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Duophonic Super 45's - Label Discography

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A: French Disko
B: Jenny Ondioline
Duophonic Super 45's UKD-UHF-00319937"310.0
Shimmies In Super 8

Huggy Bear

A1: Trafalgar Square
A2: Godziller
A3: More Music From Bells
A4: Snow White, Rose Red


B1: Cindy So Loud
B2: Darlin'


C1: Soundtrack


D1: Revox!
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS 45 05 & 06Apr 1993Double Pack58.0

A: Living Room
B: Phantom
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45 14May 19967"4 
Yo La Tengo

A: Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop


B: The Long Hair Of Death
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45-101 Jun 19967"5 
Splitting The Atom

A1: Part One
A2: And Two
B1: Monkey Brain
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS 45 1719977"1 
Clear Spot

A: Moonman Bop
B: Psycho's Blues
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS 33-2019987"2 

Forty Five Revolutions Per Minute Sound Recording

A1: Use Once And Destroy
A2: Mice In Drain
B1: Why? Why Do I Bum Around?
B2: Constant Idle System
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45-2420 Jul 19987"0 
Stereolab And Brigitte Fontaine

A: Caliméro


B: Cache Cache
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS 45 25Aug 19997"1 

A: Wander
B: Pherox
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45-364 Jul 20057"0 
...Play Kevin Ayers

The Monincs

A: Girl On A Swing


B: Soon
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45-CD 3720067"0 

A: Solar Throw-Away
B: Jump Drive Shut-Out
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45 381 Mar 20067"0 
The Harry Kari Connection

A1: I Can't Sleep
B1: How I Feel
B2: Haunted
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45-4120087"0 

Explosante Fixe

A: Explosante Fixe
B: L'exotisme Intérieur
Duophonic Super 45's UKDS45-4320 Sep 20087"07.0

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