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Epic - Label Discography

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Uses CBS catalogue numbers.
  USA  4470
  UK  2351
  Netherlands  1040
  Canada  752
  Australia  741
  Germany  403
  New Zealand  297
  Japan  246
  Spain  211
  Italy  137
  France  116
  Ireland  104
  South Africa  70
  Mexico  65
+ More Countries (36 Total)
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The Big Four

A: Woza Friday
B: Thalaza Ngizwa
Epic UKS EPC 818023 Jun 19727"0 
Looking Glass

A: Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)
B: One By One
Epic UKEPC S 821330 Jun 19727"38.0
David Buskin

A: When I Need You Most Of All
B: Winter Comes
Epic UKEPC S 82207 Jul 19727"1 

A: Saying Goodbye
B: Happy Is The Man
Epic UKEPC S 824314 Jul 19727"6 
Jody Miller

A: There's A Party Goin' On
B: Love's The Answer
Epic UKEPC S 825521 Jul 19727"0 
The Edgar Winter Group

A: Free Ride

Edgar Winter

B: Catching Up
Epic UKEPC S 831525 Aug 19727"0 

A: Good To Be Alive
B: Morning Paper
Epic UKEPC S 831825 Aug 19727"2 
Brenda And The Tabulations

A: Little Bit Of Love
B: Let Me Be Happy
Epic UKEPC S 83208 Sep 19727"0 
Hocus [South Africa]

A: He
B: The Swan
Epic UKEPC S 836115 Sep 19727"0 

A: Fais Do
B: Already Here (Brujo)
Epic UKEPC S 832322 Sep 19727"09.0

A: Look Me In The Eye
B: Telephonia
Epic UKEPC S 838329 Sep 19727"110.0
Major Lance

A: Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um,
B: Sweet Music
Epic UKEPC S 84046 Oct 19727"0 
Jumbo [CBS / Epic]

A: Round And Round
B: Sewing Circle
Epic UKEPC S 805713 Oct 19727"1 
Colin Blunstone

A: I Don't Believe In Miracles
B: I've Always Had You
Epic UKS EPC 843420 Oct 19727"16.0
The Intruders

A: (Win, Place Or Show) She's A Winner
B: Memories Are Here To Stay
Epic UKEPC S 84763 Nov 19727"17.0

A: Keep It In The Family
B: Hey Mister Lonely
Epic UKEPC S 100910 Nov 19727"110.0
The Tremeloes

A: Blue Suede Tie
B: Yodel Ay
Epic UKEPC S 101917 Nov 19727"07.0
Charlie Rich

A: I Take It On Home
B: Peace On You
Epic UKEPC S 848217 Nov 19727"1 
Looking Glass

A: Jenny-Lynne
B: Golden Rainbow
Epic UKS EPC 101524 Nov 19727"1 

A: El Doomo
B: Your Game
Epic UKS EPC 105224 Nov 19727"38.3
Billy Paul

A: Me And Mrs Jones
B: Your Song
Epic UKEPC 10555 Jan 19737"09.0
Crazy Horse

A: We Ride
B: Outside Lookin' In
Epic UKS EPC 112119 Jan 19737"1 
Colin Blunstone

A: How Could We Dare To Be Wrong
B: Time's Running Out
Epic UKS EPC 119719 Jan 19737"0 

A: A Good Feelin' To Know
B: Early Times
Epic UKS EPC 824019 Jan 19737"0 
Brenton Wood

A: Sticky Boom Boom, To Cold-Part I (Vocal)
B: Sticky Boom Boom, Too Cold-Part II (Instrumental)
Epic UKS EPC 104226 Jan 19737"0 

A: Airport
B: It's
Epic UKS EPC 118726 Jan 19737"1 
Bobby Vinton

A: But I Do
B: When You Love
Epic UKS EPC 11362 Feb 19737"0 
The Edgar Winter Group

A: Round & Round
B: Catchin' Up
Epic UKS EPC 10649 Feb 19737"0 
Johnny Williams

A: Slow Motion (Part 1)
B: Shall We Gather By The Water
Epic UKS EPC 100723 Feb 19737"3 

A: God Gave Rock And Roll To You
B: Christmas For The Free
Epic UKS EPC 124323 Feb 19737"38.0

A: God Gave Rock And Roll To You (Edited Version)
B: God Gave Rock And Roll To You
Epic UKS EPC 124323 Feb 1973Promo Only 7"2 
Beck, Bogert, Appice

A: Black Cat Moan
B: Livin' Alone
Epic UKS EPC 125123 Feb 19737"9 

A: Sing Jumbalaya Sing
B: Children Be Steady
Epic UKS EPC 12462 Mar 19737"0 
Niki Daly

A: Super Groupie
B: Be My Cradle
Epic UKS EPC 12329 Mar 19737"0 

A: And Settlin' Down
B: I Can See Everything
Epic UKS EPC 134423 Mar 19737"0 
Timmy Willis

A: Give Me A Little Sign
B: Don't Want To Set Me Free
Epic UKS EPC 130930 Mar 19737"28.0
Jaki Whitren

A: Give Her The Day
B: But Which Way Do I Go
Epic UKS EPC 133830 Mar 19737"38.7

A: Ride On
B: Hands Off
Epic UKEPC 13996 Apr 19737"3 

A: The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
B: Maggie
Epic UKS EPC 11546 Apr 19737"05.0

A: Hail
B: Condition Your Condition
Epic UKS EPC 13986 Apr 19737"2 

A: Mr Skin
B: Nature's Way
Epic UKS EPC 70826 Apr 19737"3 
Bunny Sigler

A: Tossin' And Turnin'
B: Picture Us
Epic UKS EPC 117713 Apr 19737"1 
Billy Paul

A: Brown Baby
B: It's Too Late
Epic UKS EPC 131313 Apr 19737"0 
Moonstone [1970s]

A: The World's Too Good For You
B: When The Moon Has Lost It's Stare
Epic UKS EPC 142613 Apr 19737"0 
Sly And The Family Stone

A: Family Affair
B: Dance To The Music
Epic UKS EPC 114820 Apr 19737"18.0
The Edgar Winter Group

A: Frankenstein
B: Undercover Man
Epic UKS EPC 144020 Apr 19737"58.9

A: I Like You
B: Earth Sign Man
Epic UKS EPC 147120 Apr 19737"1 
Anne-Marie David

A: Wonderful Dream
B: Tu Te Reconnaitras
Epic UKS EPC 144627 Apr 19737"58.7
Brenton Wood

A: Another Saturday Night
B: Attempted Love
Epic UKS EPC 13834 May 19737"0 

A: Ain´t Love Nice
B: Love Or Else
Epic UKS EPC 146311 May 19737"0 

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