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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2152
  Netherlands  1334
  Germany  1067
  Australia  523
  Ireland  227
  New Zealand  212
  Denmark  182
  France  159
  Italy  143
  Sweden  132
  Belgium  130
  Spain  123
  Japan  115
  South Africa  111
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Alvin Stardust

A: Tell Me Why
B: Roadie Roll On
EMI AustraliaEMI-10669Dec 19747"0 
The Ormsby Brothers

A: God Knows I've Tried
B: We Can Make Beautiful Music
EMI AustraliaEMI-1064816 Dec 19747"17.0

A: Summer Love
B: I'll Go Mine
EMI AustraliaEMI-1070919757"1 
Moir Sisters

A: Don't Tell Your Mama
B: Wandering Home
EMI AustraliaEMI-1076419757"0 
Jim Keays

A: The Boy From The Stars
B: Take It On Easy
EMI AustraliaEMI-10656Jan 19757"0 

A: Magic
B: Just Let Me Be
EMI AustraliaEMI-10670Jan 19757"0 
Moir Sisters

A: Harmony Blues
B: We'll Never Change
EMI AustraliaEMI-10690Feb 19757"110.0

A: January
B: Never Give Up
EMI AustraliaEMI-10710Mar 19757"1 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
B: Another Journey
EMI AustraliaEMI-10726Mar 19757"0 
Ross Ryan

A: Blue Chevrolet Ballerina
B: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (I Want To Start A Coalmine)
EMI AustraliaEMI-107083 Mar 19757"0 
Alvin Stardust

A: Good Love Can Never Die
B: The Danger Zone
EMI AustraliaEMI-1071610 Mar 19757"1 
Ralph McTell

A: Streets Of London
B: Summer Lightning
EMI AustraliaEMI-10707Apr 19757"0 
Peter Shelley

A: Love Me, Love My Dog
B: My Sweet Deutsche Friend
EMI AustraliaEMI-10771Apr 19757"0 
Jeannie Lewis

A: Celluloid Heroes
B: Rocelli Kaharunta
EMI AustraliaEMI-10781May 19757"0 
Yin And Yan

A: If
B: Butch Soap
EMI AustraliaEMI-10787May 19757"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Mr. Raffles (Man, It Was Mean)
B: Sebastian
EMI AustraliaEMI-10851Jul 19757"0 
Kerrie Biddell

A: Scobie Malone (Title Song)

Wendy Grose

B: Helga's Song
EMI AustraliaEMI-10869Aug 19757"0 
John Goodayre

A: Pretty Lights
B: Hello Distant Dee Jay
EMI AustraliaEMI-10878Aug 19757"0 
Little River Band

A: Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
B: I Just Don't Get The Feeling Anymore
EMI AustraliaEMI-1090025 Aug 19757"0 
Adrian Baker And The Tonics

A: Sherry
B: I Was Only Fooling
EMI AustraliaEMI-1090325 Aug 19757"1 

A: I'll Believe In You (The Hymn)
B: Take It Easy
EMI International AustraliaEMI-10916Oct 19757"0 

A: Just A Smile
B: Are You In Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-10942Nov 19757"0 
Little River Band

A: Emma
B: Love Is A Feeling
EMI AustraliaEMI-1100315 Dec 19757"0 

A: Mississippi
B: Do It
EMI International AustraliaEMI-1102719767"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Devil Woman
B: Love On (Shine On)
EMI AustraliaEMI-1114119767"19.0
The Four Kinsmen

A: Bread And Butter
B: Dedicated To The One I Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-1117319767"0 
Mark Holden

A: I Wanna Make You My Lady
B: Never Ever Monday
EMI AustraliaEMI-1119519767"0 
Paper Lace

A: I Think I'm Gonna Like It
B: Lost Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-1120119767"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Tequila Sunset
B: Jenny Taylor (Je N'Tais La)
EMI AustraliaEMI-1121119767"0 
Êve Brenner

A: Morning On The River (Le Matin Sur La Riviere) (Instrumental)
B: Morning On The River (Le Matin Sur La Riviere)
EMI International AustraliaEMI-1122719767"1 
Cliff Richard

A: I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You
B: Junior Cowboy
EMI AustraliaEMI-1122919767"0 

A: I Like Dancing
B: Hot Feet
EMI AustraliaEMI-1123719767"0 
Redeye [NZ]

A: Who Said That?
B: I Wish You Well
EMI AustraliaEMI-1125619767"010.0
Denny Laine

A: 1: It's So Easy; 2: Listen To Me
B: I'm Looking For Somebody To Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-1125919767"0 

A: Horoscope
B: Jessica
EMI International AustraliaEMI-1126419767"0 

A: Georgie
B: Take Me
EMI International AustraliaEMI-1126719767"0 

A: Penny In My Pocket
B: Steps
EMI AustraliaEMI-1128119767"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: (I Believe) Love's A Prima Donna
B: Sidetrack 1 (Group Version)
EMI AustraliaEMI -1128719767"0 
Engelbert Humperdinck

A: After The Lovin'
B: Let's Remember The Good Times
EMI AustraliaEMI-1129519767"0 
Mark Holden

A: Last Romance
B: Hurricane Rider
EMI AustraliaEMI-1130419767"0 
Pussyfoot [70s]

A: The Way That You Do It
B: I Think Like That
EMI International AustraliaEMI-1131419767"2 
Pussyfoot [70s]

A: The Way You Do It
B: I Think Like That
EMI AustraliaEMI-1131419767"0 
Sex Pistols

A: Anarchy In The U.K.
B: I Wanna Be Me
EMI AustraliaEMI-1133419767"2 
Cliff Richard

A: Hey, Mr. Dream Maker
B: No One Waits
EMI AustraliaEMI-1133519767"1 
Roger Whittaker

A: The First Hello, The Last Goodbye
B: Ride A Country Road
EMI AustraliaEMI-10998Jan 19767"1 

A: Moviestar
B: Teddy Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-11012Feb 19767"09.0
Cliff Richard

A: Miss You Nights
B: Love Enough
EMI AustraliaEMI-11014Feb 19767"0 
Stevenson's Rocket

A: Alright, Baby
B: Teenage Dreamer
EMI AustraliaEMI-110349 Feb 19767"0 
J. J. Barrie

A: Where's The Reason
B: Where's The Reason (Instrumental)
EMI AustraliaEMI-10995Mar 19767"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: White, White Dove (Edited Version)
B: Throw Your Soul Down Here
EMI AustraliaEMI-1106822 Mar 19767"0 

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