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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2152
  Netherlands  1335
  Germany  1068
  Australia  524
  Ireland  227
  New Zealand  217
  Denmark  182
  France  159
  Italy  144
  Sweden  132
  Belgium  130
  Spain  123
  Japan  115
  South Africa  111
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T. Rex

A: Metal Guru
B: Lady
EMI Italy3C 006-9346019727"310.0
T. Rex

A1: Children Of The Revolution
B1: Jitterbug Love
B2: Sunken Rags
EMI Italy3C 006-9379019727"110.0
T. Rex

A: Solid Gold Easy Action
B: Born To Boogie
EMI Italy3C 006-9400919727"0 
T. Rex

A: 20th Century Boy

Nemo [Beppe Carletti]

B: 20,000 Leghe
EMI Italy3C 000 6003119737"110.0
Cliff Richard

A: Power To All Our Friends
B: Come Back Billie Jo
EMI Italy3C 006-0529019737"0 
Marie [France]

A: Un Train Qui Part
B: Le Géant
EMI Italy3C 006 1242119737"0 
T. Rex

A: 20th Century Boy
B: Free Angel
EMI Italy3C 006-9425719737"0 
T. Rex

A: Truck On (Tyke)
B: Sitting Here
EMI Italy3C 006-9501819737"0 
Bimbo Jet

A: El Bimbo (Version I)
B: El Bimbo (Version II)
EMI Italy3C 006-1295719747"0 
T. Rex

A: Light Of Love
B: Explosive Mouth
EMI Italy3C 006-9521919747"09.0
T. Rex

A: Teenage Dream
B: Venus Loon
EMI Italy3C 006-9537619747"19.0
Paul McCartney And Wings

A: Junior's Farm
B: Sally G.
EMI Italy3C 006-0575225 Oct 19747"0 
Frankie Valli

A: My Eyes Adored You

Alan Sorrenti

B: Le Tue Radici (Parte I)
EMI Italy3C 000 700521975Special Edition 7"0 

A: Moviestar
B: I Don't Know Why
EMI Italy3C 006-3520119757"09.0

A: Bohemian Rhapsody
B: I'm In Love With My Car
EMI Italy3C 006-9714019757"1 

A: Killer Queen
B: Flick Of The Wrist
EMI Italy3C 006-9606025 Feb 19757"38.0
The Shadows

Eurofestival 75

A: Let Me Be The One
B: Stand Up Like A Man
EMI Italy3C 006-0585224 Mar 19757"09.0
Grand Funk Railroad

A: Can You Do It
B: 1976
EMI Italy3C 006-0622419767"0 
Grand Funk Railroad

A: Pass It Around
B: Don't Let 'em Take Your Gun
EMI Italy3C 006-0636619767"0 
Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble

A: Aguador
B: Para Bailar, Para Cantar
EMI Italy3C 006-1808819767"0 
Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble

A: Linda Bella Linda
B: Scaramouche
EMI Italy3C 006-1814819767"0 
Doogy Degli Armonium

A: Wanted
B: Mezcaleros
EMI Italy3C 006-1815819767"0 

A: Sing My Love Song
B: Honolee Honola
EMI Italy3C 006-2537519767"0 

A: Somebody To Love

La Bottega Dell'Arte

B: Che Dolce Lei
EMI Italy3C 006-7010519767"1 
Little River Band

A: It's A Long Way There
B: Meanwhile
EMI Italy3C 006-8500719767"0 

A: Rock And Roll All Nite
B: Anything For My Baby
EMI Italy3C 006-9699319767"0 
Jesse Green

A: Nice And Slow
B: Nice And Slow (Instrumental)
EMI Italy3C 006-9780219767"09.0

A: You're My Best Friend
B: '39
EMI Italy3C 006-9794419767"1 

A: You're My Best Friend
B: '39
EMI Italy3C 006-979441976Promo Only 7"2 

A: Somebody To Love
B: White Man
EMI Italy3C 006-9842819767"1 

A: Somebody To Love
B: White Man
EMI Italy3C 006-9842819767"1 

A: Somebody To Love
B: White Man
EMI Italy3C 006-9842814 Dec 19767"89.0

A: We Are The Champions
B: We Will Rock You
EMI Italy3C 000-600451977Promo Only 7"8 
Tom Robinson Band

A: 2. 4. 6. 8. Motorway
B: I Shall Be Released
EMI Italy3C 006-0657019777"1 
La Belle Epoque

A: Black Is Black (Disco Version)
B: Hey Miss Broadway
EMI Italy3C 006-1822119777"0 
Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble

A: Allah, Allah
B: Bella Mia
EMI Italy3C 006-1824719777"0 
Alan Sorrenti

A: Figli Delle Stelle
B: E Tu Mi Porti Via
EMI Italy3C 006-1830719777"0 

A: We Are The Champions
B: We Will Rock You
EMI Italy3C 006-6004519777"710.0
Alan Sorrenti

A: Donna Luna


B: Cantando
EMI Italy3C 000-790201978Promo Only 7"0 
Kate Bush

A: Hammer Horror


B: Una Serata In Rima
EMI Italy3C 000-790521978Special Edition 7"1 

A: Bicycle Race
B: Fat Bottomed Girls
EMI Italy3C 000-79053/541978Promo Only 7"1 

A: Bicycle Race


B: Ironia
EMI Italy3C 000-790551978Promo Only 7"1 
Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble

A: 1/2 Notte
B: E Tu Su Di Me
EMI Italy3C 006-1831619787"0 
Bobby Solo

A: Una Lacrima Sul Viso
B: Family Life
EMI Italy3C 006-1833819787"0 
Alan Sorrenti

A: Donna Luna
B: Un Incontro In Ascensore
EMI Italy3C 006-1834019787"0 

A: Spread Your Wings
B: Sheer Heart Attack
EMI Italy3C 006-6047619787"1 

A: Bicycle Race
B: Fat Bottomed Girls
EMI Italy3C 006-6184619787"19 
Olivia Newton-John

A: A Little More Love
B: Borrowed Time
EMI Italy3C 006-6202419787"0 
Little River Band

A: Reminiscing
B: Take Me Home
EMI Italy3C 006-8249219787"0 
Doogy Degli Armonium

A: Bounty Killer
B: Texana
EMI Italy812419787"0 

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