
B: So Little Time (Suena Un Reloj)
DJM UKDJS 2091969Promo Only 7"0 
Dave Sealey

A: Picking Up The Pieces
B: I Can't Go On Living Without You
DJM UKDJS 210Jun 19697"0 
Edward Woodward

A: Grains Of Sand
B: A Thing Called Love
DJM UKDJS 211Jun 19697"1 
Ray Moore [DJM]

A: Going To Carolina
B: Blues Is Just A Bad Dream
DJM UKDJS 2124 Jul 19697"0 
Peter Carr

A: Angel And The Woman
B: Imagine Yourself
DJM UKDJS 2135 Sep 19697"0 

A: Mr. Boyd
B: Imagine
DJM UKDJS 214Sep 19697"1210.0

A: Make Believe
B: Love Machine
DJM UKDJS 21519707"04.0
Mr. Bloe

A: Groovin' With Mr. Bloe
B: Sinful
DJM UKDJS 216Apr 19707"89.2
Elton John

A: Border Song
B: Bad Side Of The Moon
DJM UKDJS 21720 Mar 19707"99.5
Edward Woodward

A: This Man Alone
B: Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know
DJM UKDJS 21822 Mar 19707"07.0
Conrad's Foot

A: Mellow Yellow
B: The Letter
DJM UKDJS 2193 Apr 19707"0 
Day 'N Night

A: I Just Need Somebody
B: Such A Lot To Talk About
DJM UKDJS 220Apr 19707"1 
The Zack Laurence Orchestra

A: Road To Mexico (Instrumental)
B: Road To Mexico (Vocal)
DJM UKDJS 22120 Apr 19707"1 
Elton John

A: Rock And Roll Madonna
B: Grey Seal
DJM UKDJS 222Jun 19707"38.5
My Dear Watson

A: Have You Seen Your Saviour
B: White Line Road
DJM UKDJS 22419707"2 
The Methods

A: Chasing The Sun
B: And That Is Life
DJM UKDJS 22517 Jul 19707"17.0

A: Sunny, Honey Girl
B: Walking Alone
DJM UKDJS 226Jul 19707"16.0
Jade [UK 70s]

A: Alan's Song
B: Amongst Anemones
DJM UKDJS 22726 Jun 19707"18 
Lois Lane

A: Day By Day
B: Cloud Of Blue
DJM UKDJS 22819707"0 
Mr. Bloe

A: Curried Soul
B: Mighty Mouse
DJM UKDJS 22919707"0 
Phillip Goodhand-Tait

A: Jeannie
B: Run See The Sun
DJM UKDJS 23019707"1 
Deep Feeling

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: The Day My Lady Cried
DJM UKDJS 23113 Nov 19707"2 
Edward Woodward

A: The Way You Look Tonight
B: The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca
DJM UKDJS 23219707"0 
Elton John

A: Your Song
B: Into The Old Man's Shoes
DJM UKDJS 233Jan 19717"109.6
Elton John

A: Your Song
B: Your Song
DJM UKDJS 233Jan 1971Promo Only 7"010.0
Vanity Fare

A: Where Did All The Good Times Go
B: Stand
DJM UKDJS 23429 Jan 19717"16.0

A: Train Song
B: Mr Sun
DJM UKDJS 23519717"1 
Phillip Goodhand-Tait

A: Oh, Rosanna
B: I Didn't Know Myself
DJM UKDJS 23619717"0 
Deep Feeling

A: Sweat, Dust And Red Wine
B: Turn Around
DJM UKDJS 23719717"06.0
Vaughan Thomas

A: I Wanna Be Famous Like My Dad
B: Love
DJM UKDJS 23826 Feb 19717"28.7
Nigel Olsson's Drum Orchestra And Chorus

A: Nature's Way
B: G T Over
DJM UKDJS 23919717"1 
The Gloomys

A: I'm A Bum
B: Let Me Dream
DJM UKDJS 24019 Mar 19717"16.0

A: Ania
B: Primo
DJM UKDJS 24219717"0 
Birds Of A Feather

A: Thank You
B: Baby Don't You Bring Me Down
DJM UKDJS 24330 Apr 19717"2 
Elton John

A: Friends
B: Honey Roll
DJM UKDJS 244Apr 19717"27.5
Mr. Bloe

A: 71-75 New Oxford
B: Get Out (Of This Town)
DJM UKDJS 24519717"1 
Mike Batt

A: All The Way Down
B: Wendy
DJM UKDJS 24619717"0 
The Brighter Side

A: There's Gotta Be A Day
B: Didn't Know It Was Like This
DJM UKDJS 24719717"0 
The Troggs

A: Lazy Weekend
B: Let's Pull Together
DJM UKDJS 248Jun 19717"0 
Edward Woodward

A: It Had To Be You
B: Watch What Happens
DJM UKDJS 24919717"17.0
Vanity Fare

A: Better By Far
B: Rock 'N' Roll Band
DJM UKDJS 2502 Jul 19717"68.0
The Red Sox

A: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
B: Mister Ten Per Cent
DJM UKDJS 25119717"0 

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