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EMI - Label Discography

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  UK  2203
  Netherlands  1469
  Germany  1262
  Australia  613
  New Zealand  258
  Ireland  253
  Portugal  212
  Denmark  210
  Belgium  179
  France  177
  Italy  158
  Sweden  146
  Spain  141
  Japan  140
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Tommy Roe

Greatest Hits 18

A1: Dizzy
A2: Everybody
B1: Sheila
B2: Sweet Pea
EMI Sweden4E-016-340201969EP0 
T. Rex

A: Telegram Sam
B: Cadilac
EMI Sweden4E 006-9327119727"110.0

A: Sommar'n Som Aldrig Säger Nej
B: Här Kommer Sol (Here Comes The Sun)
EMI Sweden4E 006-3483519737"1 
Lalla Hansson

A: Dagny
B: Gävles Barnens Dag
EMI Sweden4E 006-3487019737"0 

A: Honolulu
B: Harpos Helicopter
EMI Sweden4E 006-3487719737"0 
Björn Skifs And Blåblus

A: Silly Milly

Björn Skifs

B: Blås I A-dur
EMI Sweden4E 006-3487819737"0 
Lalla Hansson

A: Han Gav Upp Alltihop (För Att Spelar I Sitt Band) (Free Electric Band)
B: Jag Blir Här (I'll Be Here)
EMI Sweden4E 006-3488519737"0 

A: Friday's My Day
B: (Always Been A) Traveller In My Songs
EMI Sweden4E 006-3489519737"18.0
Björn Skifs And Blåblus

A: Half Breed
B: Pinewood Rally
EMI Sweden4E 006-3494419737"0 
Merit Hemmingson And Folkmusikgruppen

A: Jämtländsk brudmarsch -73
B: Domaredansen
EMI Sweden4E 006-3494519737"0 

A: Sayonara
B: I'm Comin' To Get You
EMI Sweden4E 006-3495519737"0 

A: Traveller In My Songs
B: Hasse's Fiollåt
EMI Sweden4E 006-3497319737"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Power To All Our Friends
B: Come Back Billie Jo
EMI SwedenEMI 201219737"51.0

A: Black Cat Woman
B: Geordi's Lost His Liggie
EMI SwedenEMI 210019737"0 
T. Rex

A: Truck On (Tyke)
B: Sitting Here
EMI SwedenMARC 616 Nov 19737"18.0
Björn Skifs And Blåblus

A: Sally Var En Reko Brud
B: Lonely Sunday Afternoon
EMI Sweden4E 006-3497919747"1 

A: Baby Boomerang
B: Happy Birthday
EMI Sweden4E 006-3513819747"0 
Sven-Bertil Taube

A: Dirlanda
B: Brevet
EMI Sweden4E 006-3515519747"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Long Live Love
B: Angel Eyes
EMI Sweden4E 006-9530919747"0 

A: Seven Seas Of Rhye
B: See What A Fool I've Been
EMI SwedenEMI 212119747"29.0

A: Killer Queen
B: Flick Of The Wrist
EMI SwedenEMI 222919747"29.0
Marc Bolan

A: Teenage Dream
B: Satisfaction Pony
EMI SwedenMARC 728 Jan 19747"18.0

A: Motorcycle Mama
B: Beautiful Christmas
EMI Sweden4C 006-3526919757"0 

A: Den Gamla Jukeboxen
B: Kom Aldrig Mer Igen
EMI Sweden4E 006-3517619757"0 
Lalla Hansson

A: Anne-li
B: Jag Undrar Vad Hon Gör
EMI Sweden4E 006-3520819757"0 
Björn Skifs

A: Vi Bygger Oss En Båt
B: Krama Dej
EMI Sweden4E 006-3526119757"0 
Björn Skifs

A: Michelangelo (Men Så Svara Då!)
B: SnÆlla Stanna Hær! (I Can Say You're Beautiful)
EMI Sweden4E 006-35180May 19757"0 
Rune Wallebom

A: Pappas Lilla Flicka
B: Hasta La Vista
EMI Sweden4E 006-3530819767"0 

A: Motorcycle Mama
B: Valerie
EMI Sweden4E 006-3532119767"0 
Rune Wallebom

A: Ugglevisan
B: Jag Fick Min Vilja Igenom
EMI Sweden7C 006-3536019767"0 

A: Horoscope
B: Freedom Bird
EMI Sweden7C 006-3536519767"0 

A: Somebody To Love
B: White Man
EMI Sweden7C 006-9842819767"08.0
Tom Robinson Band

A: Motorway
B: I Shall Be Released
EMI Sweden7C 006-0657019777"0 
Patricia Paay

A: Everlasting Love
B: Love Takes Up My Mind
EMI Sweden7C 006-2586319777"0 
Björn Skifs

A: Lady
B: Aina
EMI Sweden7C 006-3539519777"0 

A: Som Ett Zomzomzommarbi
B: Nothing To Hide
EMI Sweden7C 006-3543719777"0 

A: Television
B: Angel
EMI Sweden7C 006-3549719777"0 
Björn Skifs

A: Härligt Härligt, Men Farligt Farligt
B: Don't Stop Now
EMI Sweden7C 006-3550319777"0 
Douglas Roy

A: Disco To The King (Part 1)
B: Disco To The King (Part 2)
EMI Sweden7C 006-6032319777"0 

A: Catch Me
B: Breaking It Down
EMI Sweden7C 006-6033319777"0 
Pepe Lienhard Band

A: Swiss Lady
B: Shiny Red Balloon
EMI Sweden7C 006-33906Mar 19777"5 
Caline Et Olivier Toussaint

A: Les Jardins De Monaco
B: Tous Les Amoureux
EMI Sweden6C 006-6104219787"0 
Kate Bush

A: Wuthering Heights
B: Kite
EMI Sweden7C 006-0659619787"09.0
Tom Robinson Band

A1: Don´t Take No For An Answer
A2: Sing If You Are Glad To Be Gay
B1: Martin
B2: Right On Sister
EMI Sweden7C 006-066241978EP0 
Tom Robinson Band

A: Up Against The Wall
B: I´m All Right Jack
EMI Sweden7C 006-0667219787"0 
Kate Bush

A: Hammer Horror
B: Coffee Homeground
EMI Sweden7C 006-0687719787"1 
Björn Skifs

A: Det Blir Alltid Varre Framåt Natten
B: Part Time Love
EMI Sweden7C 006-3553319787"0 
Björn Skifs

A: When The Night Comes
B: Don't Stop Now
EMI Sweden7C 006-3554119787"0 
Björn Skifs

A: Rococo Rendez-Vous
B: I Could Never Leave You
EMI Sweden7C 006-3558919787"0 
Brian Chapman

A: You Saved Me
B: Something Must Be Wrong Inside Your Life
EMI Sweden7C 006-3560519787"0 

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