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DJM - Label Discography

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  UK  587
  USA  64
  Netherlands  58
  Germany  51
  New Zealand  35
  Australia  30
  Japan  20
  Portugal  17
  Norway  12
  France  10
  Spain  10
  South Africa  7
  Belgium  6
  Italy  5
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A: Mr. Boyd
B: Imagine
DJM Netherlands214 DJS19707"2 
Mr. Bloe

A: Groovin' With Mr. Bloe
B: Sinful
DJM Netherlands6102 30019707"0 
Mr. Bloe

A: Curried Soul
B: Mighty Mouse
DJM Netherlands6102 30319707"0 
Elton John

A: Border song
B: Bad Side Of The Moon
DJM NetherlandsDJS 21719707"09.0
Elton John

A: Rock And Roll Madonna
B: Grey Seal
DJM Netherlands6102 30119717"0 
Cilla Black

A: Across The Universe
B: Black Paper Roses
DJM Netherlands6102 30219717"0 
Elton John

A: Your Song
B: Into The Old Man's Shoes
DJM Netherlands6102 30419717"010.0
Elton John

A: Friends
B: Honey Roll
DJM Netherlands6102 30519717"0 
Mr. Bloe

A: 71-75 New Oxford
B: Get Out (Of This Town)
DJM Netherlands6102 30619717"0 
The Troggs

A: Lazy Weekend
B: Let's Pull Together
DJM Netherlands6102 30719717"0 
Vanity Fare

A: Better By Far
B: Rock 'N' Roll Band
DJM Netherlands6102 30819717"0 
Cilla Black

A: Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight)
B: La La La Lu
DJM Netherlands6102 30919717"09.0
Elton John

A: Levon
B: Goodbye
DJM Netherlands6102 31019727"0 
Elton John

A: Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time)
B: Tiny Dancer
DJM Netherlands6102 31319727"0 
Elton John

A: Honky Cat
B: Slave
DJM Netherlands6102 31519727"0 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Standing In The Road
B: Celestial Plain
DJM Netherlands6102 31619727"0 
Elton John

A: Crocodile Rock
B: Elderberry Wine
DJM Netherlands6102 31719727"0 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Sing Don't Speak
B: 2 B Free
DJM Netherlands6102 31919727"0 
Elton John

A: Daniel
B: Skyline Pigeon
DJM Netherlands6102 32119737"09.0
Elton John

A: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
B: Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)
DJM Netherlands6102 32219737"0 
Elton John

A: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
B: Screw You
DJM Netherlands6102 32419737"0 
Phillip Goodhand-Tait

A: Warm Summer Rain
B: One More Rodeo
DJM Netherlands6102 32519737"0 
Elton John

A: Step Into Christmas
B: Ho, Ho, Ho, (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?)
DJM Netherlands6102 32619737"0 
Elton John

A: Candle In The Wind
B: Bennie And The Jets
DJM Netherlands6102 32719737"0 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Bye Bye Birmingham
B: Messiah
DJM Netherlands6102 32919747"0 
Elton John

A: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
B: Sick City
DJM Netherlands6102 33019747"0 
Elton John

A: The Bitch Is Back
B: Cold Highway
DJM Netherlands6102 33319747"0 
Elton John

A: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
B: One Day At A Time
DJM Netherlands6102 33419747"010.0
The Elton John Band

A: Philadelphia Freedom

The Elton John Band Featuring John Lennon And The Muscle Shoals Horns

B: I Saw Her Standing There
DJM Netherlands6102 335Nov 19747"0 
Elton John

A: Island girl
B: Sugar On The Floor
DJM Netherlands6102 33719757"0 
Elton John

A: Grow Some Funk Of Your Own
B: I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)
DJM Netherlands6102 33919757"0 
Johnny Guitar Watson

A: I Need It
B: Since I Met You Baby
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1069419767"0 
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson

A: Superman Lover
B: We're No Exception
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1072219767"0 
Elton John

A: Pinball Wizzard
B: Take Me To The Pilot
DJM NetherlandsDJS.65219767"0 
Geno Washington

A: Soothe Me Baby
B: My Kind Of Love (Is Back In Style Again)
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1076119777"0 
Johnny Guitar Watson

A: A Real Mother For Ya
B: Nothing Left To Be Desired
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1076219777"0 
Johnny "Guitar" Watson

A: The Real Deal
B: Tarzan
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1079019777"0 
Dennis Weaver

A: Calhoun
B: Hubbardville Store
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1900119777"0 
Johnny Guitar Watson

A: Miss Frisco (Queen Of The Disco)
B: Tu Jours Amour
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1088119787"0 
Johnny Guitar Watson

A: It's A Damn Shame
B: Love That Will Not Die
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1900419787"0 
Watsonian Institute Featuring Johnny Guitar Watson

A: Master Funk
B: The Institute
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1900519787"0 
Slaughter And The Dogs

A: You're Ready Now
B: Runaway
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6353819797"0 
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson

A: Gangster Of Love
B: Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do)
DJM NetherlandsDJS 1900619797"0 
Grace Kennedy

A: Fandango Dancing
B: My Heart Keeps Breaking Over You
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6358719807"0 
Kristin Berglund

A: Steal Him Away
B: Home Town Shaker
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6391319807"0 
Johnny Guitar Watson

A: Booty Ooty
B: Jet Plane
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6393619807"0 
Frank Hooker And Positive People

A: This Feelin'
B: I Wanna Know Your Name
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6400319807"0 
Harding And Browne

A: On The Weekend
B: Who Will It Be Tonight
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6402519807"0 
Grace Kennedy

A: If I'm Wrong About You, I'm Wrong About Everything
B: You Cheat On Me
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6407819807"0 
Jenny Darren

A: Lover
B: Fifties Teen
DJM Netherlands1A 006-6407919807"0 

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