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Earache - Label Discography

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Never Healed E.P.

A1: Never Healed
A2: Despair
A3: Deathbiter
B1: Anguish Of War
B2: More Blood Is Shed
B3: Dead
Earache UKEAR 11986Flexi0 
Napalm Death

A1: The Curse
B1: Musclehead
B2: Your Achievement?
B3: Dead
B4: Morbid Deceiver
Earache UK7 MOSH 8Sep 1988Bonus 7"0 
Napalm Death

A: You Suffer

Electro Hippies

B: Mega Armageddon Death Pt. 3
Earache UK7 MOSH 121989Bonus 7"7 
Napalm Death

A: Mentally Murdered
B: Cause And Effect
Earache UK7 MOSH 1419897"010.0
Napalm Death

A: Suffer The Children
B: Siege Of Power
Earache UK7 MOSH 2419907"0 
Napalm Death

A: Suffer The Children
B: Recorded Live At The I.C.A. 29 June 1990
Earache UK7 MOSH 24 LAug 19907"1 

A: Provoked Accurser
Earache UK7 MOSH 271991Bonus 7"110.0
Morbid Angel

Morbid Angel

A: Intro/Fall From Grace
B: Brainstorm
C: Rebel Lands
D: Doomsday Celebration (Instrumental)
E: Day Of Suffering
F: Blessed Are The Sick/ Leading The Rats
G: Thy Kingdom Come
H: Unholy Blasphemies
I: Abominations
J: Desolate Ways (Instrumental)
K: The Ancient Ones
L: In Remembrance (Instrumental)
Earache UK7 MOSH 31L1991Box Set 7"1 
Fudge Tunnel

A: Joined At The Dick
B: Cat Scratch Fever
Earache UK7 MOSH 3619917"0 

A: Crawl
B: Forsaken
Earache UK7 MOSH 3819917"0 
Lawnmower Deth

A: Kids In America
B: Bone Yank Blisters
Earache UK7 MOSH 3919917"0 
Napalm Death

A: Mass Appeal Madness
B: Pride Assasin
Earache UK7 MOSH 4619917"0 

A: Slateman
B: Wound '91
Earache UK7 MOSH 4719917"0 
Brutal Truth

Ill Neglect

A1: Ill Neglect
A2: The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave (Butthole Surfers Cover)
B1: Hear Nothing For You (S.O.B. Cover)
B2: Pre-Natal Homeland
Earache UKMOSH 801992EP18.0

A: Out Of Hand
B1: God Of Thunder
B2: Black Breath
Earache UK7 MOSH 1141993EP0 
Napalm Death

Nazi Punks Fuck Off

A1: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
A2: Aryanisms
B1: Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Live)
B2: Contemptuous (Xtreem Mix)
Earache UK7 MOSH 921993EP1 
Brutal Truth

A: Perpetual Conversion
B: Perpetual Larceny
Earache UKMOSH 8419937"0 
Napalm Death

A: Hung
B: Truth Drug
Earache UK1994Promo Only 7"0 
Johnny Violent

A: Johnny Is A Bastard
B: Pull The Trigger
Earache UK7 MOSH 11719947"0 
Dub War

Mental EP

A: Mental
B: Mental (Ruyere Remix)
Earache UK7 MOSH 11819947"0 
Fudge Tunnel

A: The Joy Of Irony
B: Rottweilers
Earache UK7 MOSH 12419947"0 
Dub War

A: Gorrit
B: Black Anadin Toxic Waste
Earache UK7 MOSH 12619947"1 
Brutal Truth

Need To Control

A: Turn Face
B: Media Blitz
C: Displacement
D: B.T.I.T.B.
E1: Godplayer
E2: Choice Of A New Generation
F1: Bite The Hand
F2: I See Red
G1: Black Door Mine
G2: Mainliner
G3: Brain Trust
H1: Dethroned Emperor
H2: Painted Clowns
I1: Collapse
I2: Judgement
J1: Ordinary Madness
J2: Wish You Were Here (Now Go Away)
Earache UKMOSH 110 B1994Box Set 7"0 
Super-Startling Double Feature!


A: Night Of The Vampire

New Bomb Turks

B: I Hate People
Earache UK7 MOSH 13219957"0 
Dub War

A: Strike It
B: The Fax (Live From Vpro Radio Session - Unreleased Track)
Earache UK7 MOSH 13819957"0 

A: Fear And Drinking
B: Pulp
Earache UK7 MOSH 13919957"0 


A: 73-C
B: Grain Of Salt
Earache UK7 MOSH 14019957"1 
Dub War

A: Enemy Maker
B: Money In The Bank
Earache UK7 MOSH 14719957"1 
Dub War

A: Cry Dignity
B: Glover's Wierd
Earache UK7 MOSH 16319967"0 
In Tongues We Speak

Napalm Death

A1: Food Chains


A2: A Safe Place
B1: Harvest Of Maturity

Napalm Death

B2: Upward And Uninterested (Demo Version)
Earache UK7 MOSH 1681996EP0 
Dub War

A: Million Dollar Love (Demo Version)
B: Way Of The River
Earache UK7 MOSH 17019977"0 

Taking On The Monster

A1: Divided You Fall
A2: Fireman Song
B1: Follow My Eyes
B2: Interference
Earache UK7 MOSH 1721997EP0 
Janus Stark

Earache: Nextgen 98 Tour

A: Dynamo
B: Flags Of Discontent (Demo)
Earache UK7 MOSH 201Jan 19977"0 

Earache: Nextgen 98 Tour

A: Control (Demo)
B: Blistered Eyes (Demo)
Earache UK7 MOSH 202Jan 19977"0 
Misery Loves Co.

Earache: Nextgen 98 Tour

A: Blinded
B: Kiss Your Boots (Urban Jungle Mix)
Earache UK7 MOSH 203Jan 19977"0 
Dub War

Earache: Nextgen 98 Tour

A: Dreams And Illusions
B: Silencer (Strings Version)
Earache UK7 MOSH 204Jan 19977"0 

Earache: Nextgen 98 Tour

A: Still
B: Paranoid
Earache UK7 MOSH 205Jan 19977"0 
Janus Stark

A: Floyd What Are You On?
B: Hypermania
Earache UK7 MOSH 20619987"0 
Janus Stark

A: Every Little Thing Counts
B: Elite
Earache UK7MOSH 22119987"0 
Adrenalin Junkies

A: Outcry
B: Addict
Earache UK7 MOSH 21912 Apr 19997"1 

A: The Grudge (Single Edit)
B: Decadent And Desperate
Earache UKMOSH 28416 Aug 20047"0 

A: Tornado

Adema Feat. Rio Life

B: Bad Triangle
Earache UKMOSH 305Apr 20057"1 

A: Decadent And Desperate
B: Parasite God (Live)
Earache UKMOSH 30625 Apr 20057"0 

A: Decadent And Desperate
B: Way Too Wicked (Absinthium Mix)
Earache UKMOSH 306 S25 Apr 20057"0 
Hate Eternal

A: I Monarch (Session)
B: Sons Of Darkness (Demo)
Earache UK7 MOSH 28627 Jun 20057"0 

This Elegy, His Autopsy

A1: It's Good Weather For Black Leather
A2: Function! Function!
B1: The Womanizer And The Alcoholic
B2: Knight The Arsonist
C1: Not Guilty
D1: And On The Day He Became A Human Plumb-Line
E1: Psycho Galvanic Skin Response
F1: Man The Traps
F2: Brown Eyes (No Name)
G1: The Biting Cold
H1: I Won't Miss, Or Be Missed
I1: Happiness
J1: Reach Up To The Gods
Earache UKMOSH319Sep 2005Box Set 7"0 

A: Eyes Of The Dawn (Demo)
B: The Fulcrum
Earache UK7 MOSH 322Oct 20057"1 
Cult Of Luna

A: Bodies
B: Recluse
Earache UKONE 01. 001Apr 2006Bonus 7"0 

A: Darkness Shall Bring Death (Demo)
B: Sacrificial (Demo)
Earache UK7MOSH 353Aug 2007Bonus 7"0 

Skate And Destroy

A1: Skate And Destroy
A2: Fuck The Switch
A3: Get In The Van
B1: Pull The Plug
B2: Ride The Best
B3: Frank Sez...
Earache UKMOSH 3632008Bonus 7"0 

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