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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2207
  Netherlands  1481
  Germany  1282
  Australia  625
  New Zealand  268
  Ireland  255
  Portugal  225
  Denmark  211
  Belgium  187
  France  180
  Italy  161
  Sweden  147
  Japan  142
  Spain  141
+ More Countries (40 Total)
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Cliff Richard

A: (You Keep Me) Hangin' On
B: Love Is Here
EMI AustraliaEMI-1052324 Jun 19747"0 
Bruce Welch

A: Please Mr. Please
B: Song Of Yesterday
EMI AustraliaEMI-1054822 Jul 19747"0 
Moir Sisters

A: Good Morning (How Are You?)
B: We Will Never Change
EMI AustraliaEMI-105205 Aug 19747"210.0
Masters' Apprentices

A: Rio De Camero
B: Thyme To Rhyme
EMI AustraliaEMI-1056026 Aug 19747"1 
La De Da's

A: Honky Tonkin'
B: Temple Shuffle
EMI AustraliaEMI-1057926 Aug 19747"2 
Mike McClellan

A: Song And Dance Man
B: Another Grey Day
EMI AustraliaEMI-1060026 Aug 19747"2 
Johnny Farnham

A: One Minute Every Hour
B: Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
EMI AustraliaEMI-1060126 Aug 19747"0 
Peter Shelley

A: Gee Baby
B: I'm In Love Again
EMI AustraliaEMI-1060216 Sep 19747"0 
Blue Swede

A: Never My Love
B: Gotta Have Your Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-1060616 Sep 19747"0 
Fox [Australia]

A: I Said
B: Ziggy Stardust
EMI AustraliaEMI-1058630 Sep 19747"1 
Jim Keays

A: Kid's Blues
B: Inter-Planetary Boogie
EMI AustraliaEMI-1063511 Nov 19747"0 
Johnny Farnham

A: Things To Do
B: To Be Or Not To Be
EMI AustraliaEMI-1063725 Nov 19747"0 
Alvin Stardust

A: Tell Me Why
B: Roadie Roll On
EMI AustraliaEMI-10669Dec 19747"0 
The Ormsby Brothers

A: God Knows I've Tried
B: We Can Make Beautiful Music
EMI AustraliaEMI-1064816 Dec 19747"17.0
Jim Keays

A: The Boy From The Stars
B: Take It On Easy
EMI AustraliaEMI-10656Jan 19757"0 

A: Magic
B: Just Let Me Be
EMI AustraliaEMI-1067020 Jan 19757"11.0
Terry Sylvester

A: End Of The Line
B: Make My Day
EMI AustraliaEMI-1068720 Jan 19757"0 
Moir Sisters

A: Harmony Blues
B: Stop The Music
EMI AustraliaEMI-1069020 Jan 19757"210.0
Peter Shelley

A: Bye, Bye
B: Storybook Ending
EMI AustraliaEMI-1067710 Feb 19757"0 
Ralph McTell

A: Streets Of London
B: Summer Lightning
EMI AustraliaEMI-1070710 Feb 19757"1 
Ross Ryan

A: Blue Chevrolet Ballerina
B: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (I Want To Start A Coalmine)
EMI AustraliaEMI-107083 Mar 19757"0 
Alvin Stardust

A: Good Love Can Never Die
B: The Danger Zone
EMI AustraliaEMI-1071610 Mar 19757"1 

A: January
B: Never Give Up
EMI AustraliaEMI-1071017 Mar 19757"31.0

A: Summer Love
B: I'll Go Mine
EMI AustraliaEMI-1070920 Mar 19757"1 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
B: Another Journey
EMI AustraliaEMI-1072624 Mar 19757"08.0
Mick Holt

A: A Wedding Gown For Sale
B: May I Have The Next Dream With You
EMI AustraliaEMI-10769Apr 19757"0 
Peter Shelley

A: Love Me, Love My Dog
B: My Sweet Deutsche Friend
EMI AustraliaEMI-10771Apr 19757"0 
Moir Sisters

A: Don't Tell Your Mama
B: Wandering Home
EMI AustraliaEMI-10764May 19757"1 
Bimbo Jet

A: El Bimbo (Version I)
B: El Bimbo (Version II)
EMI AustraliaEMI-10773May 19757"0 
Jeannie Lewis

A: Celluloid Heroes
B: Rocelli Kaharunta
EMI AustraliaEMI-10781May 19757"0 
The Shadows

A: Let Me Be The One
B: Stand Up Like A Man
EMI AustraliaEMI-107635 May 19757"0 
Susan Cadogan

A: Hurt So Good

The Upsetters

B: Loving Is Good
EMI AustraliaEMI-1078612 May 19757"0 
Yin And Yan

A: If
B: Butch Soap
EMI AustraliaEMI-1078712 May 19757"01.0
Jim Keays

A: Give It Up
B: Love Is
EMI AustraliaEMI-10822Jun 19757"0 
Windsor Davies As B.S.M. Williams And Don Estelle As Gunner Sugden (Lofty)

A: Whispering Grass

Don Estelle As Gunner Sugden (Lofty)

B: I Should Have Known
EMI AustraliaEMI-1082416 Jun 19757"5 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Mr. Raffles (Man, It Was Mean)
B: Sebastian
EMI AustraliaEMI-1085114 Jul 19757"18.0
Kerrie Biddell

A: Scobie Malone (Title Song)

Wendy Grose

B: Helga's Song
EMI AustraliaEMI-10869Aug 19757"010.0
John Goodayre

A: Pretty Lights
B: Hello Distant Dee Jay
EMI AustraliaEMI-108784 Aug 19757"0 
Little River Band

A: Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
B: I Just Don't Get The Feeling Anymore
EMI AustraliaEMI-1090025 Aug 19757"0 
Adrian Baker And The Tonics

A: Sherry
B: I Was Only Fooling
EMI AustraliaEMI-1090325 Aug 19757"1 
Claude Papesch

A: Not The Way To Move Me
B: Petra
EMI AustraliaEMI-10882Sep 19757"0 
Roger Whittaker

A: I Don't Believe In If Anymore
B: Emily
EMI AustraliaEMI-10898Sep 19757"0 
Shannon [Marty Wilde]

A: Come Back & Love Me
B: She's A High Flyer
EMI AustraliaEMI-1091829 Sep 19757"0 
Johnny Farnham

A: Don't Rock The Boat (You Have To Go Gently)
B: Running To The Sea
EMI AustraliaEMI-10850Oct 19757"0 

A: I'll Believe In You (The Hymn)
B: Take It Easy
EMI International AustraliaEMI-1091613 Oct 19757"0 

A: Just A Smile
B: Are You In Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-10942Nov 19757"0 
Barry Mason

A: Without You
B: Waiting In The Wings
EMI AustraliaEMI-1095710 Nov 19757"0 
Little River Band

A: Emma
B: Love Is A Feeling
EMI AustraliaEMI-1100315 Dec 19757"0 
Nolan Sisters

A: (Won't You) Make A Little Sunshine Shine
B: Have Love, Will Travel
EMI AustraliaEMI-1104519767"1 
Cliff Richard

A: Devil Woman
B: Love On (Shine On)
EMI AustraliaEMI-1114119767"17.0

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