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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2191
  Netherlands  1441
  Germany  1197
  Australia  602
  Ireland  242
  New Zealand  242
  Denmark  209
  Portugal  179
  France  171
  Belgium  164
  Italy  153
  Sweden  141
  Japan  135
  Spain  130
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Carl Lindström

A: Sonne Bist Du Schön
B: Minighola
EMI Germany1C 006-28 74319707"0 
Anne Murray

A: Snowbird
B: Just Bidin' My Time
EMI Germany1C 006-80 51719707"0 
Dave Mason

A: Satin Red And Black Velvet Woman
B: Shouldn't Have No More Than You Gave
EMI Germany1C 006-92 06119707"0 
D. C. Lewis

A: Mein Gebet
B: Gefangener der Einsamkeit
EMI Germany1C 006-29 85919717"0 
Nina Lizell

A: Die Farben meiner Liebe
B: Sand lag am Meeresstrand
EMI Germany1C 006-29 86719717"0 
Lord Ulli

A: Tambour Major
B: Ich bin da für Dich
EMI Germany1C 006-29 87019717"0 
Tony Ashton

A: You Me And A Friend Of Mine
B: I'm Dying For You
EMI Germany1C 006-81 01219717"0 
Francis Lai And His Orchestra

A: Snow Frolic (For Me Alone)
B: Holiday For Jenny (The Christmas Trees)
EMI Germany1C 006-92 52819717"0 
Chris Montez

A: We Can Make The World A Whole Lot Brighter
B: The End Of The Line
EMI Germany1C 006-9282919717"0 
Jim Nelson

A: Chiquita Maria
B: A Stone's Throw From Danville
EMI Germany1C 006-05 12219727"0 
Lord Ulli

A: Sweet Memories
B: Mit den Augen der Liebe
EMI Germany1C 006-29 90019727"0 
Pepe Lienhard

A: Don't Say No My Love
B: You're My Girl
EMI Germany1C 006-29 90419727"0 

A: Adio
B: Komm Komm In Mein Boot
EMI Germany1C 006-29 90719727"0 
Nina Lizell

A: Tanz mit mir in die Nacht der Liebe
B: Es Regnet Rosen
EMI Germany1C 006-29 91019727"0 
James Lloyd

A: Chily Chily Boo Boo
B: I'm Sorry Mama
EMI Germany1C 006-29 94519727"0 
Lola Und Jerry

A: Love Love Love
B: Love L'Amour Amore
EMI Germany1C 006-29 95819727"0 
Nina Lizell

A: In The Middle Of The Road Ist Leider Kussverbot
B: Venezuela
EMI Germany1C 006-29 96919727"0 
James Lloyd

A: Wenn die Liebe nicht wär'
B: Ich weiss wo die Sonne scheint
EMI Germany1C 006-29 98419727"0 
Pepe Lienhard

A: My Honeybee
B: Thank Heaven That You Came My Way
EMI Germany1C 006-30 35919727"0 
Nina Lizell

A: Aloha-Oe
B: Mama die wird mir schon verzeih'n
EMI Germany1C 006-30 37419727"0 
Edna Lev

A: Frei für Dich
B: Keiner weiss wo Ringo ist
EMI Germany1C 006-30 37719727"0 
Marcello Leone

A: Wenn Du Kommst
B: Dieser Tag war so schön
EMI Germany1C 006-30 38919727"0 

A: Everybody
B: Bringing It All Back Home
EMI Germany1C 006-81 35419727"0 
Joni Mitchell

A: Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire
B: Blonde In The Bleachers
EMI Germany1C 006-93 34019727"0 
Curtiss Maldoon

A: One Way Ticket
B: Next Time
EMI Germany1C 006-93 63619727"0 
Joni Mitchell

A: You Turn Me On I'm A Radio
B: Urge For Going
EMI Germany1C 006-93 93819727"0 
Artie Kornfeld

A: Island Song
B: Feel
EMI Germany1C 006-93 99319727"0 
Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli

A: Jealousy
B: A Fine Romance
EMI Germany1C 006-02 47819737"0 
Jim Nelson

A: Hello Mama
B: Traces
EMI Germany1C 006-05 26219737"0 

A: (Your Wish Is In) The Wishing Well
B: Engine Driver
EMI Germany1C 006-05 37719737"0 
Bobbie McGee

A: Rock And Roll People
B: Piece Of The Action
EMI Germany1C 006-05 46019737"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: One Is One
B: A Little Bit Closer
EMI Germany1C 006-24 82419737"0 

A: It's Gonna Be Better
B: The Army
EMI Germany1C 006-24 82719737"0 

A: Mammoth
B: Ballet Of The Cripple
EMI Germany1C 006-24 83819737"0 
The Cats

A: Let's Go Together
B: Linda
EMI Germany1C 006-24 84019737"0 
Robert Long

A: I Believe In Love
B: Lover Sweet Lover
EMI Germany1C 006-24 85019737"0 
The Cats

A: Time Machine
B: Maribaja
EMI Germany1C 006-24 85519737"0 
Imca Marina

A: Bella Italia
B: Tu Balli Sul Mio Cuore
EMI Germany1C 006-24 85819737"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: Juanita
B: Oh Woman
EMI Germany1C 006-24 86619737"0 
Dizzy Man's Band

A: Fire
B: Mickey Mouse
EMI Germany1C 006-24 87019737"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Don't Break This Heart
B: Answer Me
EMI Germany1C 006-24 88219737"0 
The Cats

A: Rock 'n Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
B: Come On Girl
EMI Germany1C 006-24 88519737"0 
Nick Mackenzie

A: Peaches On A Tree
B: What Can I Do
EMI Germany1C 006-24 89319737"0 
Lotti Krekel

A: Der letzte Kölsche
B: Seid doch nett zueinander
EMI Germany1C 006-30 42119737"0 
Nina Lizell

A: Bonjour Tristesse
B: Lerne mich zu lieben
EMI Germany1C 006-30 43419737"0 

A: Ride A Pony
B: The End Of A Day
EMI Germany1C 006-30 44319737"0 
Olivia Molina

A: So Oder So
B: Insel im Wind
EMI Germany1C 006-30 44619737"0 
Peter Kraus

A: Es kommt nicht auf das Alter an
B: Vor dir liegt die ganze Welt
EMI Germany1C 006-30 44719737"0 
Olivia Molina

A: Mutter du bist nie allein
B: Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag
EMI Germany1C 006-30 46319737"0 
The Pyramids

A: Summertime, Sunshine
B: Make Love, Not War
EMI Germany1C 006-30 46819737"010.0

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