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The Thunderbirds

A: Ayuh Ayuh
B: Blueberries
Era USA45-1000Apr 19557"110.0
Gogi Grant

A: Suddenly There's A Valley
B: Love Is
Era USA45-1003Jul 19557"0 
The Thunderbirds

A: Beguino
B: I'd Be A Fool To Let You Go
Era USA45-1004Aug 19557"0 
Rosalinda With Pete King And Orchestra

A: Main Title Theme From The Cruel Tower
B: My Cherie
Era USA45-102319567"0 
Gogi Grant

A: Who Are We
B: We Believe In Love
Era USA45-1008Jan 19567"1 
Chuck Nelson

A: Slap Leather (The Song Of The Gun)
B: The Green Green Mountains
Era USA45-1009Jan 19567"0 
Gogi Grant

A: The Wayward Wind
B: No More Than Forever
Era USA45-1013Apr 19567"4 
Johnny Harper

A: Little Doggie
B: Two Ton Tillie
Era USA45-1017Jul 19567"0 
Russell Arms

A: Is There A Heaven
B: I Saw A Star
Era USA45-1018Jul 19567"0 
Gogi Grant

A: You're In Love
B: When The Tide Is High
Era USA45-1019Aug 19567"3 
Connie Russell

A: That'll Be The Day
B: You And Your Ways
Era USA45-1020Oct 19567"0 
Russell Arms

A: Cinco Robles (Five Oaks)
B: The World Is Made Of Liza
Era USA45-1026Dec 19567"8 
Don Deal

A: Even Then
B: My Blind Date
Era USA105119577"0 
The Salmas Bros.

A: Go Let Her Go
B: Greater Love
Era USA45-102919577"0 
Billy Strange

A: Big Man
B: It Wasn't Much Of A Town
Era USA45-103019577"0 
Laurie Loman

A: Leaves In The Wind
B: Sittin' By The Window
Era USA45-105719577"0 
Russell Arms

A: Evangeline
B: Share My Love
Era USA45-1033Apr 19577"0 
Alis Lesley

A: He Will Come Back To Me
B: Heartbreak Harry
Era USA45-1034Apr 19577"0 
The Planets Featuring Vince Howard

A: Stand There, Mountain

The Planets Featuring Bill Steward

B: Never Again
Era USA45-1038May 19577"0 
Don Deal

A: Unfaithful Diane
B: Devil Of Deceit
Era USA45-1039Jun 19577"1 
Russell Arms

A: The Bridge Of San Angelo
B: Where Can A Wanderer Go
Era USA45-1040Jul 19577"0 
Lee Lamar

A: Teenage Pedal Pushers
B: Sophia
Era USA45-1041Aug 19577"0 
Benn Joe Zeppa

A: Topsy Turvy
B: Mom And Dad
Era USA45-1042Aug 19577"0 
Bobby Please

A: Your Driver's License, Please
B: Heartache Street
Era USA45-1044Aug 19577"4 
Chuck Nelson

A: The Green, Green Mountains
B: And Then I Remember
Era USA45-1047Oct 19577"0 
Lee Lamar

A: Straight As An Arrow
B: King Of The Mountain
Era USA45-1050Nov 19577"1 
Gogi Grant

A: The Golden Ladder
B: All Of Me
Era USA45-1053Dec 19577"2 
Donnie Bowser

A: I Love You Baby
B: Stone Heart
Era USA302919587"0 
Ronnie Deauville

A: It Wasn't Much Of A Town
B: Laura
Era USA45-1056Jan 19587"14.0
Don Deal

A: You'd Look Good With A Tear In Your Eye
B: She Was Here, But She's Gone
Era USA45-1060Feb 19587"0 
Glen Glenn

A: I'm Glad My Baby's Gone
B: Everybody's Movin'
Era USA45-1061Feb 19587"18.5
Art And Dotty Todd

A: Chanson D'amour (Song Of Love)
B: Along The Trail With You
Era USA45-1064Mar 19587"4 
Ronnie Deauville

A: Crazy, Wonderful
B: Hong Kong Affair
Era USA45-1066Apr 19587"1 
Dick Bush

A: Hollywood Party
B: Ezactly
Era USA45-1067Apr 19587"2 
Mark Anthonys' Challengers

A: Evelina Lou
B: Mangy
Era USA45-1068May 19587"0 
The Scooters

A: Everybody's Got A Girl
B: The Big Kiss
Era USA45-1072Jun 19587"18.0
Glenn Glenn

A: Laurie Ann
B: One Cup Of Coffee (And A Cigarette)
Era USA45-1074Jun 19587"010.0
Tony And Joe

A: The Freeze
B: Gonna Get A Little Kissin' Tonight
Era USA45-1075Jul 19587"210.0
Art And Dotty Todd

A: Au Revoir Amour
B: Der Glockenspiel
Era USA45-1076Jul 19587"0 
Don Deal

A: A Chance Is All I Ask
B: Just Thought I'd Call
Era USA45-1077Jul 19587"0 
The Dimples [US 1950s]

A: Toy Telephone
B: Gimme Jimmy
Era USA45-1079Aug 19587"2 
Tony And Joe

A: Where Can You Be?
B: Play Something Sentimental Mr. DJ
Era USA45-1083Sep 19587"1 
Barry Gordon

A: Katy
B: They
Era USA45-1084Oct 19587"0 
Glen Glenn

A: Blue Jeans And A Boys' Shirt
B: Would Ja'
Era USA45-1086Nov 19587"27.7
Art And Dotty Todd

A: Don't You Worry My Little Pet
B: Pray
Era USA45-1087Nov 19587"1 
Ronnie Height

A: It's Not That Easy
B: Portrait Of Linda
Era USA300019597"2 
Art And Dottie Todd

A: Straight As An Arrow
B: Stand There, Mountain
Era USA45-1088Jan 19597"0 
The Naturals [Era]

A: The Mummy
B: Don't Send Me Away
Era USA45-1089Feb 19597"0 
Donnie Brooks

A: White Orchid
B: Sway And Move With The Beat
Era USA3007Nov 19597"0 
Ginny Tiu

A: Ginny's Chop Sticks
B: Twelth Street Rag
Era USA3010Dec 19597"0 

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