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Echo - Label Discography

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A1: I'm Your Star
B1: Mean Streak (Demo)
B2: Dreamland
Echo UKECS 720 Feb 19957"09.0
Julian Cope

Try Try Try 4 Track E.P.

A1: Try Try Try
A2: Baby, Let's Play Vet
B1: W.E.S.S.E.X.Y.
B2: Don't Jump Me, Mother
Echo UKECS 11Aug 1995EP1 
Melanie Garside

A1: Big White Room
B1: One For Now
B2: Young
Echo UKECS 1019967"0 

A1: It Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry
B1: Snake Bite
B2: Internet Curtains
Echo UKECS17Feb 19967"010.0
Julian Cope

A1: I Come From Another Planet, Baby
A2: How Do I Understand My Motorman?
B1: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
Echo UKECS 22Jul 19967"0 

A: Goodnight
B: July
Echo UKECS 24Jul 19967"06.0
Julian Cope

A1: Planetary Sit-In (Every Girl Has Your Name)
B1: Cummer In Summertime
B2: Torch
Echo UKECS 25Sep 1996EP3 

A1: You're Gorgeous
B1: You're Gorgeous Too
B2: Bébé Limonade
Echo UKECS 26Oct 19967"08.0

Stereo World

A: Stereo World
B: My Perfect Day
Echo UKECS277 Oct 19967"19.0

A: Tangerine
B: Rhubarb
Echo UKECS 3219977"17.0

A: Crash
B: Here In The Bubble
Echo UKECS 4219977"0 

A: Candy Girl
B: Farmer
Echo UKECS 316 Jan 1997Picture Disc2 

A1: 86'd
B1: Article 11 (Early Departure) (Demo)
B2: Animals They'll Remember You (Temporary Dream Decay)
Echo UKECS 3020 Jan 19977"0 

A1: You Love You
B1: Central Healing Boiler
B2: She Ain't Heavy
Echo UKECS 3414 Apr 19977"1 

A: Cement
B: Pictures Of Pain
Echo UKECS3628 Apr 19977"26.0

A: Cornershop
B: Cornershop (Original Demo - 1987)
Echo UKECS 33May 1997Picture Disc0 

A: 86'd
B: Disposable Youth
Echo UKECS 4330 Jun 19977"0 

A: High
B: Wishing For The Sun
Echo UKECS 446 Oct 19977"19.0

A: Suffocate
B: Eclipse
Echo UKECS 5216 Feb 19987"06.0

A: Bad Old Man
B: Hospital
Echo UKECS 60Apr 1998Picture Disc1 

A: If You'll Be Mine
B: Poolside
Echo UKECS 6510 Aug 1998Picture Disc0 
Marc Almond

A: Black Kiss (Full Length Version)
B: Black Kiss (DJ Face Single Mix)
Echo UKECS 58Oct 1998Picture Disc0 

A: Back Together (Remix)
B: If You'll Be Mine (Acoustic Version)
Echo UKECS 7315 Feb 19997"2 

A1: Day In Day Out
B1: Can't Dance To Disco
B2: Honeyfuzz
Echo UKECS 7522 Mar 19997"16.0

A: Do You Feel Loved
B: Do You Feel Loathed (The JD And C Mix)
Echo UKECS 7828 Jun 19997"0 

A: For Those Who Cannot Weep
B: Do You Feel Loved? (Live)
Echo UKECS 808 Nov 19997"0 

A: The F-Word
B: Just A Little
Echo UKECS 9213 Mar 20007"1 

A: Out Of Sight (Album Version)
B: In The Country
Echo UKECS 9722 May 20007"0 

A: Buck Rogers
B: Sex Type Drug
Echo UKECS 106Jan 20017"19.5

A: Seven Days In The Sun
B: Just A Day
Echo UKECS 1072 Apr 20017"0 

A: Turn (Radio Edit)
B: Come Back Around
Echo UKECS 1162 Jul 20017"0 

Just A Day EP

A: Just A Day (Alan Moulder Mix)
B: Emily
Echo UKECS 12117 Dec 20017"1 
I Am Kloot

A: Untitled #1
B: The Mermen
Echo UKECS 13420037"0 
I Am Kloot

A: Life In A Day
B: This House Is Haunted
Echo UKECS14020037"0 
The Stands

A: When This River Rolls Over You
B: She Speaks Of These Things
Echo UKECS 142Aug 20037"010.0
I Am Kloot

A: 3 Feet Tall
B: From Your Favourite Sky, John Peel Session.
Echo UKECS 1438 Sep 20037"0 

A: Find The Colour
B: Remember The Silence
Echo UKECS 14522 Sep 20037"0 
The Stands

A: I Need You
B: I Will Journey Home
Echo UKECS 146Oct 20037"0 

A: Come In Out Of The Rain
B: If I Were A Carpenter
Echo UKECS15420047"0 
The Stands

A: Here She Comes Again
B: How You Seem To Be
Echo UKECS148Feb 20047"0 
The Stands

A: Outside Your Door
B: When This River Rolls Over You
Echo UKECS 151May 20047"0 
Ray Lamontagne

A: Trouble
B: Narrow Escape (Demo)
Echo UKECS15520057"0 

A: Tumble And Fall
B: Victoria
Echo UKECS 15720057"1 

A: Feeling A Moment
B: Murmer
Echo UKECS1632005Picture Disc0 
The Stands

A: When The Night Falls In
B: Come Out From In
Echo UKECS17720057"0 
I Am Kloot

A: Over My Shoulder (Live From The Half Moon Putney)
B: Stop Taking Photographs
Echo UKECX16020057"0 

A: Forgiveness
B: Cats Of Justice
Echo UKECS 15921 Feb 20057"0 
I Am Kloot

A: Over My Shoulder
B: Junk Culture
Echo UKECS 16021 Mar 20057"0 
The Stands

A: Do It Like You Like
B: A Season To Be Loved
Echo UKECS165May 20057"0 

A: Pushing The Senses
B: Feeling A Moment: Pete Lavelle's Squeaky Clean Mix
Echo UKECS 17327 Jun 20057"0 

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