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Excaliber - Label Discography

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The Love Symphony Orchestra

A: Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Eastside Connection

B: You're So Right For Me
Excaliber UKEXC 1011978Promo Only 7"0 

A: Jingo
B: Dancin' And Prancin'
Excaliber UKEXC 10226 Jun 19817"0 
Jocelyn Brown

A: Too Through
B: Too Through (Crazy Dub)
Excaliber UKEXC 1400Aug 19857"0 
Noa Noa

A: Utopia
B: Love Is Like A Yo Yo
Excaliber UKEXC 140219857"0 
Glen Adams Affair

A: Just A Groove
B: We've Got To Make It
Excaliber UKEXC 50221 Nov 19807"0 
B.T. Express

A: Stretch
B: I Just Wanna Hold You
Excaliber UKEXC 503Jul 19807"17.0
New York Skyy

A: Here's To You
B: No Music
Excaliber UKEXC 504Feb 19817"0 
Young And Company

A: (Strut Your Stuff) Sexy Lady
B: Waiting On Your Love
Excaliber UKEXC 505Mar 19817"0 
Firefly [Italy]

A: Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side)
B: Forget It
Excaliber UKEXC 506Mar 19817"0 
New York Skyy

A: Superlove
B: Take It Easy
Excaliber UKEXC 507Mar 19817"0 
Leprechaun [1980s]

A: Loc-It-Up
B: Party Freaks
Excaliber UKEXC 508Apr 19817"1 
Alphonse Mouzon

A: By All Means
B: Do I Have To?
Excaliber UKEXC 509Apr 19817"0 

A: Nice And Soft
B: Nice And Soft (Long Version)
Excaliber UKEXC 511Jul 19817"1 

A: Your Love
B: Agent 406
Excaliber UKEXC 514Nov 19817"0 

A: You Don't Like My Music
B: You Don't Like My Music (Instrumental)
Excaliber UKEXC 515Jan 19827"0 
The Imortals

A: The Ultimate Warlord
B: Warlords (Part 2)
Excaliber UKEXC 517Feb 19827"0 
Carroll Thompson

A: Smiling In The Morning
B: Smiling In Dub
Excaliber UKEXC 518Mar 19827"0 
Jesse Green

A: Nice And Slow (U.S. Remix)
B: Come With Me
Excaliber UKEXC 520Jun 19827"0 
Roy Hamilton [UK]

A: Take Your Time
B: Take Your Time (The Ultimate Mixx)
Excaliber UKEXC 522Jul 19827"1 
Push [1980s]

A: My Heart
B: My Heart (Instrumental)
Excaliber UKEXC 52419827"0 
Touchdown Featuring Trevor Ash

A: Breakout
B: Breakout (Instrumental)
Excaliber UKEXC 525Oct 19827"0 
BT (Brenda Taylor)

A: You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (Vocal)
B: You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (Inst Cake Mix)
Excaliber UKEXC 526Oct 19827"0 
William DeVaughn

A: Creme De Creme
B: Creme De Creme (Instrumental)
Excaliber UKEXC 527Jan 19837"0 
Claudja Barry

A: I Will Follow Him
B: Work Me Over
Excaliber UKEXC 528Feb 19837"0 
Fast Radio

A: Under My Thumb
B: Pinky Beat
Excaliber UKEXC 530Apr 19837"0 
Push [1980s]

A: Midnight
B: Who's Gonna
Excaliber UKEXC 532May 19837"0 
AD 2000

A: Hang On Snoopy
B: Doggy Dub
Excaliber UKEXC 533Jul 19837"010.0
Roy Hamilton [UK]

A: Hold On Tight
B: Hold Tight (Dub Mix)
Excaliber UKEXC 535Nov 19837"0 
Gaby Lang

A: 1-2-3 O'Clock
B: 1-2-3 O'Clock (Waiting) (Instrumental)
Excaliber UKEXC 537Feb 19847"0 

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