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Epic - Label Discography

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  USA  3995
  UK  2292
  Netherlands  969
  Australia  672
  Canada  599
  Germany  361
  New Zealand  217
  Japan  198
  Spain  189
  Italy  126
  France  100
  Ireland  99
  South Africa  64
  Mexico  62
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Bobby Vinton

A: Long Lonely Nights
B: Satin
Epic Netherlands5-9768-H17 May 19657"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: L-O-N-E-L-Y
B: Graduation Tears
Epic Netherlands5-9791-H14 Jun 19657"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Theme From Harlow (Lonely Girl)
B: If I Should Lose Your Love
Epic Netherlands5-9814-H23 Aug 19657"0 
The Great Scots

A: Don't Want Your Love
B: Give Me Lovin'
Epic Netherlands5-9805-H4 Oct 19657"0 
Nancy Ames

A: The Funny Thing About It
B: Shake A Hand
Epic Netherlands5-9845-H15 Nov 19657"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: What Color (Is A Man)
B: Love Or Infatuation
Epic Netherlands5-9846-H15 Nov 19657"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Side By Side
B: Till I Waltz Again With You
Epic Netherlands5-9847-H29 Nov 19657"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Mr. Lonely
B: There! I've Said It Again
Epic Netherlands5-2235-H10 Jan 19667"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Satin Pillows
B: Careless
Epic Netherlands5-9869-H7 Feb 19667"0 
The Back Porch Majority

A: A Song Of Hope
B: Mighty Mississippi
Epic Netherlands5-9850-H28 Feb 19667"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Tears
B: Go Away Pain
Epic Netherlands5-9894-H11 Apr 19667"0 
The Sherry Sisters

A: Sailor Boy
B: He's Just Another Guy
Epic Netherlands5-9693-H9 May 19667"0 
The Poppies

A: Lullaby Of Love
B: I Wonder Why
Epic Netherlands5-9893-H9 May 19667"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Dum-De-Da

Featuring Bobby Vinton On Clarinet

B: Blue Clarinet
Epic Netherlands5-10014-H20 Jun 19667"0 
The Remains

A: Diddy Wah Diddy
B: Once Before
Epic Netherlands5-10001-H4 Jul 19667"0 
Little Richard

A: Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail)
B: Well
Epic Netherlands4-725129 Aug 19667"2 

A: Sunshine Superman
B: The Trip
Epic Netherlands5-1004512 Sep 19667"010.0
Garry Sherman

A: Lara's Theme
B: The Farewell Trumpet
Epic Netherlands5-9883-H12 Sep 19667"0 
Bobby Hackett

A: Oh ! My Pa-Pa (Oh! Mein Papa)
B: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
Epic Netherlands5-9913-H12 Sep 19667"0 
David Houston

A: Almost Persuaded
B: We Got Love
Epic Netherlands5-1002523 Sep 19667"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Petticoat White
B: Clinging Vine
Epic Netherlands5-9921-H23 Sep 19667"0 
The Village Stompers

A: Fiddler On The Roof
B: Frankie And Johnny
Epic Netherlands5-9917-H24 Oct 19667"0 

A: Mellow Yellow
B: Sunny South Kensington
Epic Netherlands5-100985 Dec 19667"0 
Little Richard

A: I Need Love
B: The Commandments Of Love
Epic Netherlands4-726216 Jan 19677"0 
Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk Band

A: The Eggplant That Ate Chicago
B: You Can't Fight City Hall Blues
Epic Netherlands5-992316 Jan 19677"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Coming Home Soldier
B: Don't Let My Mary Go Around
Epic Netherlands5-1009030 Jan 19677"0 

A: Epistle To Dippy
B: Preachin' Love
Epic Netherlands5-1012713 Mar 19677"0 
Little Richard

A: I Don't Want To Discuss It
B: Hurry Sundown
Epic Netherlands4-72718 May 19677"1 
Bobby Vinton

A: For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
B: Sweet Maria
Epic Netherlands5-1013622 May 19677"0 
Bongi And Judy

A: What Should A Young Girl Do
B: You're No Good For Me
Epic Netherlands5-101305 Jun 19677"0 
Don And The Goodtimes

A: I Could Be So Good To You
B: And It's So Good
Epic Netherlands5-101453 Jul 19677"0 
Tammy Wynette

A: You're Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
B: Send Me No Roses
Epic Netherlands5-1013428 Aug 19677"0 
Little Richard

A: Get Down With It
B: Tutti Frutti
Epic Netherlands5-994328 Aug 19677"0 
David Houston And Tammy Wynette

A: My Elusive Dreams
B: Marriage On The Rocks
Epic Netherlands5-1019411 Sep 19677"0 

A: There Is A Mountain
B: Sand And Foam
Epic Netherlands5-1021211 Sep 19677"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Please Love Me Forever
B: Red Roses For Mom
Epic Netherlands5-99394 Dec 19677"0 

A: Wear Your Love Like Heaven
B: Oh Gosh
Epic Netherlands5-102538 Jan 19687"0 
Johnny Watson And The Trio

A: Sweet Sue, Just You
B: What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)
Epic Netherlands5-99428 Jan 19687"1 
Little Richard

A: A Little Bit Of Something (Beats A Whole Lot Of Nothing)
B: Money
Epic Netherlands4-728622 Jan 19687"0 
Harold Morrison And The Maple Hill Boys

A: Opry Theme (Instrumental)
B: Briar Patch (Instrumental)
Epic Netherlands5-101985 Feb 19687"0 
Larry Williams

A: Just Because
B: Boss Lovin'
Epic Netherlands4-72944 Mar 19687"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Just As Much As Ever
B: Another Memory
Epic Netherlands5-102664 Mar 19687"0 

A: Jennifer Juniper
B: Poor Cow
Epic Netherlands5-1030018 Mar 19687"0 
Sly And The Family Stone

A: Dance To The Music
B: Bad Risk
Epic Netherlands5-994818 Mar 19687"1 
Bobby Vinton

A: Take Good Care Of My Baby
B: Strange Sensations
Epic Netherlands5-1030529 Apr 19687"0 
Little Richard

A: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
B: Long Tall Sally
Epic Netherlands5-995429 Apr 19687"1 
Tammy Wynette

A: Take Me To Your World
B: I Don't Wanna Play House
Epic Netherlands5-995629 Apr 19687"0 

A: Mellow Yellow
B: Sunshine Superman
Epic Netherlands5-225113 May 19687"0 
The Vibrations

A: Love In Them There Hills
B: You Better Beware
Epic Netherlands5-995713 May 19687"0 
Little Richard

The Big Rock'n Roll Single

A1: Lucille
A2: The Girl Can't Help It
B1: Jenny, Jenny
B2: Good Golly Miss Molly
Epic Netherlands5-996010 Jun 1968EP2 

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