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East West - Label Discography

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  UK  196
  Germany  89
  Australia  12
  USA  9
  Italy  4
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Tanita Tikaram

A: Little Sister Leaving Town
B: I Love The Heaven's Solo
East West Germany9031-71159-719907"010.0
Miss B Haven

A: Making Love In The Snow
B: Tiptoe
East West Germany9031-71216-719907"0 
Mary Coughlan

A: Man Of The World (Remix)
B: Meet Me Where They Play The Blues
East West Germany9031-71492-719907"0 
Chris Rea

A: Texas
B: Let's Dance (Live)
East West Germany9031-71524-719907"0 
Inga [Humpe]

A: Riding Into Blue (Cowboy Song)
B: I Get Along
East West Germany9031-71659-719907"2 
An Emotional Fish

A: Celebrate
B: Anyway
East West Germany9031-71792-719907"0 
The Fat Lady Sings

A1: Man Scared
B1: Be Still
B2: Broken Into
East West Germany9031-72640-71990EP0 
The Beloved

A: It's Allright Now
B: Scarlet Beautiful (Naked And Foxy)
East West Germany9031 72790-719907"0 
The Big Dish

A: Miss America
B: From The Mission Bell To The Deep Blue Sea
East West Germany9031-73151-719907"0 
Matt Bianco

A: Wap Bam Boogie (The Original Version)
B: Wap Bam Boogie (The Sok It To Me Mix) (Edit)
East West Germany9031-73222-719907"0 
Tanita Tikaram

A: Only The Ones We Love
B: Me In Mind
East West Germany9031 73401-719907"0 

A: Temple Of Love (Tuff Stuff Edit)
B: Temple Of Love (Original Album Version)
East West Germany9031-73811-719907"0 
The Beloved

A: Time After Time
B: Time After Time (Through The Round Window)
East West Germany9031-71468-74 May 19907"0 

A: Temple Of Love
B: Animal
East West Germany9031-71813-7Aug 19907"0 
An Emotional Fish

A: Lace Virginia
B: Move On
East West Germany9031-72238-728 Sep 19907"1 
Bette Midler

A: In My Life
B: I Remember You/ Dixies Dream
East West Germany7567-87551-719917"0 
En Vogue

A: Silent Night (Holiday Edit)
B: Hold On (Hip Hop Remix)
East West Germany7567-98644-7 / A864419917"0 
Simone [USA]

A: My Family Depends On Me (Radio Mix)
B: My Family Depends On Me (Accapella Mix)
East West Germany7567-98678-719917"0 
Natural Selection

A: Do Anything (Radio Edit)
B: Do Anything (Raw Mix)
East West Germany7567-98724-719917"0 
Chris Rea

A: Auberge
B: Hudson's Dream
East West Germany9031-73436-719917"1 
An Emotional Fish

A: Grey Matter
B: Julian
East West Germany9031-73578-719917"0 
Avalanche [Norway]

A: Love Me, Please Love Me
B: I Miss You
East West Germany9031-73815-719917"0 
The Sisters Of Mercy

A: When You Don't See Me (Remix)
B: Ribbons (Live)
East West Germany9031-73895-719917"0 
The Fat Lady Sings

A: Arclight
B: Momento Mori
East West Germany9031-74116-719917"0 
Soul Kitchen Featuring London Boys

A: Sweet Soul Music
B: Sweet Soul Music (Instr.)
East West Germany9031-74126-719917"0 
Edwin Starr

A: Boulevard Of Broken Hearts
B: Up And Over
East West Germany9031-74285-719917"0 
Stefanie Hertel

A: So A Stückerl Heile Welt
B: Mehr Zeit für uns Beide
East West Germany9031-74317-7 AC19917"0 
Peter Cornelius

A: Lass' mi' heut' bei dir sein
B: Ebbe und Flut
East West Germany9031-74355-719917"0 
Five Thirty

A: 13th Disciple
B: Hate Male
East West Germany9031-74401-719917"0 
Aretha Franklin

A: Think (Remix '91)
B: Think (Classic Mix)
East West Germany9031-74523-719917"0 
The Big Dish

A: 25 Years (Remix)
B: Swimmer
East West Germany9031-74554-719917"1 
Psychedelic Furs

A: Until She Comes
B: Make It Mine
East West Germany9031-74603-719917"0 
Chris Rea

A: Looking For The Summer (Remix)
B: Six Up
East West Germany9031 74670-719917"0 
Matt Bianco Featuring "Chulito" The King Of The Latin Rap

A: Macumba
B: Wap Bam Boogie (The Sok It To Me) (Edit)
East West Germany9031-74995-719917"0 
Thomas Anders

A: Can't Give You Anything But Love
B: Mas Que Amor
East West Germany9031-75025-719917"0 
The Psychedelic Furs

A: Don't Be A Girl
B: Get A Room (Acoustic Version)
East West Germany9031-75173-719917"0 
De La Soul

A: A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays" (Disco Fever Edit)
B: A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays" (Radio Home Mix)
East West Germany9031-75228-719917"0 
Marc Bolan And T. Rex

A: 20th Century Boy
B: The Groover
East West Germany9031-75373-719917"010.0
Sabrina Johnston

A: Peace (Brothers In Rhythm Edit)
B: Peace (In The Valley Mix)
East West Germany9031-75402-719917"0 
Simply Red

A: Something Got Me Started
B: A New Flame
East West Germany9031-75435-719917"0 
Queen Latifah

A: Fly Girl (Brixton Bass Mix) Edit
B: Nature Of A Sista
East West Germany9031-75463-719917"0 
Chris Rea

A1: Winter Song
B1: Footprints In The Snow
B2: Set Me Free
East West Germany9031-75663-71991EP0 
Matt Bianco

A: You're The Rhythm
B: Samba In Your Casa
East West Germany9031-75721-719917"0 
London Boys

A: Is This Love
B: Is This Love (Remix)
East West Germany9031-75771-719917"0 
Simply Red

A: Stars
B: Stars (PM-ized Mix)
East West Germany9031-75801-719917"0 
De La Soul

A: Keeping The Faith (Just A Touch Edit)
B: Keeping The Faith (Instrumental)
East West Germany9031-75991-719917"0 
Tori Amos

A: Silent All These Years
B: Me And A Gun
East West Germany9031-76013-719917"0 
Sabrina Johnston

A: Friendship (Band Of Gypsies Edit)
B: Friendship (Original Mix)
East West Germany9031-76155-719917"0 
Bolland And Bolland

A: Broadcast News (The World Is Burning) (Single Version)
B: Hollywood Kids (Less Than Zero)
East West Germany9031-76376-719917"0 
Fortuna Featuring Satenig

A: O Fortuna (Dance Mix)
B: Geant De Pierre
East West Germany9031-77091-719917"0 

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