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Fame - Label Discography

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Jimmy Hughes

A: Everybody Let's Dance
B: You Might As Well Forget Him
Fame USAF-1002Oct 19637"1 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Steal Away
B: Lolly Pops, Lace And Lipstick
Fame USA6401May 19647"48.5
Dan Penn

A: Close To Me
B: Let Them Talk
Fame USA6402Aug 19647"0 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Try Me
B: Lovely Ladies
Fame USAF-6403Sep 19647"1 
Jimmy Hughes

A: I Want Justice
B: I'm Getting Better
Fame USAF-6404Nov 19647"3 
Spooner And The Spoons

A: Wish You Didn't Have To Go
B: Hey, Do You Wanna Marry?
Fame USAF-6405Jan 19657"37.0
June Conquest

A: Almost Persuaded
B: Party Talk
Fame USAF-6406Feb 19657"210.0
Jimmy Hughes

A: Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
B: It Was Nice
Fame USAF-6407Feb 19657"88.0
Lonnie Ray

A: Just As I Am

Dan Penn

B: Diamonds
Fame USA6409May 19657"0 
Dan Penn

A: Just As I Am
B: Diamonds
Fame USA6409May 19657"0 
Lonnie Ray

A: Just As I Am
B: Diamonds
Fame USA6409May 19657"0 
Dan Penn

A: Just As I Am

Lonnie Ray

B: Diamonds
Fame USA6409May 19657"0 
Jimmy Hughes

A: You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy
B: I'm The Loving Physician
Fame USAF-6410Jun 19657"0 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Midnight Affair
B: When It Comes To Dancing
Fame USA45-1000Nov 19657"28.0
James Barnett

A: Keep On Talking
B: Take A Good Look
Fame USA45-1001Jan 19667"210.0
Terry Woodford

A: Gonna Make You Say Yeah
B: Hit The Ground
Fame USA45-1002Mar 19667"1 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Neighbor, Neighbor
B: It's A Good Thing
Fame USA45-1003May 19667"3 
Terry Woodford

A: It's His Town
B: She Wants What She Can't Have
Fame USA45-1004Jun 19667"0 
The Villagers

A: Laugh It Off
B: You're Gonna Lose That Girl
Fame USA45-1005Jul 19667"410.0
Jimmy Hughes

A: I Worship The Ground You Walk On
B: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
Fame USA45-1006Aug 19667"0 
Arthur Conley

A: I Can't Stop (No, No, No)
B: In The Same Old Way
Fame USA45-1007Aug 19667"39.3
Art Freeman

A: I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
B: Slippin' Around With You
Fame USA45-1008Oct 19667"210.0
Arthur Conley

A: I'm Gonna Forget About You
B: Take Me (Just As I Am)
Fame USA45-1009Oct 19667"010.0
Clarence Carter

A: I Stayed Away Too Long
B: Tell Daddy
Fame USA45-1010Nov 19667"0 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Why Not Tonight
B: I'm A Man Of Action
Fame USA45-1011Jan 19677"1 
Art Freeman

A: A Piece Of My Heart
B: Everybody's Got To Cry Sometime
Fame USA45-1012Mar 19677"39.0
Clarence Carter

A: Thread The Needle
B: Don't Make My Baby Cry
Fame USA45-1013Apr 19677"0 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Don't Lose Your Good Thing
B: You Can't Believe Everything You Hear
Fame USA45-1014Jun 19677"1 
Jimmy Hughes

A: Hi-Heel Sneakers
B: Time Will Bring You Back
Fame USA45-1015Aug 19677"0 
Clarence Carter

A: She Ain't Gonna Do Right
B: The Road Of Love
Fame USA45-1016Sep 19677"1 
Candi Staton

A: I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than A Young Man's Fool)
B: For You
Fame USA1456May 19697"110.0
George Jackson

A: Find 'Em, Fool 'Em And Forget 'Em
B: My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me
Fame USA1457Jul 19697"0 
The Fame Gang

A: Soul Feud
B: Grits And Gravy
Fame USA1458Aug 19697"1 
Candi Staton

A: Never In Public
B: You Don't Love Me No More
Fame USA1459Aug 19697"27.0
Candi Staton

A: I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')
B: Heart On A String
Fame USA1460Nov 19697"09.0
James Govan

A: Wanted: Lover (No Experience Necessary)
B: Jambolyia
Fame USA1461Nov 19697"1 
Tommy Strand And The Upper Hand

A: Funky Way To Treat Somebody
B: Instant Reaction
Fame USA1462Nov 19697"1 
Spencer Wiggins

A: Love Machine
B: Love Me Tonight
Fame USA1463Nov 19697"07.0
Johnny Steele

A: Steal Away To Nowhere
B: Better Days Are Coming
Fame USA1464Dec 19697"0 
George Jackson

A: That's How Much You Mean To Me
B: I'm Gonna Hold On (To What I Got)
Fame USA146819707"3 
The Fame Gang

A: Twangin' My Thang
B: Turn My Chicken Loose
Fame USA147119707"1 
James Govan

A: You Get A Lot To Like
B: Something
Fame USA147319707"1 
Willie Hightower

A: I Can't Love Without You
B: Time Has Brought About A Change
Fame USA147419707"0 
Willie Hightower

A: Walk A Mile In My Shoes
B: You Used Me Baby
Fame USA1465Apr 19707"0 
Candi Staton

A: Evidence
B: Sweet Feeling
Fame USA1466Apr 19707"18.0
David And The Giants

A: A Letter To Josephine
B: Super Good Feeling
Fame USA1467May 19707"0 
Spencer Wiggins

A: Double Lovin'
B: I'd Rather Go Blind
Fame USAF-1470Jul 19707"0 
Candi Staton

A: Stand By Your Man
B: How Can I Put Out The Flame (When You Keep The Fire Burning)
Fame USA1472Aug 19707"08.5
Candi Staton

A: He Called Me Baby
B: What Would Become Of Me
Fame USA147621 Dec 19707"119.8
Marcell Strong

A: Mumble In My Ear
B: What You're Missing, Someone's Getting
Fame USA1475Mar 19717"0 

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