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Dot - Label Discography

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  USA  1560
  Canada  130
  Australia  123
  New Zealand  107
  Denmark  85
  UK  85
  Sweden  60
  Netherlands  57
  Japan  52
  South Africa  36
  Germany  33
  Norway  33
  France  9
  Hong Kong  9
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Pat Boone

A1: At My Front Door
A2: Tennessee Saturday Night
B1: Ain't That A Shame
B2: Two Hearts
Dot CanadaDEP-10491955EP0 
Pat Boone

A Date With Pat Boone

A1: Don't Forbid Me
A2: Why Did I Choose You?
B1: Rock Me Baby
B2: The Fat Man
Dot CanadaDEP 10551956EP1 
Pat Boone

A: Don't Forbid Me
B: Anastasia
Dot Canada45-15521Dec 19567"1 
The Hilltoppers

A: Marianne
B: You're Wasting Your Time (Tryin' To Lose The Blues)
Dot Canada45-1553719577"1 
Pat Boone

A: Why Baby Why
B: I'm Waiting Just For You
Dot Canada45-1554519577"2 
Jimmy Newman

A: A Fallen Star
B: I Can't Go On This Way
Dot Canada45-1557419577"0 
The Dell-Vikings

A: I'm Spinning
B: When I Come Home
Dot Canada45-1563619577"2 
Ned Miller

A: Turn Back
B: Lights In The Street
Dot Canada45-1565119577"0 
Pat Boone

A: April Love
B: When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
Dot Canada45 1566019577"0 
Pat Boone

A1: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
A2: Peace In The Valley
B1: He'll Understand (And Say Well Done)
B2: Steal Away
Dot CanadaDEP-10561957EP0 
Pat Boone

Four By Pat

A1: Technique
A2: Cathedral In The Pines
B1: Louella
B2: Without My Love
Dot CanadaDEP 10571957EP0 
The Dell-Vikings

A: Come Go With Me
B: How Can I Find True Love
Dot Canada15538Jan 19577"0 
Bonnie Guitar

A: Dark Moon
B: Big Mike
Dot Canada45-15550Feb 19577"1 
Pat Boone

A: Love Letters In The Sand
B: Bernardine
Dot Canada45-15570Apr 19577"0 
Bonnie Guitar

A: There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
B: Mister Fire Eyes
Dot Canada45-15612Jul 19577"0 
Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats

A: Henrietta

Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats With The Montclairs

B: Don't Cry No More
Dot Canada45-15664Oct 19577"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Raunchy
B: Sail Along Silvery Moon
Dot Canada45-15661Dec 19577"0 
Pat Boone

A: Gee, But It's Lonely
B: For My Good Fortune
Dot Canada15825X19587"0 
The Fontane Sisters

A: Love Like A Fool
B: Ain't It The Truth
Dot Canada45-1568219587"0 
Pat Boone

A: A Wonderful Time Up There
B: It's Too Soon To Know
Dot Canada45-1569019587"0 
Pat Boone

A: Sugar Moon
B: Cherie, I Love You
Dot Canada45-1575019587"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: La Paloma
B: Here Is My Love
Dot Canada45-1579519587"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Cimarron (Roll On)
B: You're My Baby Doll
Dot Canada45-1583619587"0 
Milton De Lugg And His Orchestra

A: Philadelphia, U.S.A.
B: You Can Be Lonely In Paris
Dot Canada45-1586519587"0 
Billy Vaughn

Four By Billy Vaughn

A1: La Paloma
A2: Mexicalli Rose
B1: Estrellita
B2: La Golondrina
Dot CanadaDEP 10661958EP0 
Pat Boone

A1: Autumn Leaves
A2: Blueberry Hill
B1: Cold, Cold Heart
B2: St. Louis Blues
Dot CanadaDEP-10691958EP0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
B: Trying
Dot Canada45-15710Feb 19587"0 
Clara Ward

A: Somebody Bigger Than You And I
B: Packin' Up
Dot Canada45-15846Sep 19587"0 
Debbie Reynolds

A: Am I That Easy To Forget
B: Ask Me To Go Steady
Dot Canada15985X19597"0 
Pat Boone

A: With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
B: Good Rockin' Tonight
Dot Canada45-1588819597"0 
Pat Boone

A: For A Penny
B: The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango (The Mambo Cha Cha Cha)
Dot Canada45-1591419597"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Your Cheatin' Heart
B: Lights Out
Dot Canada45-1593619597"0 
Wink Martindale

A: Deck Of Cards
B: Now You Know How It Feels
Dot Canada45-1596819597"0 
Pat Boone

A: Brightest Wishing Star
B: Fools Hall Of Fame
Dot Canada45-1598219597"0 
Pat Boone

A: My Faithful Heart
B: Beyond The Sunset
Dot Canada45-1600619597"0 
Pat Boone

A: Candy Sweet
B: Delia Gone
Dot Canada16122X19607"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Look For A Star
B: He'll Have To Go
Dot Canada16106XJun 19607"0 
Lonnie Donegan And The Skiffle Group

A: Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On The Bedpost Over Night)
B: Aunt Rhody
Dot Canada15911X19617"0 
Pat Boone

A: The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)
B: There's A Moon Out Tonight
Dot Canada16176X19617"0 
Pat Boone

A: Moody River
B: A Thousand Years
Dot Canada16209X19617"0 
Lawrence Welk And His Orchestra

A: Yellow Bird

Lawrence Welk, His Orch. And Chorus

B: Cruising Down The River
Dot Canada16222X19617"0 
Dorsey Burnette

A: Rainin'
B: A Full House
Dot Canada16230X19617"1 
Lawrence Welk, His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Riders In The Sky
B: My Love For You
Dot Canada16237X19617"0 
Pat Boone

A: Big Cold Wind
B: That's My Desire
Dot Canada16244X19617"0 
Pat Boone

A: Johnny Will
B: (If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream
Dot Canada16284X19617"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Wheels
B: Orange Blossom Special
Dot Canada16174XJan 19617"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Berlin Melody
B: Come September
Dot Canada16262XAug 19617"0 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Everybody's Twisting Down In Mexico
B: Melody In The Night
Dot Canada16295XNov 19617"0 
Pat Boone

A: I'll See You In My Dreams
B: Pictures In The Fire
Dot Canada16312X19627"0 
Johnny Maddox And His Orchestra

A: Glad Rag Doll
B: Frenchy
Dot Canada16320X19627"0 

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