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East West - Label Discography

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  UK  180
  Germany  69
  Australia  11
  USA  8
  Italy  3
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Inga [Humpe]

A: Riding Into Blue (Cowboy Song)
B: I Get Along
East West UKYZ 44419907"09.0
Chris Rea

A: Tell Me There's A Heaven
B: And When She Smiles
East West UKYZ 45519907"110.0

A: Kama Sutra
B: Kama Sutra (The Rainy Season)
East West UKYZ 45719907"0 
Tanita Tikaram

A: Little Sister Leaving Town
B: I Love The Heaven's Solo
East West UKYZ 45919907"010.0
Miss B Haven

A: Making Love In The Snow
B: Tiptoe
East West UKYZ 46519907"0 
Solid Gold Easy Amex Featuring Red Box

Notes From A Field Volume 1.No.3.

A: Enjoy (Paul Oakenfield Future Mix)
B: Enjoy (Original Golden Lay)
East West UKYZ 46619907"0 
The River Detectives

A: Will You Spin Me Round (Remix)
B: Keeping The Saints Alive
East West UKYZ 46719907"0 
The River Detectives

A: Will You Spin Me Round (Remix)
B: Keeping The Saints Alive
East West UKYZ 467 W1990Special Edition 7"0 
Chris Rea

A: Texas
B: Let's Dance (Live)
East West UKYZ 46819907"38.0
The Grid

A: Floatation (Single Version)
B: Floatation (LP Version)
East West UKYZ 47519907"0 
Tanita Tikaram

A: Thursday's Child (New Version)
B: Once And Not Speak
East West UKYZ48119907"010.0
Mary Coughlan

A: Man Of The World (Remix)
B: Meet Me Where They Play The Blues
East West UKYZ 48319907"1 
Miss B Haven

A: Nobody's Angel
B: Jolene
East West UKYZ 49019907"0 
Mary Coughlan

A: A Leaf From A Tree
B: The Little Death
East West UKYZ 49719907"0 
The Grid

A: A Beat Called Love
B: A Beat Called Love (Original Studio Version)
East West UKYZ 49819907"18.0

A: Temple Of Love
B: Animal
East West UKYZ 50519907"0 
Miss B Haven

A: Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
B: Have Mercy
East West UKYZ 52519907"210.0
Red Box

A: Train
B: "Hello", He Lied
East West UKYZ 53119907"0 

A: Woman To Man
B: Money Talking
East West UKYZ 53519907"0 
The Fat Lady Sings

A1: Man Scared
B1: Be Still
B2: Broken Into
East West UKYZ 53719907"17.0
Inga [Humpe]

A: Do I Have To (Radio Edit)
B: Falling (Forward)
East West UKYZ 54019907"0 
The Beloved

A: It's Alright Now
B: Scarlet Beautiful (Naked And Foxy)
East West UKYZ 54119907"0 
Five Thirty

A: Air Conditioned Nightmare
B: Mistress Daydream
East West UKYZ 54319907"0 

A: Everybody Plays The Fool (Every Fool's 7" Edit)
B: Hands Full Of Nothing
East West UKYZ 54519907"0 
The Beloved

A: Your Love Takes Me Higher
B: Pablo
East West UKYZ 463Mar 19907"08.0
The Beloved

A: Your Love Takes Me Higher
B: Pablo
East West UKYZ 463PMar 1990Shaped Disc0 
Ian McCulloch

A: Candleland (The Second Coming)
B: The World Is Flat
East West UKYZ 452Apr 19907"0 
The Beloved

A: Time After Time
B: Time After Time (Through The Round Window)
East West UKYZ 48221 May 19907"1 
The Beloved

A: Time After Time
B: Time After Time (Through The Round Window)
East West UKYZ 482X21 May 1990Picture Disc1 
An Emotional Fish

A: Celebrate
B: Anyway
East West UKYZ 489Jun 19907"110.0
Five Thirty

A: Abstain!
B: You
East West UKYZ 530Jul 19907"28.5
An Emotional Fish

A: Lace Virginia
B: Move On
East West UKYZ 502Aug 19907"07.5
Matt Bianco

A: Fire In The Blood
B: We've Got The Mood (Matt's Mood '90)
East West UKYZ 5321 Oct 19907"17.0
An Emotional Fish

A: Blue (New Version)
B: An Obvious Song
East West UKYZ 539Nov 19907"08.0
The Big Dish

A: Miss America
B: From The Mission Bell To The Deep Blue Sea
East West UKYZ 529Dec 19907"1 

Poperetta EP

A: Waiting For The Loveboat (Slight Return)
B: Club Country Club
East West UKYZ 534Dec 1990EP0 
Matt Bianco

A: Wap Bam Boogie (The Original Version)
B: Wap Bam Boogie (The Sok It To Me Mix (Edit))
East West UKYZ55110 Dec 19907"17.0
Natural Selection

A: Do Anyhting (Radio Edit)
B: Do Anything (Raw Mix)
East West UKA 872419917"0 
Yo-Yo Featuring Ice Cube

A: You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo (Radio Edit)


B: Sisterland
East West UKA 877619917"0 
Tanita Tikaram

A: Only The Ones We Love
B: Me In Mind
East West UKYZ 55819917"6 
The Fat Lady Sings

A: Arclight
B: Momento Mori
East West UKYZ 56019917"18.0
The Big Dish

A: Big Town (Remix)
B: Good Way
East West UKYZ 56319917"0 
Tanita Tikaram

A: I Love The Heavens Solo
B: Only In Name
East West UKYZ 56919917"0 
Jan Graveson

A: Anyone Who Had A Heart
B: Gonna
East West UKYZ 57219917"0 
The Big Dish

A: 25 Years (Remix)
B: Swimmer
East West UKYZ 57419917"0 
Five Thirty

A: 13th Disciple
B: Hate Male
East West UKYZ 57719917"1 

A: Can U Follow? (US Edit)
B: Can U Follow? (TV Track)
East West UKYZ 58119917"0 
The Fat Lady Sings

A: Twist
B: Heavy Duty
East West UKYZ 58619917"2 
London Boys

A: Sweet Soul Music
B: Sweet Soul Music [Instrumental]
East West UKYZ 59019917"1 
Ashbrooke All Stars

A: Dubbin' Up The Pieces
B: Flip
East West UKYZ 59319917"3 

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