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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2130
  Netherlands  1074
  Germany  912
  Australia  477
  Ireland  219
  New Zealand  165
  France  156
  Denmark  143
  Italy  135
  Sweden  122
  Spain  116
  Belgium  112
  Japan  99
  South Africa  95
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Tony Ashton

A: You Me And A Friend Of Mine
B: I'm Dying For You
EMI Germany1C 006-81 01219717"0 
The Shadows

Oldie Collection

A: Apache
B: Guitar Tango
EMI Germany1C 006 10 4700 719727"010.0
Artie Kornfeld

A: Island Song
B: Feel
EMI Germany1C 006-93 99319727"0 
Vicki Lawrence

A: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
B: Dine A Dance
EMI Germany1C 006- 94 29619727"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: One Is One
B: A Little Bit Closer
EMI Germany1C 006-24 82419737"0 

A: Mammoth
B: Ballet Of The Cripple
EMI Germany1C 006-24 83819737"0 
The Cats

A: Let's Go Together
B: Linda
EMI Germany1C 006-24 84019737"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: Juanita
B: Oh Woman
EMI Germany1C 006-24 86619737"0 
Dizzy Man's Band

A: Fire
B: Mickey Mouse
EMI Germany1C 006-24 87019737"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Don't Break This Heart
B: Answer Me
EMI Germany1C 006-24 88219737"0 
The Cats

A: Rock 'n Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
B: Come On Girl
EMI Germany1C 006-24 88519737"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: Peaches On A Tree
B: What Can I Do
EMI Germany1C 006-24 89319737"0 
Lotti Krekel

A: Der letzte Kölsche
B: Seid doch nett zueinander
EMI Germany1C 006- 30 42119737"0 

A: Ride A Pony
B: The End Of A Day
EMI Germany1C 006-30 44319737"0 
Peter Kraus

A: Es kommt nicht auf das Alter an
B: Vor dir liegt die ganze Welt
EMI Germany1C 006- 30 44719737"0 
The Pyramids

A: Summertime, Sunshine
B: Make Love, Not War
EMI Germany1C 006-30 46819737"010.0
Blue Swede

A: Hooked On A Feeling
B: Pinewood Rally
EMI Germany1C 006-34 83419737"0 
Blue Mink

A: By The Devil (I Was Tempted)
B: I Can't Find The Answer
EMI Germany1C 006-94 21019737"0 
Blue Mink

A: Randy
B: John Brown's Down
EMI Germany1C 006-94 47719737"0 
The Walkers [Netherlands]

A: Dance Of Love
B: Sweet Rosalie
EMI Germany1C 006-94 64619737"0 
Larry Lurex

A: I Can Hear Music
B: Going Back
EMI Germany1C 006-94 67719737"29.0
Lotti Krekel

A: Morgens Wenn Die Hähne Kräh'n
B: Da muss der Wurm drin sein
EMI Germany1C 006- 95 19119737"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Power To All Our Friends
B: Come Back Billie Joe
EMI Germany1C 006-05 290Mar 19737"05.0
Cliff Richard

A: Gut, Daß Es Freunde Gibt
B: Ein Spiel Ohne Grenzen
EMI Germany1C 006-05 315Apr 19737"04.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: On My Life
B: Oh Jamaica
EMI Germany1C 006-05 418Jul 19737"0 
Fusion Orchestra

A: When My Mamma's Not At Home
B: Nuthouse Rock
EMI Germany1C 006-05 470 MSep 19737"0 
Cockney Rebel

A: Sebastian
B: Rock And Roll Parade
EMI Germany1C 006-05 472Sep 19737"0 
The Marmalade

A: Our House Is Rockin'
B: Hallelujah Freedom Blues
EMI Germany1C 006-05 487Nov 19737"0 
The Shadows

A: Turn Around And Touch Me
B: Jungle Jam
EMI Germany1C 006-05 488Nov 19737"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Take Me High
B: Celestial Houses
EMI Germany1C 006-05 493Nov 19737"0 

A: Steamdrivin' Man
B: Ready
EMI Germany1C 006-05 525Dec 19737"0 
Bimbo Jet

A: El Bimbo (Part I)
B: El Bimbo (Part II)
EMI Germany1C 006-12 95719747"0 

A: Adios Amigo
B: Colores
EMI Germany1C 006-21 09219747"0 

A: Chiquilla
B: Baja De Tu Nube
EMI Germany1C 006-21 13319747"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: Juanita (Deutsche Originalaufnahme)
B: Mona
EMI Germany1C 006-24 89119747"0 
Dizzy Man's Band

A: Mony The Phoney
B: Lady Carefree
EMI Germany1C 006-24 89419747"0 
The Cats

A: Be My Day
B: She's On Her Own
EMI Germany1C 006-25 00019747"06.0
Imca Marina

A: Am Abend kommen die Träume
B: Eldorado
EMI Germany1C 006-25 00119747"0 
Jack Jersey

A: In The Still Of The Night
B: Mary
EMI Germany1C 006-25 00219747"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: In Old Mexico
B: Lollipop
EMI Germany1C 006-25 02019747"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Ist Die Liebe Vorbei (In The Still Of The Night)
B: Wie Wunderbar (Don't Break This Heart)
EMI Germany1C 006-25 03219747"0 

A: Wintertime
B: Alibi
EMI Germany1C 006-25 03519747"0 
Jack Jersey And The Jordanaires

A: Rub It In
B: I'll Hold Your Hand
EMI Germany1C 006-25 04419747"0 
The Cats

A: Come Sunday
B: Come On Girl
EMI Germany1C 006-25 05019747"0 
Dizzy Man's Band

A: Dizzy On The Rocks
B: Run Run Run
EMI Germany1C 006-25 05319747"0 
Jaap Dekker

A: Stamping Horses
B: Soul Boogie Nr. 1
EMI Germany1C 006-25 08519747"0 
John Kirkbride

A: My Melanie
B: Natural Song
EMI Germany1C 006- 30 50819747"0 
Adam And Eve

A: Wie ein Stern in dunkler Nacht
B: Chiri-Biri-Bim
EMI Germany1C 006-30 51519747"2 
Howard Carpendale

A: . . . Da nahm er seine Gitarre
B: Ich Weiß, Wo Die Liebe Wohnt
EMI Germany1C 006-30 51919747"0 
Michael Schanze

A: Dich nehm ich mit
B: Ohne Schuster gibt es keine Schuhe
EMI Germany1C 006-30 52919747"0 

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