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Fantastic Plastic - Label Discography

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A: Get Ready
B: Zero Zero
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 004Nov 19957"3 

A: Being Seen
B: Wasted
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 00519967"0 
The Wannadies

A: Hit
B: Just Can't Get Enough
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 0069 Dec 19967"1 

A: Rubber Doll
B: Naroo
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 007Jun 19977"0 

A: What To Say
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7011Jul 19987"0 

Hi-Fi Lo-Fi

A1: Distance
A2: I Can See You
B1: Can You Feel It
B2: 5 O'Clock
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7012Nov 1998EP0 

A1: It's True
B1: For Your Girlfriend
B2: Boston
Fantastic Plastic UKFP7 013Mar 19997"0 

A1: High In The Morning
B1: The Way I Feel
B2: God Song
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7014Jul 19997"0 

A1: Redground
B1: Complain
B2: Weird Clouds
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7016Oct 19997"0 

A1: Bring Back Her Head
B1: Nothing Special
B2: King For A Day
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7017Nov 19997"0 

A: Boy Or Girl
B: Sleighride
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7018Dec 19997"110.0

Modes Of Transport

A1: Modes Of Transport
A2: Tangle And Tussle
B1: Make Heat
B2: Starting To Show
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7020Aug 2000EP0 

A1: Take Me I'm Your Disease
B1: Aching
B2: Corn Riggs
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 702128 Aug 20007"1 

A1: Tick Tock
B1: Just Yet
B2: Glastonbury Song
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7023Feb 20017"0 

A1: It Never Happened
B1: Jimmy
B2: Turn Around
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 702514 May 20017"0 

A: Casino
B: Yes I Started The Instore Fight
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 70283 Dec 20017"0 
Ikara Colt

A: Rudd
B: Your Vain Attempts
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 702920027"0 

A: Barricade
B: The Boy And The Motorcycle
Fantastic Plastic UKFP703020027"0 
Ikara Colt

Basic Instructions EP

A1: Bring It To Me
A2: Panic
B1: May B 1 Day #2
C1: Don't They Know
D1: May B 1 Day #1
Fantastic Plastic UKFP70312002Double Pack0 
The Beatings

A: Jailhouse
B: Otherside
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 703220027"0 

A: Who Stole The Weekend
B: Strawberry
Fantastic Plastic UKFP703320027"0 
The Beatings

A: Bad Feeling
B: What You Say
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 703420027"0 
The Futureheads

1-2-3 Nul!

A1: Carnival Kids
A2: Ticket
B1: Cabaret
B2: A Picture Of Dorian Gray
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 703520037"0 

A1: Sparkle Me
B1: Riot (Live)
B2: A Guide To Happiness (Live)
Fantastic Plastic UKFP703720037"0 
Ikara Colt

Live 06/02/2003 At The Astoria

A: I'm With Stupid
B: At The Lodge
Fantastic Plastic UKFP703920037"1 
The Futureheads

A1: First Day
B1: Balsch
B2: Piece Of Crap
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 703628 Jul 20037"0 
Ikara Colt

A: Wake In The City
B: Repetition
Fantastic Plastic UKFP704020047"0 
Help She Can't Swim

A: Bunty Vs Beano
B: Yr Still Laughing
Fantastic Plastic UKFP7 04120047"4 
Ikara Colt

A: Modern Feeling
B: Seeing Double
Fantastic Plastic UKFP704220047"1 
Ikara Colt

A: Modern Feeling
B: Modern Feeling (JCB Mix)
Fantastic Plastic UKFP7042X20047"0 
The Beat Up

A: Messed Up
B: Like A Moron
Fantastic Plastic UKFP704320047"0 
The Beat Up

A: Messed Up
B: Like A Moron
Fantastic Plastic UKFP7043X20047"0 
Ikara Colt

A: Surf German
Fantastic Plastic UKFPLP0092004Bonus 7"0 
Ikara Colt

A: Wanna Be That Way
B: Start Up
Fantastic Plastic UKFP703816 Feb 20047"0 
The Beat Up

A: Alright
B: Wait
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 704520057"0 
The Beat Up

A: Alright
B: Gimmee Love
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7045X20057"0 
Help She Can't Swim

The Hits

A1: I Don't Need You
B1: LA Ain't No Great Place To Be
B2: Little Boy On A High Building
Fantastic Plastic UKFP704620057"0 
The Sinking Citizenship

A: Shake
B: Last Minute Intervention
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 704720057"0 
William Campbell And Kevin MacNeil

A: Local Man Ruins Everything
Fantastic Plastic UKFP704820057"0 
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

A: Tales Of Hermit Mark
B: My Son Spells Backwards
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 70512005Promo Only 7"2 

A: Taxi
B: Red Tape
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 705620057"0 

A: Nightjoy
B: Stutter
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 704915 Aug 20057"0 
Victorian English Gentlemens Club

A: The Tales Of Hermit Mark
B: My Son Spells Backwards
Fantastic Plastic UKFP705112 Sep 20057"2 

A: Winter Coat
B: Professionals
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 7052Oct 20057"29.0
Help She Can't Swim

Committing Social Suicide

A1: Kick Her
A2: Paws Hold / Pause, Hold
B1: Cut The Biography
B2: Got Yr Number
Fantastic Plastic UKFP7 05428 Nov 20057"0 

A1: Steven F***ing Spielberg
B1: Shhh Get Out
B2: Xxvvv Xxvvv
Fantastic Plastic UKFP105920067"0 
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

The Double A Side

A: Amateur Man
B: Ban The Gin
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 705820067"0 
Help She Can't Swim

A1: Midnight Garden
A2: Mind Game Girl
B1: Twilight Mountain
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 706020067"1 
The Immediate

A: Stop And Remember
B: Babe, Don't You Go
Fantastic Plastic UKFP 706220067"0 
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

A: Impossible Sightings Over Shelton
B: Train
Fantastic Plastic UKFP706320067"0 

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