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Duke - Label Discography

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A: I Wish It Would Rain
B: There Comes A Time
Duke UKDU 119687"28.7
Sensations [Reggae]

A: Those Guys
B: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Duke UKDU 220 Dec 19687"18.0
Carl Dawkins

A: One Dollar Of Music
B: I'll Make It Up
Duke UKDU 320 Dec 19687"1 
Herbie Carter

A: Happy Time

The Boys [Reggae]

B: Smashville
Duke UKDU 420 Dec 19687"29.0
Lloyd Robinson

A: Cuss Cuss
B: Lavender Blue
Duke UKDU 517 Jan 19697"3 

A: Man Of My Word
B: The Time Has Come
Duke UKDU 610 Jan 19697"1 
Paragons [Jamaica]

A: Left With A Broken Heart
B: Got To Get Away
Duke UKDU 719687"310.0
Whistling Willie

A: Penny Reel
B: Soul Tonic
Duke UKDU 819687"1 

A: Auntie Lulu

Clancy Eccles

B: Bag-A-Boo
Duke UKDU 919697"210.0

A: What A Botheration
B: Stand By Me
Duke UKDU 1019697"1 
Owen Gray

A: Reggae Dance
B: I Know
Duke UKDU 1219697"1 
King Cannon

A: Soul Pipe
B: Overproof
Duke UKDU 1319697"19.0
Alton Ellis

A: Diana

Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

B: Personality
Duke UKDU 1419697"18.0
Lloyd Tyrell

A: Cuyah

Uniques [Jamaica]

B: Forever
Duke UKDU 1519697"0 
The Beltones

A: Home Without You
B: Why Pretend
Duke UKDU-1719697"1 
Roy Shirley

A: Life
B: I Like Your Smile
Duke UKDU 1819697"18.0

A: Freedom Sound

The Boys [Reggae]

B: Easy Sound
Duke UKDU 1919697"0 
Band Of Mercy And The Salvation

A: Suffering Stink

Bob Melody

B: The Break
Duke UKDU 2019697"3 
Boris Gardner

A: Never My Love
B: The Bold One
Duke UKDU 2119697"2 

A: What Am I To Do
B: You're My Everything
Duke UKDU 2219697"2 
Lloyd Charmers

A: 5 To 5

Soul Stirrers [Reggae]

B: Come See About Me
Duke UKDU 2519697"19.0

A: Hear Ya

The Vibrators [Jamaica]

B: Live Life
Duke UKDU 2619697"1 
Stranger Cole

A: Glad You're Living
B: Help Wanted
Duke UKDU 2719697"0 
The Royals

A: Never Gonna Give You Up
B: Don't Mix Me Up
Duke UKDU 2919697"1 
Clancy Eccles

A: Fire Corner

The Dynamites [Reggae]

B: John Public
Duke UKDU 3019697"210.0
The Dynamites [Reggae]

A: I Don't Care

Clancy Eccles

B: Shoo-Be-Do
Duke UKDU 3119697"29.0

A: Mother Hen

Winston Sinclair

B: Chastise Them
Duke UKDU 3219697"0 
Owen Gray

A: Seven Lonely Days
B: He Didn't Love You Like I Do
Duke UKDU 338 Aug 19697"1 
Ansell Collins

A: Bigger Boss


B: My Girl
Duke UKDU 3519697"1 
Lloyd Chalmers

A: Safari
B: Last Laugh
Duke UKDU 3615 Aug 19697"1 
Don Drummond Junior

A: Everybody Bawlin'


B: Come Look Here
Duke UKDU 3715 Aug 19697"2 
Anonymously Yours

A: Dream Baby
B: Staggalee
Duke UKDU 3819697"1 
Boris Gardner

A: Elizabethan Reggae

Byron Lee And The Dragonairs

B: Soul Serenade
Duke UKDU 39Jan 19707"1710.0
Anonymously Yours

A: Organism
B: Itch
Duke UKDU 4019697"2 
Sir Collins And The Black Diamonds

A: Black Panther
B: I Want To Be Loved
Duke UKDU 4619697"1 
Sir Collins And The Black Diamonds

A: Black Diamonds

The Diamonds [Reggae]

B: I Remember
Duke UKDU 4719697"1 

A: Bye Bye Love
B: It's Love
Duke UKDU 4819697"1 

A: Love Is A Treasure

Diamonds [Reggae]

B: I Want To Be
Duke UKDU 4919697"1 
Sir Collins And The Earthquakes

A: Pair Of Wings

The Earthquakes

B: I Can't Stop Loving You
Duke UKDU 5419697"18.0
Sir Collins And The Earthquakes

A: Brother Moses
B: Funny Familiar Feeling
Duke UKDU 5519697"1 
Sir Collins And The Earthquakes

A: Earthquake

The Earthquakes

B: Simmering
Duke UKDU 5619697"28.0

A: My Girl
B: You Were To Be
Duke UKDU 5819697"49.0
Hot Rod All Stars

A: Lick A Pop
B: Treasure
Duke UKDU 5919707"2 

A: Where Were You (When The Lights Went Out)
B: Just One Smile
Duke UKDU 6019697"110.0

A: Mek You Go On So

Winston Wright And The J. J. All Stars

B: Neck Tie
Duke UKDU 6119707"1 
Winston Wright And The J. J. All Stars

A: Poppy Cock

Carl Dawkins

B: This World And Me
Duke UKDU 6219707"0 
The Setters

A: Paint Your Wagon
B: Organ Man
Duke UKDU 6519707"1 
Hot Rod All Stars

A: Return Of The Bad Man
B: Calypso Reggae
Duke UKDU 6619707"0 
Justin Hines And The Dominoes

A: Drink Milk
B: Everywhere I Go
Duke UKDU 6719707"010.0
Freddie Notes And The Rudies

A: Chicken Inn

Count Suckle With Freddie Notes And The Rudies

B: Scratchin' Chicken
Duke UKDU 6819707"1 

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