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Downtown - Label Discography

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A: Move Your Mule
B: Reggae Me This
Downtown UKDT 40119687"36.0

A: Come Back Girl
B: Shake Me Wake Me
Downtown UKDT 40219687"0 
Denzil And Pat

A: Dream
B: Sincerely
Downtown UKDT 40319687"07.0

A: Tell Me Darling

Brother Dan All Stars

B: Cool Hand Luke
Downtown UKDT-40419687"2 

A: Copy Your Rhythm

Brother Dan All Stars

B: Lovely Lady
Downtown UKDT 40519687"0 

A: Doctor Sure Shot
B: Put On Your Dancing Shoes
Downtown UKDT 40619687"28.5
The Dreamers [Reggae]

A: Sweet Chariot
B: Let's Go Downtown
Downtown UKDT 40719687"0 
Audrey And The Dreamers

A: I Second That Emotion

The Dreamers [Reggae]

B: Dear Love
Downtown UKDT-40819687"0 
Mr Most

A: Pushwood
B: Reggae Train
Downtown UKDT 40919687"0 

A: Reggae In Your Jeggae
B: Reggae Shuffle
Downtown UKDT 41019697"07.0
Audrey With Dandy

A: You Don't Care


B: Tryer
Downtown UKDT 41119697"0 
The Israelites

A: Moma Moma
B: Melody For Two
Downtown UKDT 41319697"0 

A: Love Me Tonight

Brother Dan All Stars

B: Shoot Them Amigo
Downtown UKDT 41419697"08.0

A: Rock Steady Gone
B: Walking Down Easy Street
Downtown UKDT 41519697"0 

A: I'm Your Puppet
B: Water Boy
Downtown UKDT 41619697"1 

A: Quando Quando
B: Reg-a-leg
Downtown UKDT 41719697"0 

A: Lovers Concerto

Herbie Grey And The Rudies

B: Along Came Roy
Downtown UKDT-41819697"2 
Tony Tribe

A: Red, Red Wine


B: Blues
Downtown UKDT 419Apr 19697"29.0
Tony Tripe

A: Red, Red Wine


B: Blues
Downtown UKDT 419Apr 19697"1 
Sonny Bins And The Rudies

A: The Untouchables

The Rudies

B: Lazy Boy
Downtown UKDT 42019697"1 
The Israelites

A: Games People Play


B: One Fine Day
Downtown UKDT 42119697"05.0
Gene Rondo

A: Lovers' Question

Herbie Gray And Rudies

B: Blue Moon
Downtown UKDT-42219697"1 
Owen Gray

A: Groovin'

Herbie Gray And Rudies

B: These Memories
Downtown UKDT 42319697"06.0
Sonny Binns And The Rudies

A: Wheels
B: Night Train
Downtown UKDT 42419697"2 
Downtown All Stars

A: Everybody Feel Good


B: Down Town Jump
Downtown UKDT 42619697"0 
Freddie And The Rudies

A: I Don't Wanna Lose That Girl
B: Train From Vietnam
Downtown UKDT 42719697"0 

A: People Get Ready

The Rudies

B: Near East
Downtown UKDT 42916 May 19697"0 
Gene Rondo

A: Sentimental Reason
B: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Downtown UKDT 43119697"0 
Desmond Riley

A: Tear Them

The Rudies Featuring George Lee

B: Chacka Grind
Downtown UKDT 43219697"07.0

A: Seven Books
B: Chucka Beat
Downtown UKDT 43319697"0 

A: Be Natural Be Proud
B: Who You Want To Run To
Downtown UKDT 43419697"17.0
Desmond Riley

A: Tears On My Pillow

The Rudies

B: Man Pon Spot
Downtown UKDT 43519697"07.0

A: You'll Lose A Good Thing

Desmond Riley

B: If I Had Wings
Downtown UKDT 43619697"08.0

A: Come On Home
B: Love Is All You Need
Downtown UKDT 4378 Aug 19697"18.0
Desmond Riley

A: Out Your Fire
B: No Return
Downtown UKDT 43815 Jul 19697"0 
Tony Tribe

A: I'm Gonna Give You All The Love I've Got

Herbie Gray

B: Why Wait
Downtown UKDT 43919697"0 
Dessie And John

A: Boss Sound
B: Everything Is Alright
Downtown UKDT 44019697"1 
Prince Of Darkness

A: Burial Of Longshot (Pt I)

George Lee

B: Burial Of Longshot (Pt II)
Downtown UKDT 44119697"0 

A: Everybody Loves A Winner
B: Try Me One More Time
Downtown UKDT 44219697"0 
George Lee

A: Talking Boss
B: Jungle Fever
Downtown UKDT 44319697"0 
Lyndon Johnson

A: Don't Gamble With Love
B: Song Bird
Downtown UKDT 44419697"0 
Dandy And The Israelites

A: Let's Come Together

Jake Wade

B: Music Fever
Downtown UKDT 44519697"0 

A: Give Me A Love

Horace Faith

B: Daddy's Home
Downtown UKDT 44619697"0 
Musical Doctors

A: Music Doctor Chapter 1
B: Music Doctor Chapter 2
Downtown UKDT 44719697"0 
Prince Of Darkness

A: Meeting Over Yonder

Musical Doctors

B: Ghost Rider
Downtown UKDT 44819697"0 

A: Pop Your Corn
B: Pledging My Love
Downtown UKDT 44919697"0 
Desmond Riley

A: Skinheads A Message To You

Music Doctors

B: Going Strong
Downtown UKDT 45019697"18.0
Lyndon Johns

A: Oh Mama Oh Papa
B: Bring Back The Night
Downtown UKDT 45119697"0 

A: Sweeter Than Sugar
B: The Way You Move
Downtown UKDT-45219697"0 

A: Won't You Come Home
B: Baby Make It Soon
Downtown UKDT 45319697"0 

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