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Epic - Label Discography

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  USA  3995
  UK  2292
  Netherlands  969
  Australia  672
  Canada  599
  Germany  361
  New Zealand  217
  Japan  198
  Spain  189
  Italy  126
  France  100
  Ireland  99
  South Africa  64
  Mexico  62
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Hits From "Wonderful Town"

Sandy Stewart

A1: Ohio

Frank Murphy

A2: A Quiet Girl

Sandy Stewart

B1: A Little Bit In Love

Frank Murphy

B2: It's Love
Epic USAEG 70011953EP0 
Artie Shaw And His New Music

A1: Nightmare
A2: Shoot The Likker To Me John Boy
B1: The Blues
Epic USAEG 70041953EP0 
All Time Polka Parade

Ed Krolikowski And His Orch.

A1: Helena Polka
A2: Julida Polka (Julajda Polka)

Bill Gale And His Music Makers

B1: Clarinet Polka
B2: Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)
Epic USAEG 70061953EP0 
Buck Clayton And The Marlowe Morris Trio

Jammin' With Buck

A: Basic Organ Blues
B: 'S Wonderful
Epic USAEG 70091953EP0 
Glenn Miller And His Orchestra

Glenn Miller

A1: Time On My Hands (You In My Arms)
A2: I Got Rhythm
B1: Sleepy Time Gal
B2: Sold American
Epic USAEG-70121953EP0 
Moondog And His Friends

Moondog And His Friends Vol.1

A: Dragon's Teeth - Voices Of Spring - Oasis - Tree Frog - Be A Hobo
B: Instrumental Round - Double Bass Duo - Why Spend The Dark Night With You? - Theme And Variations - Rim Shot
Epic USAEG-70151953EP0 
Helene Dixon

A: Life's Not The Same Without You
B: Don't Ever Change
Epic USA5-9002Oct 19537"0 
Lee Roy [Epic]

A: Man On The Beat
B: B.O. Plenty
Epic USA5-900119 Oct 19537"0 
Jeff Morley And His Orch

A: The Epic Waltz (Theme Of The Big Preview Show)
B: Just For Two
Epic USA5-900326 Oct 19537"5 
Judy Valentine

A: A Ride In Santa's Sleigh
B: She Was Five And He Was Ten
Epic USA5-900426 Oct 19537"0 
Nellie Lutcher

A: Whee, Baby!
B: Blues For Bill Bailey
Epic USA5-9005Nov 19537"0 
Lee Roy [Epic]

A: The Creep
B: Midnight Festival
Epic USA5-901130 Nov 19537"0 
A Bunny Berigan Memorial

Bunny Berigan And His Boys

A1: I Can't Get Started With You

Bunny Berigan With Glenn Miller And His Orchestra

A2: Solo Hop

Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra

B1: Dixieland Shuffle
B2: Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
Epic USAEG 70051954EP0 
The Treniers

Go! Go! Go!

A1: Go! Go! Go!
A2: Rocking On A Sunday Night
B1: Rockin' Is Our Bizness
B2: This Is It
Epic USAEG-70141954EP1 
Armand Hug And Ray Bauduc

Little Rock Getaway

A1: Little Rock Getaway
A2: Breezin' Along
B1: Tea For Two
B2: Fascination Rag
Epic USAEG-70201954EP0 
Johnnie Ray's Greatest

Johnnie Ray And The Four Lads

A1: Cry
A2: The Little White Cloud That Cried

Johnnie Ray With Maurice King And His Wolverines

B1: Whiskey And Gin
B2: Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye
Epic USAEG-70211954EP0 
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra

Vol. II

A1: Japanese Sandman
A2: A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
B1: Sugar Foot Stomp
B2: Thou Swell
Epic USAEG 70351954EP0 
Roy Hamilton

You'll Never Walk Alone

A1: You'll Never Walk Alone
A2: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
B1: If I Loved You
B2: So Let There Be Love
Epic USAEG 70651954EP1 
Roy Hamilton

A: You'll Never Walk Alone
B: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
Epic USA5-90154 Jan 19547"1 
Sandy Stewart

A: The One I Want
B: Idle Gossip
Epic USA5-90164 Jan 19547"0 
Dolores Hawkins

A: Anything Can Happen - Mambo
B: Stars On The Ceiling
Epic USA5-901311 Jan 19547"0 
Lee Roy [Epic]

A: The Charleston
B: The Bunny Hop
Epic USA5-901411 Jan 19547"0 
The Esquires [Epic]

A: If You Only Knew What A Three Cent Stamp Could Do
B: Now, Now, Now
Epic USA5-902415 Feb 19547"0 
Johnny Conquet Sextet

A: Venus De Milo
B: The Lady Is A Tramp
Epic USA5-90288 Mar 19547"0 
De John Sisters

A: I Took Him From You
B: The Juke-Box Polka
Epic USA5-903122 Mar 19547"0 
Sandy Stewart

A: Man To Woman
B: I Understand
Epic USA5-90395 Apr 19547"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: If I Loved You
B: So Let There Be Love
Epic USA5-90473 May 19547"6 
Dolores Hawkins

A: Hernando's Hideaway
B: Hey There
Epic USA5-90493 May 19547"0 
Tony De Simone

A: Secret Love
B: Such A Night
Epic USA5-905614 Jun 19547"0 
Earl Backus

A: Twilight On The Trail
B: Baby-O, Baby-O
Epic USA5-905714 Jun 19547"0 
Will Bradley And His Orch., Featuring Ray McKinley

A: Celery Stalks At Midnight

Will Bradley Trio

B: Down The Road Apiece
Epic USA5-905814 Jun 19547"0 
Wally Stott And His Orchestra

A: Luxembourg Polka
B: Footsteps In The Fog
Epic USA5-906426 Jul 19547"0 
Willie Mays Of The New York Giants With The Treniers

A: Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)

The Treniers

B: Out Of The Bushes
Epic USA5-906626 Jul 19547"3 
Bro. Lee Roy

A: Who Dat ! (Buck Dance)
B: Toast Of The Town
Epic USA5-90672 Aug 19547"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Ebb Tide
B: Beware
Epic USA5-90689 Aug 19547"1 
Sandy Stewart

A: Mama - Mama
B: No One Came To My Party
Epic USA5-907016 Aug 19547"0 
The Four Coins

A: We'll Be Married (In The Church In The Wildwood)
B: Once More
Epic USA5-9074Sep 19547"08.0
Johnny Conquet Sextet

A: Out Of Nowhere
B: Old Devil Moon
Epic USA5-907220 Sep 19547"0 
The Mello-Larks

A: Gitche Gumee
B: I'm Leavin'
Epic USA5-90764 Oct 19547"0 
Dolores Hawkins

A: George
B: Silly Man
Epic USA5-9089Nov 19547"0 
De John Sisters

A: No More
B: Theresa (The Little Flower)
Epic USA5-90858 Nov 19547"0 
Roy Hamilton

A: Hurt
B: Star Of Love
Epic USA5-90868 Nov 19547"1 
The Four Coins

A: Maybe
B: I Love You Madly
Epic USA5-908215 Nov 19547"0 
Roy Hamilton

A1: Ebb Tide
A2: Beware
B1: If You Are But A Dreamer
B2: From Here To Eternity
Epic USAEG-70791955EP0 
Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra

Hodge Podge

A1: Krum Elbow Blues
A2: Dancing On The Stars
B1: Dream Blues
B2: Empty Ballroom Blues
Epic USAEG 70831955EP0 
Leroy Anthony And His Orch.

Who Dat?

A1: Baritone Boogie
A2: Take Some Of This
B1: Who Dat? (Buck Dance)
B2: South Rampart Street Parade
Epic USAEG 70971955EP0 
The Treniers

Treniers On TV

A1: Hadacole That's All
A2: Get Out Of The Car
B1: Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
B2: Poon-Tang!
Epic USAEG 71031955EP0 
Neal Hefti And His Orchestra

Neal Hefti's Singing Instrumentals

A1: Opus #1
A2: Jersey Bounce
B1: Back Beat Boogie
B2: Intermission Riff
Epic USAEG 71131955EP0 
The Treniers

Those Crazy Treniers

A1: Who Put The 'Ungh' In The Mambo
A2: Out Of The Bushes
B1: Hey, Little Girl
B2: Devil's Mambo (Adapted From Saint-Saens)
Epic USAEG 71141955EP0 
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra

Shaw 'Nuff

A1: Just You, Just Me
A2: I've A Strange New Rhythm In My Heart
B1: Let 'er Go
B2: I'm Yours
Epic USAEG 71311955EP1 

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