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Epic - Label Discography

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  USA  4166
  UK  2328
  Netherlands  1008
  Australia  725
  Canada  624
  Germany  373
  New Zealand  249
  Japan  232
  Spain  203
  Italy  133
  France  108
  Ireland  103
  South Africa  68
  Mexico  63
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Abba Greatest Hits Promo

A: Fernando, Waterloo, Mama Mia, Hasta Manana, SOS
B: Fernando, Waterloo, Mama Mia, Hasta Manana, SOS
Epic IrelandABBA PROMO 0011976Promo Only 7"4 

Abba Arrival New LP Sample

A: Excerpts from : Arrival / Dancing Queen / My Love, My Life / Money Money Money
B: Excerpts from : Dum Dum Diddle / Dancing Queen / Tiger / Money Money Money
Epic IrelandABBA PROMO 0021976Promo Only 7"310.0

A: More Than A Feeling
B: Smokin'
Epic IrelandS EPC 465819767"19.5

A: Knowing Me Knowing You
B: Happy Hawaii
Epic IrelandS EPC 495518 Feb 19777"5 

The Album New L.P. Sample

A: The Album New L.P. Sample
B: The Album New L.P. Sample
Epic IrelandCBS PRO-0031978Promo Only 7"3 

A: Summer Night City
B: Medley Pick A Bale Of Cotton.Top Of Old Smokey.Midnight Special
Epic IrelandS EPC 659519787"0 

A: Don't Look Back
B: The Journey
Epic IrelandS EPC 665319787"0 
Melba Moore

A: Pick Me Up, I'll Dance
B: Where Did You Ever Go
Epic IrelandS EPC 723419787"0 

A: Chiquitita
B: Lovelight
Epic IrelandS EPC 703019797"1 

A: Does Your Mother Know
B: Kisses Of Fire
Epic IrelandS EPC 731619797"0 

A: Angeleyes
B: Voulez-Vous
Epic IrelandS EPC 749919797"19.0
Michael Jackson

A: Don't Stop'Til You Get Enough
B: I Can't Help It
Epic IrelandS EPC 776319797"0 

A: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
B: The King Has Lost His Crown
Epic IrelandS EPC 791419797"0 
Michael Jackson

A: Off The Wall
B: Working Day And Night
Epic IrelandS EPC 804519797"08.0
The Nolans

A: I'm In The Mood For Dancin'
B: Let's Make Love
Epic IrelandS EPC 806819797"08.0

A: I Have A Dream
B: Take A Chance On Me (Live at Wembley)
Epic IrelandS EPC 808819797"29.0
Michael Jackson

A: Rock With You
B: Get On The Floor
Epic IrelandS EPC 820619797"0 
Michael Jackson

A: She's Out Of My Life

The Jacksons

B: Push Me Away
Epic IrelandS EPC 838419807"1 

A: The Winner Takes It All
B: Elaine
Epic IrelandS EPC 883519807"09.0

A: Super Trouper
B: The Piper
Epic IrelandS EPC 908919807"09.0
The Nolans

A: Who's Gonna Rock You
B: Better Late Than Never
Epic IrelandS EPC 932519807"0 
Joe Dolce Music Theatre

A: Shaddap Your Face
B: Ain't In No Hurry
Epic IrelandS EPC 951819807"0 
The Nolans

A: Attention To Me
B: Old Feelings Again
Epic IrelandS EPC 957119807"0 
Goombay Dance Band

A: Seven Tears
B: Mama Coco
Epic IrelandEPC A 124219817"1 

A: One Of Us
B: Should I Laugh Or Cry
Epic IrelandEPC A 174019817"4 
Altered Images

A: I Could Be Happy
B: Insects
Epic IrelandEPCA 183419817"0 
Men At Work

A: Down Under
B: Crazy
Epic IrelandEPC A 198019817"0 
Shakin' Stevens

A: This Ole House
B: Let Me Show You How
Epic IrelandS EPC 955519817"1 

A: Head Over Heels
B: The Visitors
Epic IrelandEPC A 203719827"1 
Shakin' Stevens

A: Shirley
B: I'm For You
Epic IrelandEPC A 208719827"0 
Joan Jett

A: I Love Rock 'N Roll
B: Love Is Pain
Epic IrelandEPC A 215219827"0 
Bertie Higgins

A: Key Largo
B: White Line Fever
Epic IrelandEPC A 216819827"0 

A: One Step Further
B: Lady Of The Night
Epic IrelandEPC A 226519827"0 
The Nolans

A: Crashing Down
B: If It Takes Me All Night
Epic IrelandEPC A 237819827"0 
Altered Images

A: Pinky Blue
B: Think That It Might (Dance Mix)
Epic IrelandEPC A 242619827"0 
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts

A: Crimson And Clover
B: Oh Woe Is Me
Epic IrelandEPC A 248519827"0 
Johnny Logan

A: Oriental Eyes
B: Flame
Epic IrelandEPC A 255319827"0 
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts

A: Do You Wanna Touch Me
B: Jezebell
Epic IrelandEPC A 267419827"0 
Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney

A: The Girl Is Mine

Michael Jackson

B: Can't Get Outta The Rain
Epic IrelandEPC A 272919827"1 
Johnny Logan

A: Becoming Electric
B: Emotional Blackmail
Epic IrelandEPC A 284419827"0 
Shakin' Stevens

A: I'll Be Satisfied
B: Don't Be Late (Miss Kate)
Epic IrelandEPC A 284619827"0 

A: The Day Before You Came
B: Cassandra
Epic IrelandEPC A 284719827"0 

A: Under Attack
B: You Owe Me One
Epic IrelandEPC A 297119827"09.0
Michael Jackson

A: Billie Jean
B: It's The Falling In Love
Epic IrelandEPC A 308419827"1 
Shakin' Stevens

Shakin'Stevens Special Edition EP

A1: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
A2: Que Sera Sera
B1: Blue Christmas
B2: Josephine
Epic IrelandSHAKY 11982EP0 

A: I Know There's Something Going On
B: Threnody
Epic IrelandEPC A 2603Aug 19827"0 
The Stranglers

A: European Female
B: Savage Breast
Epic IrelandEPC A 2893Nov 19827"3 
Altered Images

A: Don't Talk To Me About Love
B: Last Goodbye
Epic IrelandEPC A 308319837"0 
Men At Work

A: Overkill
B: Till The Money Runs Out
Epic IrelandEPC A 322019837"0 

A: Just A Dream
B: Indianer
Epic IrelandEPC A 324919837"0 

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