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Dootone - Label Discography

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The Johnny Creach Trio

A: Danny Boy (Instr.)
B: It's You In My Heart
Dootone USA30119517"1 
Pete Johnson

A: Anticipating Blues
B: Hard Luck, Women And Strife
Dootone USA30219517"0 
Johnny Creach

A: Indian Love Call
B: Free For The Asking
Dootone USA30319517"0 
Buell Thomas And His Orchestra

A: Could I Love Her
B: Waiting At The Door
Dootone USA31419527"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Back In California
B: Magic Of A Kiss
Dootone USA33519537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Baby, That Suits Me
B: I Donít Wanna Go Home
Dootone USA33619537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: God Is My Partner
B: Tight On And On
Dootone USA33719537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Help Wanted
B: If I Were A Thousand Years Old
Dootone USA33819537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Dreaming
B: Pictures Stained With Teardrops
Dootone USA34019537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Athelete's Feet
B: Cynthia
Dootone USA34119537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Why
B: Darling Be Waiting For Me
Dootone USA34219537"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: Find Some Heat Somewhere
B: Little Sleepyhead
Dootone USA34319537"0 
Sweet Georgia Brown And Whippoorills

A: I Want To Go Back To Mexico
B: I Still Love You
Dootone USA34619547"0 
The Whippoorwills

A: I Can't Be Happy Until
B: Under The Moon
Dootone USA34919547"0 
The Medallions

A: Buick 59
B: The Letter
Dootone USADOO-34719547"14 
The Penguins

A: No There Ain't No News Today

Dootsie Williams And His Orchestra

B: When I Am Gone
Dootone USA345-45Aug 19547"1 
The Penguins

A: Hey Senorita
B: Earth Angel
Dootone USADOO-348Oct 19547"28 
The Penguins

A: Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild
B: Ookey Ook
Dootone USA45-353Dec 19547"1 
Stormy Herman And His Midnight Ramblers

A: The Jitterbug
B: Bad Luck
Dootone USA35819557"310.0
Chuck Higgins

A: Here I'm Is
B: Tonky Honk
Dootone USA36119557"1 
The Penguins

A: Baby Let's Make Some Love
B: Kiss A Fool Goodbye
Dootone USA36219557"0 
Roy Milton And His Band

A: Fools Are Getting Scarcer
B: I Can't Go On
Dootone USA36319557"4 
The Medallions

A: Speedin'
B: Edna
Dootone USA36419557"2 
The Dootones

A: Teller Of Fortune
B: Ay Si Si
Dootone USA36619557"0 
Don Julian And The Meadowlarks

A: Always And Always
B: I Got Tore Up
Dootone USA36719557"0 
The Lorenzo Holden Trio

A: Back Stage
B: Earth Angel
Dootone USA36819557"0 
Roy Milton

A: You Got Me Reeling And Rocking
B: Nothing Left
Dootone USA36919557"08.0
The Calvanes

A: Crazy Over You
B: Don't Take Your Love From Me
Dootone USA37119557"0 
Don Julian And The Meadowlarks

A: This Must Be Paradise
B: Mine All Mine
Dootone USA37219557"2 
Helen Humes

A: Woojamacooja
B: All I Ask Is Your Love
Dootone USA37419557"0 
Roy Milton And His Band

A: I Never Would Have Made It
B: I Want To Go Home
Dootone USA37719557"0 
The Medallions

A: Dear Darling
B: Don't Shoot Baby
Dootone USA37919557"0 
The Medallions

A: The Telegram
B: Coupe De Ville Baby
Dootone USA45-35719557"3 
The Calvanes

Voices For Lovers

A1: Don't Take Your Love
A2: Crazy Over You
B1: They Call Me Fool
B2: One More Kiss
Dootone USADTE 2051955EP6 
The Penguins

A1: Earth Angel
A2: I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
B1: Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild
B2: Baby Let's Make Some Love
Dootone USAEP-101-A1955EP0 
The Medallions

A: The Telegram
B: Coupe De Ville Baby
Dootone USA45-357Jan 19557"0 
The Cameos [Dootone]

A: Craving
B: Only For You
Dootone USA365Jun 19557"0 
Roy Milton And His Orchestra

A: I'm A Woman
B: Bam-A-Lam
Dootone USA378-45Nov 19557"010.0
Don Julian And The Meadowlarks

A: Untrue

The Souvenirs

B: Double Dealing Baby
Dootone USA39219567"4 
Vernon Green And The Medallions

A: Did You Have Fun
B: My Mary Lou
Dootone USA40719567"3 
The Romancers [Dootone]

A: I Still Remember
B: House Cat
Dootone USA381Jan 19567"3 
The Medallions

A: I Want A Love
B: Dance And Swing
Dootone USA393Apr 19567"1 
Don Julian

A: Please Love A Fool
B: Oop Boopy Oop
Dootone USA394Apr 19567"2 
Chuck Higgins

A: Oh Yeah
B: I Need Your Love
Dootone USA396Jun 19567"5 
Don Julian

A: I Am A Believer
B: Boogie Woogie Teenage
Dootone USA405Oct 19567"0 
Don Julian And The Meadowlarks

A: I Am A Believer
B: Boogie Woogie Teenage
Dootone USADOO-405-45Oct 19567"0 
The Cuff Links [50s]

A: Guided Missiles
B: My Heart
Dootone USA409-45Dec 19567"12 
Don Julian

A: Blue Moon
B: Big Mama Wants To Rock
Dootone USA42419577"0 
The Penguins

A: Do Not Pretend
B: If You're Mine
Dootone USA43519577"0 
The Cuff Links [50s]

A: Its Too Late Now
B: Saxaphone Rag
Dootone USA422Aug 19577"0 

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