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Ethnic Fight - Label Discography

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A Reggae label formed out of two other Reggae labels Ethnic and Fight

For some reason, odd catalogue numbers were generally not used.
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Dennis Alcapone

A: Pressure In A Babylon

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Pressure Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 001May 19767"0 
Booker T. [Reggae]

A: Eleanor

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Eleanor Rockers
Ethnic Fight UKEF 00219757"0 
Honey Boy

A: Cupid Harrow

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Cupid Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 00419757"0 
Junior Hibbert

A: Reaction

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Reaction Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 00619757"0 
Diana Heron

A: Truly

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Truly Under Discipline
Ethnic Fight UKEF 00919757"1 
Ingram Macaba

A: Dread Mood
B: Dread Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 01419757"0 
Booker T [Reggae]

A: Down Presser

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Pressure Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 01619757"0 
Sang Hugh

A: Last Call To Blackman

The Thing Music Co.

B: Black Track
Ethnic Fight UKEF 01819757"07.0
Leroy Smart

A: Just Tell Me

The Thing Music Co.

B: Smart Dub Wise
Ethnic Fight UKEF 02019757"0 
Sidney Rogers

A: Another Lonely Night

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Straight To Dip Head Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 02219757"0 
Leo Graham

A: Big Tongue Buster

King Scratch Band

B: Bus-A-Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 02619757"0 
Michael Rose

A: Clap The Ba-Ba

Observer Band

B: Run Bald Head Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 02819767"0 
Uni Rock Movement

A: Civilisation

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Civilised Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 03219767"0 
Bobby And Bunny

A: Loving Memories

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Memory Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 03419767"0 
Joe Higgs

A: Creation

Augustus Pablo And Super 8 Corporation

B: Creative Version
Ethnic Fight UKEF 038Jul 19767"0 
Jackie Parris

A: Daydream Believer

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Day Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 04019767"0 
Junior Byles

A: Bury O Boy

The Thing Music Co.

B: Bury O Boy Version
Ethnic Fight UKEF 042Jul 19767"0 
Sidney Rogers

A: Once Upon A Time

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Once Upon A Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 04419757"0 
Bobby Dee [Reggae]

A: My Head's On Straight
B: Head On Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 04619767"0 
Sidney Rodgers

A: Child From A Broken Home

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Broken Rock
Ethnic Fight UKEF 04819767"1 
Frankie J.

A: Lock Me In Jail

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Jailhouse Dub
Ethnic Fight UKEF 05219767"0 
Frankie J.

A: Chain Gang

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Gang Roocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 05419767"0 
Sang Hugh

A: God's Children

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Dub In Blood Island
Ethnic Fight UKEF 05619767"08.0
Honey Boy

A: My Little Baby

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Dubbing My Baby
Ethnic Fight UKEF 05819767"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Brixton Hall

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Brixton Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 06219767"1 
Jah Woosh

A: Natty Go Deh

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Go Deh
Ethnic Fight UKEF 06419767"0 
Barrington Spence

A: Falling In Love For The First Time

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Falling In Love For The Second Time
Ethnic Fight UKEF 06619767"17.0
Junior English

A: Be Thankful For What You Got

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Thankful Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 06819787"0 
Sidney Rodgers

A: Musicians And D.J.'s Party

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Musician Rocker
Ethnic Fight UKEF 08019787"06.0
Dennis Alcapone

A: The Bounce (Part 1)
B: The Bounce (Part 2)
Ethnic Fight UKEF 08219787"0 
JT All Stars

A: My Days Are Coming

Jah Tace Stars

B: Fat Beef
Ethnic Fight UKEF 257"0 
Jackie Paris

A: When I'm Mellow
B: Relationships
Ethnic Fight UKETH-20520057"0 
Sidney Rogers

A: Once Upon A Time

Ethnic Fight Band

B: Once Upon A Dub
Ethnic Fight UKRE 04419767"0 

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