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Dynamic - Label Discography

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Barry Biggs

A: Got To Be Mellow
B: Love Grows
Dynamic UKDYN-40119707"0 
Henry III With Hubcap And Wheels

A: Out Of Time

Viceroys With Hubcap And Wheels

B: Love For Everyone
Dynamic UKDYN 40219707"0 
The Viceroys

A: One Pound Weight
B: Come Dance
Dynamic UKDYN-40319707"0 
Boris Gardner Happening

A: Commanding Wife

Boris Gardner

B: Band Of Gold
Dynamic UKDYN 40419707"0 
Al T. Joe

A: Hitching A Ride

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires

B: Ride Version
Dynamic UKDYN-40519707"07.0
Austin Faith

A: 634 5789

The Dynamic Boys

B: Warm And Tender Love
Dynamic UKDYN 40719707"0 
The Slickers

A: Johnny Too Bad

Roland Alfonso

B: Saucy Hord
Dynamic UKDYN 40619717"49.0
The Blues Busters

A: Thinking Of You
B: Each One Teach One
Dynamic UKDYN 40819717"2 
Byron Lee And The Dragonaires

A: My Sweet Lord
B: Shock Attack
Dynamic UKDYN 40919717"1 
The Jamaicans

A: Love Uprising
B: My Love For You
Dynamic UKDYN 41019717"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Hallelujah
B: Trying To Reach
Dynamic UKDYN-41119717"0 
The West Indians

A: Never Gonna Give You Up

Rebellious Subjects

B: Never Give Up
Dynamic UKDYN 41319717"16.0
Bryon Lee And The Dragonaires

A: Way Back Home
B: Way Back Home (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 41419717"18.0
Jo Spencer

A: Bed Of Roses
B: Forgive Me
Dynamic UKDYN 41519717"18.0
The Jamaicans

A: Mary

The Conscious Minds

B: soldier boy
Dynamic UKDYN 41719717"0 
The Dingles

A: You Don't Know

The Cables

B: Rich Man, Poor Man
Dynamic UKDYN 41819717"1 
The Slickers

A: You Can't Win
B: Don't Fight The Law
Dynamic UKDYN 41919717"18.0
Eric Donaldson

A: Cherry, Oh Baby
B: Sir Charmer's Special
Dynamic UKDYN 42019717"39.0
Eric Donaldson

A: Just Can't (Happen This Way)
B: Just Can't (Happen This Way) - Version
Dynamic UKDYN 42519717"1 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Alcapone Guns Don't Bark
B: Guns Don't Bark (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 42719717"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Ripe Cherry

The Inner Circle

B: Red Cherry
Dynamic UKDYN 42222 Oct 19717"06.0
Dennis Alcapone

A: Horse And Buggy

Roland Alfonso And Denzil Laing

B: Buggy And Horse
Dynamic UKDYN 4215 Nov 19717"0 
Eric Donaldson

A: Love Of The Common People

The Dragonaires

B: The Dragon's Net
Dynamic UKDYN 42312 Nov 19717"28.5
Winston Heywood And The Hombres

A: Bam-Sa-Bo
B: Bam-Sa-Bo - Version
Dynamic UKDYN 42426 Nov 19717"19.0
Dobby Dobson

A: Carry That Weight
B: More Weight
Dynamic UKDYN 42610 Dec 19717"16.5
Al T Joe

A: Oh What A Price
B: The Prisoners Song
Dynamic UKDYN 42919727"0 
The Jamaicans

A: I Believe In Music
B: Music Version
Dynamic UKDYN 43019727"29.0
Eric Donaldson

A: I'm Indebted
B: I'm Indebted Version
Dynamic UKDYN 43119727"0 
Junior Byles

A: Pharoah Hiding

The Upsetters

B: Hail To Power
Dynamic UKDYN 43219727"0 
Tommy [Cowan]

A: Geraldine
B: Reverend Leroy
Dynamic UKDYN 43319727"0 
K. C. White

A: Man No Dead
B: Man No Dead (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 43419727"19.0
Byron Lee And The Dragonaires

A: Make It Reggae

Dennis Alcapone

B: Go Johnny Go
Dynamic UKDYN 43519727"1 
Hopeton Lewis

A: Come Together
B: Going Back To My Hometown
Dynamic UKDYN 43619727"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Everybody Needs Help
B: Everybody Needs Help Version
Dynamic UKDYN 43719727"0 
The Maytals

A: Redemption Song

The Dynamites [Reggae]

B: Redemption Version
Dynamic UKDYN.43819727"18.0
Eric Donaldson

A: Miserable Woman
B: The Lion Sleeps
Dynamic UKDYN 43919727"17.0
Joe White

A: Kenyata

Joe White Recording Band

B: Kenyata (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 44019727"0 
Winston Heywood And The Hombres

A: Stop The War
B: Stop The War (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 44119727"19.0
The Jamaicans

A: Are You Sure
B: Are You Sure (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 44219727"1 
Busty Brown And The Warners

A: Throw Away Your Gun

The Twinkle Brothers

B: Sad Song
Dynamic UKDYN 44319727"1 
Max Romeo

A: We Love Jamaica

Soul Rythm

B: Version
Dynamic UKDYN 44419727"0 
Hopeton Lewis

A: Good Together
B: Good Together (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN.44719727"0 
Hugh Roy

A: Festival Wise
B: Festival Wise Part 2
Dynamic UKDYN 44819727"1 
Chris Leon

A: (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All

The Dynamites [Reggae]

B: Instrumental (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 45019727"18.0
Eric Donaldson

A: Little Did You Know
B: Version
Dynamic UKDYN 45219727"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Tears From My Eyes

Conscious Minds

B: Version
Dynamic UKDYN 45319727"19.0
Adina Edwards

A: Talk About Love
B: Don't Forget To Remember
Dynamic UKDYN 45419727"0 
Tesfa McDonald

A: Life Is The Highest
B: Recarnate
Dynamic UKDYN 45519727"18.0
The Jamaicans

A: Sunshine Love
B: Sunshine (Version)
Dynamic UKDYN 45619727"0 
Winston Heywood And The Hombres

A: Seek And You'll Find

The Hombres [Reggae]

B: Version
Dynamic UKDYN 45719727"07.0

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