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DynoVoice - Label Discography

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The Poets [UK]

A: Now We're Thru
B: There Are Some
DynoVox USA201Dec 19647"2 
The Beach Girls

A: Skiing In The Snow
B: Goin' Places
DynoVox USA202Feb 19657"1 
The Distant Cousins

A: To Have And To Hold
B: Let It Ring
DynoVox USA203Mar 19657"2 
Eddie Rambeau

A: Concrete And Clay
B: Don't Believe Him
DynoVoice USA204Apr 19657"49.0
Maggie Thrett

A: Soupy
B: Put A Little Time Away
DynoVoice USA205May 19657"1 
The Invitations

A: Hallelujah
B: Written On The Wall
DynoVoice USA206Jun 19657"0 
Eddie Rambeau

A: My Name Is Mud
B: I Just Need Your Love
DynoVoice USA207Jun 19657"18.0
The Distant Cousins

A: Slipped Your Mind
B: Empty House
DynoVoice USA208Jul 19657"1 
The Toys

A: A Lover's Concerto
B: This Night
DynoVoice USA209Aug 19657"89.3
The Toys

A: A Lover's Concerto
B: This Night
DynoVox USA209Aug 19657"09.0
The Invitations

A: What's Wrong With Me Baby
B: Why Did My Baby Turn Bad
DynoVoice USA210Nov 19657"19.5
Eddie Rambeau

A: The Train
B: Yesterday's Newspapers
DynoVoice USA211Oct 19657"0 
The Hi Fashions

A: Billy Knows
B: Mr. Policeman
DynoVoice USA212Nov 19657"0 
Jessica James And The Outlaws

A: Give Her Up (Baby)
B: Come Closer
DynoVoice USA213Nov 19657"010.0
The Toys

A: Attack
B: See How They Run
DynoVoice USA214Dec 19657"48.0
The Invitations

A: Skiing In The Snow
B: Why Did My Baby Turn Bad
DynoVoice USA215Jan 19667"19.3
The Motivations

A: The Slow Fizz
B: The Squeeze
DynoVoice USA216Feb 19667"1 
Eddie Rambeau

A: I'm The Sky
B: I Just Need Your Love
DynoVoice USA217Mar 19667"1 
The Toys

A: May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone
B: On Backstreet
DynoVoice USA218Mar 19667"310.0
The Toys

A: Silver Spoon
B: Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
DynoVoice USA219Apr 19667"39.0
Jessica James And The Outlaws

A: We'll Be Makin' Out
B: Lucky Day
DynoVoice USA220May 19667"08.5
Eddie Rambeau

A: I Miss You
B: Thinkin' About You Baby
DynoVoice USA221Jun 19667"0 
The Toys

A: Baby Toys
B: Happy Birthday Broken Heart
DynoVoice USA222Aug 19667"210.0
Billie Dearborn

A: Down
B: Mac Dougal Street Blues
DynoVoice USA223Sep 19667"0 
The Sky

A: I'm Not A Fool
B: I Know What's Up
DynoVoice USA224Sep 19667"1 
Eddie Rambeau

A: Clock
B: If I Were You
DynoVoice USA225Sep 19667"2 
The Chicago Loop

A: (When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me
B: This Must Be The Place
DynoVoice USA226Oct 19667"38.0
The Missing Lynx [Dynovoice]

A: Behind Locked Doors
B: (You Don't Love Me) Anymore
DynoVoice USA227 Dec 19667"2 
George McCannon III

A: Love, Love My Friend
B: What Makes A Man Wander
DynoVoice USA228Jan 19677"0 
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: Music To Watch Girls By
B: Girls On The Rocks
DynoVoice USA229Dec 19667"48.5
The Chicago Loop

A: Richard Corey
B: Cloudy
DynoVoice USA230Feb 19677"3 
Bob Crewe

A: After The Ball
B: One More Tear
DynoVoice USA231Mar 19677"0 
Steve Walker And The Bold

A: The Train Kept A Rollin'
B: Found What I Was Lookin' For
DynoVoice USA232Mar 19677"26.0
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: Miniskirts In Moscow Or ..........
B: Theme For A Lazy Girl
DynoVoice USA233Apr 19677"3 
Dave Turner

A: Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
B: I
DynoVoice USA234May 19677"110.0
Mike Mercado

A: Hey Mr. Monk, It's Page Nine
B: Popcorn
DynoVoice USA235May 19677"0 
The Girl Watchers [Dynovoice]

A: Music To Watch Girls By
B: Music To Watch Girls By (Instrumental)
DynoVoice USA236Jun 19677"0 
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: You Only Live Twice
B: A Lover's Concerto
DynoVoice USA237May 19677"1 
The Euphoria Five

A: Euphoria
B: I Used To Be A Shrinking Violet (But Now I'm A Blooming Rose)
DynoVoice USA238May 19677"1 
Bob Crewe

A: A Special Message From Bob Crewe Part One
B: A Special Message From Bob Crewe Part Two
DynoVoice USA8056/8057Apr 1967Promo Only 7"0 
Mitch Ryder

A: What Now My Love
B: Blessing In Disguise
DynoVoice USADY-901Aug 19677"39.0
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: Birds Of Britain
B: I Will Wait For You
DynoVoice USADY-902Oct 19677"1 
The Long Island Sound

A: One, Two, Three And I Fell
B: Skid Row
DynoVoice USADY-903Nov 19677"1 
The Hutch Davie Convention

A: Never My Love
B: A Lover's Concerto
DynoVoice USADY-904Dec 19677"0 
Mitch Ryder

A: (You've Got) Personality And Chantilly Lace
B: I Make A Fool Of Myself
DynoVoice USADY-905Jan 19687"1 
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)
B: Winter Warm
DynoVoice USADY-906Mar 19687"0 
The Good Earth Trio

A: How Deep Is The Ocean
B: Louise
DynoVoice USADY-907Mar 19687"0 
William Carr

A: Backup
B: Heartaches
DynoVoice USADY-908Mar 19687"0 
The Illusion

A: My Party
B: It's Groovy Time
DynoVoice USADY-914Apr 19687"0 
The Bob Crewe Generation Choir

A: The Battle Hymn Of The Republic '68
B: To Give (The Reason I Live)
DynoVoice USADY-915Apr 19687"0 

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