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FFRR - Label Discography

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  UK  124
  Germany  27
  Australia  10
  Netherlands  7
  France  2
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Salt 'N' Pepa Featuring E.U.

A: Shake Your Thing (It's Your Thing)

Salt 'N' Pepa

B: Spinderella's Not A Fella (But A Girl DJ)
FFRR Germany886 329-719887"0 
Simon Harris

A: Here Comes That Sound
B: Only A Demo
FFRR Germany886 343-719887"0 
Cookie Crew

A: Born This Way (Let's Dance)
B: Born This Way (Let's Dance) Cookstrumental
FFRR Germany886 440-719897"0 
Cookie Crew

A: Got To Keep On -Remix-
B: Pick Up On This
FFRR Germany886 494-719897"0 
D-Mob Featuring L.R.S.

A: It Is Time To Get Funky


B: Trance Dance
FFRR Germany886 578-719897"0 

A: Get Back To Love
B: Get Back To Love (Swing Beat Mix)
FFRR Germany886 588-719897"0 
Shakespear's Sister

A: You're History
B: Dirty Mind (Live In Leningrad)
FFRR Germany886 612-719897"17.0
Lil Louis

A: French Kiss
B: New York
FFRR Germany886 674-719897"1 
Lil Louis And The World

A: I Called U (Edit)
B: Blackout (Revelation Edit)
FFRR Germany886 830-719897"0 

A: Put Your Hands Together
B: A Rhythm From Within
FFRR Germany886 848-719897"0 
Shakespear's Sister

A: Dirty Mind (1990 version)
B: Dirty Mind
FFRR Germany886 892-719897"0 
Shakespear's Sister

A: Run Silent
B: Mr. Wrong
FFRR Germany886 756-7Oct 19897"0 
Together [90s]

A: Hardcore Uproar (Radio Edit)
B: Hardcore Uproar (Dub Mix)
FFRR Germany869 146-719907"0 
Diana Brown And Barrie K. Sharpe

A: Sun Worshippers (Positive Thinking)
B: Do That Funky Thing
FFRR Germany869 154-719907"0 
Salt 'N' Pepa

A: Expression (Brixton Bass Edition)
B: Expression (Half Step Edit)
FFRR Germany886 872-719907"0 
D Mob Featuring Cathy Dennis

A: Thats The Way Of The World
B: Thats The Way Of The World (Instrumental)
FFRR Germany886 946-719907"0 
Diana Brown And Barrie K. Sharpe

A: Love Or Nothing

Diana Brown And Barrie K. Sharpe Featuring The Sons Of Judah

B: Don't Cross The Tracks (Part 1)
FFRR Germany869 308-719917"0 
Salt 'N' Pepa

A: Do You Want Me [Remix]
B: Do You Want Me [Original]
FFRR Germany869 310-719917"0 
Salt 'N' Pepa

A: Let's Talk About Sex (True Confessions Edit)
B: Let's Talk About Sex (Super Crispy Mix)
FFRR Germany869 480-719917"16.0
Utah Saints

A: What Can You Do For Me
B: Trans Europe Excess
FFRR Germany869 516-719917"3 
Salt 'N' Pepa

A1: You Showed Me (The Born Again Mix)
B1: Negro Wit' An Ego (Fingerprints)
B2: Let's Talk About Sex (Universal Club)
FFRR Germany869 598-719917"0 
East Side Beat

A: Ride Like The Wind (Factory Edit.)
B: Ride Like The Wind (Subway Mix)
FFRR Germany869 604-719917"0 
Salt 'N' Pepa

A: Do You Want Me (Remix Edit)
B: Do You Want Me (Serious Edit)
FFRR Germany869 682.719927"0 
Degrees Of Motion Featuring Biti

A: Do You Want It Right Now (King Street Edit)
B: Do You Want It Right Now (Club Mix Edit)
FFRR Germany869 716-719927"0 
Degrees Of Motion Featuring Biti With Kit West

A: Shine On
B: Shine On (Inspiration Mix)
FFRR Germany869 806-719927"0 
Salt 'N' Pepa

A: Start Me Up (Radia Edit)
B: Start Me Up (Original Version)
FFRR Germany869 874-719927"0 
Martine Girault

A: Revival (Radio Mix)
B: 'Cause It Matters To Me (Original Version)
FFRR Germany869 998-719927"0 

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