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Doré - Label Discography

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The Dimples [US 1950s]

A: Toy Telephone
B: Gimme Jimmy
Doré USA45-200119587"2 
The Cruisers

A: Lighthouse Rock
B: The Happy Snowball
Doré USA45-200319587"0 
The Whips [50's]

A: Yes, Master
B: Rosie's Blues
Doré USA45-50219587"1 
Hank Cochran

A: Goofin' Around
B: Don't Apologize
Doré USA45-50819587"1 
The Cruisers

A: Maxies Melody (Jazz Version)
B: Maxies Melody (Rock 'N Roll Version)
Doré USA45-51219587"0 
Tony And Joe

A: Where Can You Be?
B: Play Something Sentimental Mr. DJ
Doré USA45-2002Sep 19587"14.0
The Teddy Bears

A: To Know Him, Is To Love Him
B: Don't You Worry My Little Pet
Doré USA503Sep 19587"139.0
The Zanies

A: The Blob
B: Do You Dig Me Mister Pigmy
Doré USA45-509Oct 19587"1110.0
The Zanies

A: The Mad Scientist
B: She's A Winner
Doré USA45-515Dec 19587"17.0
Johnny O

A: Don't Run Johnny-O
B: Meet The Bongo Man
Doré USA45-51919597"1 
Glen Glenn

A: Goofin' Around
B: Susie Green From Abilene
Doré USA52319597"17.0
The Debonaires [Long Beach]

A: Every Once In A While
B: Mama Don't Care
Doré USA52619597"0 
John And Judy

A: Hideout
B: Lovebug
Doré USA53019597"1 
Jim Eddy

A: Everglades
B: Teen Age Angel
Doré USA53719597"2 
Ronnie Height

A: So Young, So Wise
B: Juvenile
Doré USA45-516Feb 19597"2 
Ronnie Height

A: Come Softly To Me
B: So Young, So Wise
Doré USA45-516Mar 19597"410.0
The Teddy Bears

A: Wonderful Loveable You
B: Till You'll Be Mine
Doré USA520May 19597"1 
Jan And Dean

A: Baby Talk
B: Jeanette, Get Your Hair Done
Doré USA522Jun 19597"410.0
Deane Hawley

A: New Fad
B: Pretty Little Mary
Doré USA524Jul 19597"1 
Sharon Mason

A: Eddie Can I Park In Your Lot


B: Twin Guitars
Doré USA525Jul 19597"0 
Bobby Fry

A: Let's Split
B: X-2
Doré USA527Aug 19597"2 
Jan And Dean

A: There's A Girl
B: My Heart Sings
Doré USA531Oct 19597"18.0
Billy And Cliff

A: Big Spender From The East
B: Summer's End
Doré USA534Nov 19597"1 
Tony Casanova

A: Showdown
B: Boogie Woogie Feeling
Doré USA535Dec 19597"0 
Deane Hawley

A: Good Morning Mr. Sun
B: Bossman
Doré USA536Dec 19597"0 
Jan And Dean

A: Clementine
B: You're On My Mind
Doré USA539Dec 19597"3 
The Funny Bunnies

A: Midnight Sun
B: The Sick Song
Doré USA54219607"1 
Doctor And Patient

A: Sure It Hurts ('"A Broken Leg Can Be Painful')

The Informers

B: Dora He Told Me To Tell You He Loves You Don't Cry
Doré USA56219607"2 
John And Judy

A: You Can't Have My Love
B: Tell Me
Doré USA540Jan 19607"0 
The Von Gayels

A: The Twirl
B: Crazy Dance
Doré USA544Jan 19607"0 
Deane Hawley

A: Where Is My Angel
B: I'll Never Be A Fool Again
Doré USA543Feb 19607"5 
The Tides [Doré]

A: Little Carmen
B: Smoke Signals
Doré USA546Feb 19607"0 
The Premieres [Dore]

A: True Deep Love
B: The Red Light Bandit
Doré USA547Feb 19607"0 
Jan And Dean

A: White Tennis Sneakers
B: Cindy
Doré USA548Mar 19607"4 
Deane Hawley

A: Look For A Star
B: Bossman
Doré USA554Jun 19607"49.0
Jan And Dean

A: We Go Together
B: Rosie Lane
Doré USA555Jun 19607"3 
The Happy Crickets

A: Just A Lazy Summer Night
B: Ed's Tune
Doré USA558Jun 19607"0 
The Raindrops

A: Love Is Like A Mountain
B: Maybe
Doré USA561Jul 19607"2 
The Choppers [60's]

A: Rolling Along
B: La Chop
Doré USA564Jul 19607"0 
Ronnie Cook

A: My Angel
B: Pocahantas
Doré USA565Aug 19607"0 
Deane Hawley

A: Like A Fool
B: Stay At Home Blues
Doré USA569Sep 19607"0 
Rodney And The Blazers

A: Teenage Cinderella
B: Rolling Along
Doré USA572Sep 19607"1 
The Triplets [San Jose, CA]

A: Gently, My Love
B: Bagdad Beat
Doré USA574Oct 19607"0 
Jan And Dean

A: Gee
B: Such A Good Night For Dreaming
Doré USA576Oct 19607"0 
Deane Hawley

A: Rainbow
B: Hey There
Doré USA577Dec 19607"0 
Buford Busbee

A: Don't Drop It
B: This Is All I Ask
Doré USA58419617"0 
The Lemon Drops [Early 60s]

A: Canadian Capers
B: Lonesome Looie
Doré USA58919617"1 
The Debonaires [Long Beach]

A: Every Once In A While
B: Gert's Skirt
Doré USA59219617"2 
Freddy Weller

A: No One To Love
B: Mary I'm Glad To See You
Doré USA59519617"0 
Claudia And The Crystals

A: This Is Your Life
B: Little Love Of Mine
Doré USA60119617"2 

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