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Eagle [Reggae] - Label Discography

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Norman T. Washington

A: Something Strange
B: Serenade To Tina
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00119757"0 
Freddie McKay

A: Because Of You
B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00219757"0 
Pat Rhoden

A: It Must Be Santa Clause
B: Christmas Song
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00319757"1 
Tinga Stewart

A: Funny Feeling
B: Funny Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00419757"1 
Ronnie Davis

A: Without You In My Life
B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00519757"0 
Keith Poppin

A: Why Make Believe
B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00619757"0 
Eugene Paul

A: She Is Gone
B: Naughty Boy
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00719757"0 
Freddie McKay

A: Since I Met You

Skin, Flesh And Bone

B: Bone Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00819757"0 
Keith Poppin

A: Whenever There Is Moonlight

Skin-Flesh And Bone

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 00919757"08.0
Tyrone Taylor

A: Hurt Me

Skin, Flesh And Bones

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 001019757"0 
Junior Byles

A: Fade Away

Skin, Flesh And Bones

B: Fadeing Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 001119757"0 
Rocky And Liz

A: Please Call Me
B: Happyness Is Hard To Find
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 001419757"0 
Horace Andy

A: Beware Of A Smiling Face

Skin, Flesh And Bones

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 001519757"09.0
Eugene Paul

A: I Want To Be There
B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 001919757"0 
Leroy Sibleys

A: Only Sixteen

Skin Flesh And Bone

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 002019757"0 
Keith Poppin

A: Get Together
B: South East Weapon
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 002219757"0 
Laurel Aitken

A: Delilah
B: Delilah Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 002319757"0 
Everand Thompson

A: Mass John

Tomorrows Youth

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 002419757"0 
Coleman Scott

A: You Don't Know
B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 002619767"01.0
Freddy McKay

A: Funny Girl

Skin Flesh And Bone

B: Funny Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 002819767"0 

A: Fools Been Hurt By Love

Bridge Connection

B: Lovers Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 003019767"0 
Ronnie Davis

A: No One Can Take Your Place

Skin Flesh And Bone

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 003119767"0 
Lola Page

A: Stop And Think It Over
B: Tell Me A Lie
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 003219767"1 
Dudley Simmons

A: Teach Me Tonight

The V.I.P.

B: Teach Me This Dub
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 3419767"0 
Carl Sparks And The Cadets

A: Can't Help Falling In Love

The Cadets [Reggae]

B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 35Aug 19767"0 
Earl George

A: Since I Met You Baby


B: Happy Song
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 3619767"0 
Verna Lee With The Aces

A: It Was My Fault
B: Version
Eagle [Reggae] UKEAG 3719777"0 

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