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  New Zealand  188
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Pop' Liberty 6

A: Je Suis Pop Et Tout A Fait Dingue
B: Qu'est-ce Que Ma Sœur F... Dans La Machine A Vapeur...?
EMI BelgiumGBP-19519667"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Power To All Our Friends
B: Come Back Billie Joe
EMI Belgium4C 006-0529019737"18.5
Cockney Rebel

A: Sebastian
B: Rock And Roll Parade
EMI Belgium4C 006-0547219737"0 
Cockney Rebel

A: Judy Teen
B: Spaced Out
EMI Belgium4C 006-0556119747"0 
Cockney Rebel

A: Psychomodo
B: Such A Dream
EMI Belgium4C 006-0560519747"1 
Cockney Rebel

A: Mr. Soft
B: Crazy Raver
EMI Belgium4C 006-0565519747"010.0
Bimbo Jet

A: El Bimbo (Version I)
B: El Bimbo (Version II)
EMI Belgium4C 006-1295719747"0 
Dizzy Man's Band

A: Dizzy On The Rocks
B: Run Run Run
EMI Belgium4C 006-2505319747"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Long Live Love
B: Angel Eyes
EMI Belgium4C 006-9530919747"27.0

A: Piccola E Fragile
B: .... Che Estate
EMI Belgium4C 006-9567519747"0 

A: Music In The Air
B: Sing It
EMI Belgium4C 006-9567919747"0 
Joey Dyser

A: 100 Years
B: My Love
EMI Belgium4C 006-9627419747"15 
Johnny And Orquesta Rodrigues

A: Hey Mal Yo
B: Johannesburg
EMI Belgium4C 006-9643919747"0 

A: Killer Queen
B: Flick Of The Wrist
EMI Belgium4C 006-96060Oct 19747"18.0

A: Le Schmilblick
B: Quand Je S'rai Grand J'veux Etre Con
EMI Belgium4 C 004-9673719757"0 

A: January
B: Never Give Up
EMI Belgium4C 006-0580819757"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
B: Another Journey
EMI Belgium4C 006-0581219757"010.0

A: Call Me Round
B: Do Me Good
EMI Belgium4C 006-0588119757"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Mr. Raffles (Man, It Was Mean)
B: Sebastian (Live)
EMI Belgium4C 006-0590119757"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Black Or White
B: Mad, Mad Moonlight (Live)
EMI Belgium4C 006-0599119757"0 
Blue Rock

A: Bye Bye Johnny
B: Low Down Lady
EMI Belgium4C 006-2350219757"0 
Jack Jersey And The Jordanaires

A: Mary Lee
B: Stay 'Till Tomorrow
EMI Belgium4C 006-2509119757"16.0
Dizzy Man's Band

A: The Opera
B: Money
EMI Belgium4C 006-2509619757"0 
Imca Marina

A: Vino (Waar Blijft De Wijn)
B: De Zon In Odessa
EMI Belgium4C 006-2530019757"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Silver Moon
B: Till The End Of Time
EMI Belgium4C 006-2531019757"0 

A: Mississippi
B: Do It
EMI Belgium4C 006-2531219757"0 
Lucifer [Netherlands]

A: Scarlet Lady
B: Love
EMI Belgium4C 006-2531719757"0 

A: Chance For A Lifetime
B: My Heart Never Changed
EMI Belgium4C 006-2533919757"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Gone Girl
B: Silent Night
EMI Belgium4C 006-2534119757"0 
Groupies Delite And The Sandwich Band

A: Alley Oop
B: Rock And Roll
EMI Belgium4C 006-2535319757"0 

A: Moviestar
B: I Don't Know Why
EMI Belgium4C 006-3520119757"18.0
Holland [Netherlands, Utrecht]

A: Magic Mary
B: Girl I've Met You Yesterday
EMI Belgium4C 006-9671219757"0 
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: It Hurts To Be In Love
EMI Belgium4C 006-9699219757"0 
Alexander Curly

A: Guus
B: Regen
EMI Belgium4C 006-9707419757"0 
Mixed Emotions [USA]

A: Gold Of My Life
B: Can You Feel The Funk
EMI Belgium4C 006-9751419757"1 

A: Now I'm Here
B: Lily Of The Valley
EMI Belgium4C 006-96255Jan 19757"3 
Lucifer [Netherlands]

A: House For Sale
B: My Dream World
EMI Belgium4C 006-2506314 Aug 19757"0 

A: Bohemian Rhapsody
B: I'm In Love With My Car
EMI Belgium4C 006-97140Oct 19757"010.0
Sex Pistols

A: Anarchy In The U.K.
B: I Wanna Be Me
EMI Belgium4C 006-0629419767"1 
Tony Bravo

A: Holiday
B: Annabella
EMI Belgium4C 006-2534619767"0 

A: Georgie
B: Take Me
EMI Belgium4C 006-2536119767"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Me And Bobby McGee
B: Love Lovin' Lover
EMI Belgium4C 006-2538019767"0 
Jack Jersey

A: After Sweet Memories
B: The Reasons Why
EMI Belgium4C 006-2550219767"0 
The Cats

A: Romance
B: Nobody Cares
EMI Belgium4C 006-2551319767"0 

A: Smile
B: What Did They Do To The People
EMI Belgium4C 006-2552019767"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Blue Brown Yeyed Lady
B: You're The Only Reason
EMI Belgium4C 006-2552319767"0 
Patricia Paay

A: Now (Is The Moment)
B: How Do You Like Your Fun
EMI Belgium4C 006-2552419767"0 
Patricia Paay

A: Who's That Lady With My Man
B: Do The Heavy Disco
EMI Belgium4C 006-2555019767"0 
Teach In

A: Upside Down
B: Please Come Home
EMI Belgium4C 006-8231719767"0 
Little River Band

A: It's A Long Way There
B: Meanwhile
EMI Belgium4C 006-8500719767"0 

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