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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2138
  Netherlands  1117
  Germany  951
  Australia  490
  Ireland  219
  New Zealand  185
  Denmark  163
  France  156
  Italy  135
  Sweden  123
  Spain  118
  Belgium  112
  Japan  102
  South Africa  96
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Tony O'Leary And His Country Cousins

A: I'll Never Make It Home Tonight
B: Sorrow
EMI IrelandEMD 400219737"0 
Dave Clark And Friends

A: Sweet City Woman
B: Love Comes But Once
EMI IrelandEMI 201319737"0 
Cliff Richard

A1: Help It Along
A2: Tomorrow Rising
B1: The Days Of Love
B2: Ashes To Ashes
EMI IrelandEMI 20221973EP0 
Blue Mink

A: Randy
B: John Brown's Down
EMI IrelandEMI 202819737"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Take Me High
B: Celestial Houses
EMI IrelandEMI 208819737"0 
The Times [Ireland]

A: Julie's Rock N Roll
B: Keep Some Love For A Rainy Day
EMI IrelandEMD 4009Nov 19737"0 
The Times [Ireland]

A: If Ma Could See Me Now
B: Hold On
EMI IrelandEMD 217819747"0 
The Others [Ireland]

A: Ring Ring
B: If You Go Away
EMI IrelandEMD 401319747"4 
Cockney Rebel

A: Judy Teen
B: Spaced Out
EMI IrelandEMI 212819747"2 
Cockney Rebel

A: Mr. Soft
B: Such A Dream
EMI IrelandEMI 219119747"1 

A: Magic
B: Just Let Me Be
EMI IrelandEMI 221719747"0 

A: Killer Queen
B: Flick Of The Wrist
EMI IrelandEMI 222919747"10 
Steve Harley

A: Big Big Deal
B: Bed In The Corner
EMI IrelandEMI 223319747"0 

A: January
B: Never Give Up
EMI IrelandEMI 225519747"0 
Sandie Jones

A: Bim Ban Boom
B: Single Girl
EMI IrelandEMI 500119747"0 
The Times [Ireland]

A: All I Ask Of You
B: Never Gonna Letcha
EMI IrelandIEMI 500619747"0 
Jamie Stone

A: Gulliver
B: Daddy Long Legs
EMI IrelandIEMI 500919747"3 
Cahir O'Doherty And The Dazzle Band

A: Rock, Rock Sham-A-Ram
B: In The Still Of The Night
EMI IrelandIEMI 501019747"2 
The Johnstons

A: So Long To Dublin
B: If Poems Died Like Promises
EMI IrelandIEMI 501119747"1 
The Sands

A: Hasta Mañana
B: One More Tear
EMI IrelandIEMI 45004Sep 19747"3 

A: Now I'm Here
B: Lily Of The Valley
EMI IrelandEMI 225619757"0 
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

A: Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
B: Another Journey
EMI IrelandEMI 226319757"0 
The Shadows

A: Let Me Be The One
B: Stand Up Like A Man
EMI IrelandEMI 226919757"0 

A: Call Me Round
B: Do Me Good
EMI IrelandEMI 228719757"4 

A: Just A Smile
B: Are You In Love
EMI IrelandEMI 233819757"0 

A: Bohemian Rhapsody
B: I'm In Love With My Car
EMI IrelandEMI 237519757"410.0
Cliff Richard

A: Miss You Nights
B: Love Enough
EMI IrelandEMI 237619757"0 

A: Lullaby
B: Gravel Walk
EMI IrelandEMI 502219757"0 
The Swarbriggs

A: That's What Friends Are For
B: Love Is
EMI IrelandIEMI 501319757"0 
The Swarbriggs

A: Shuffle Into My Heart
B: Sing It Again
EMI IrelandIEMI 502519757"0 

A: Funny
B: To Love
EMI IrelandIEMI 503119757"0 
Mick O'Shea

A: Cards And Letters
B: A Village In West County Clare
EMI IrelandIEMI 503519757"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Devil Woman
B: Love On (Shine On)
EMI IrelandEMI 245819767"09.0

A: You're My Best Friend
B: '39
EMI IrelandEMI 249419767"1 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Sam
B: Changes
EMI IrelandEMI 261619767"0 
Patsy Gallant

A: From New York To L.A.
B: Angie
EMI IrelandEMI 262019767"0 
Gemma Hasson

A: Thirsty Boots
B: Galway Races
EMI IrelandIEMI 503619767"0 
Las Vegas Featuring Kelley And Rob Strong

A: All The Loving People
B: One Armed Bandit
EMI IrelandIEMI 503719767"0 
Mary Cristy

A: Thank You For Rushing Into My Life
B: Toi La Musique Et Toi
EMI IrelandIEMI 504019767"1 
The Swarbriggs

A: Give Her Your Love
B: Rainy Days
EMI IrelandIEMI 504119767"0 
Gemma Hasson

A: The Wonderful Soupstone
B: The Wild Side Of Life
EMI IrelandIEMI 504619767"0 
The Swarbriggs

A: Joanne
B: To-Night I'm Serious
EMI IrelandIEMI 504719767"1 
Brendan Bowyer And The Big Eight

A: Hucklebucking Again
B: Don't Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes
EMI IrelandIEMI 504919767"0 
The Swarbriggs

A1: Someone Else's Land
B1: Dance All Night
B2: Rock On The Rocks
EMI IrelandIEMI 505419767"0 

A: Tie Your Mother Down
B: You And I
EMI IrelandEMI 259319777"0 

A1: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
A2: Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)
B1: Tenement Funster
B2: White Queen (As It Began)
EMI IrelandEMI 26231977EP19.0

A: We Are The Champions
B: We Will Rock You
EMI IrelandEMI 270819777"010.0
Tom Robinson Band

B: I Shall Be Released
EMI IrelandEMI 271519777"1 
The Swarbriggs Plus Two

A: It's Nice To Be In Love Again

The Swarbriggs

B: Here We Are Again
EMI IrelandIEMI 505919777"0 
The Others [Ireland]

A1: Ring Ring
B1: She Was Mine
B2: Why Must They Die
EMI IrelandIEMI 506519777"1 

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