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Fleet - Label Discography

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Marc De Ville

A: Walking Alone In The Rain
B: Big Surprise
Fleet Netherlands10.000519787"0 
The Millionaires [Netherlands]

A: Tango Motion
B: Little Fly
Fleet Netherlands10 000919787"0 
Louis Lesther

A: Deshabille Moi
B: Money Love
Fleet Netherlands100.09019787"0 
Stafke Fabri

A: Karsmis Deur De Jaore
B: Mischin Zit God Te Bleiten
Fleet Netherlands100.21119787"0 
Nadine Expert

A: I Wanna Be A Rolling Stone (I Can't Get No Satisfaction / It's Only Rock And Roll)
B: Play The Game Of Love
Fleet Netherlands11 918 AT19787"0 
Marian Noble

A: Secret Love
B: Let Me Be Somebody
Fleet Netherlands11 931 AT19787"0 
Kellee Patterson

A: If It Don't Fit Don't Force It
B: Be Happy
Fleet Netherlands11 981 AT19787"0 
Anselmo Genovese

A: Tu Sola
B: Sempre Un Giorno
Fleet Netherlands11 990 AT19787"0 
The Cruisers [UK]

A: Get A Job
B: Space Age Rock 'n Roll
Fleet Netherlands15 507 AT19787"0 

A: Over The Rainbow
B: Lullaby
Fleet Netherlands15 543 AT19787"0 
Flying Saucers

A: Johnny B. Goode
B: Keep On Comin'
Fleet Netherlands15 557 AT19787"0 
Jinny And The Flamboyants

A: Cumparsita Dance
B: Serenade To Cripton
Fleet Netherlands15 563 AT19787"0 
La Bionda

A: One For You One For Me
B: There For Me
Fleet Netherlands15 573 AT19787"0 
The Coasters

A: Ain't No Greens In Harlem
B: Jumbo Bwana
Fleet Netherlands15 674 AT19787"0 

A: Spread It On
B: Disco Butter
Fleet Netherlands15 675 AT19787"0 
Johnny Blenco

A: Het Lied Van De Warme Bakker
B: Ik Ben 'n Bakkertje
Fleet Netherlands15 715 AT19787"0 

A: The Love Cry
B: The Love Cry (Instrumental)
Fleet Netherlands15 718 AT19787"0 

A: 17 Anos
B: Diongo Mundiongo
Fleet Netherlands15 767 AT19787"0 
John Holt

A: The First Time

Prince Buster And The Revolutionaries

B: Uganda
Fleet Netherlands15.79419787"0 
Prince Buster And The Revolutionaries

A: Uganda

John Holt

B: The First Time
Fleet Netherlands15.79419787"0 
John Holt

A: The First Time

Prince Buster And The Revolutionaries

B: Uganda
Fleet Netherlands15 794 AT19787"1 
Benelux And Nancy Dee

A: Switch
B: Switch (Instrumental)
Fleet Netherlands100.39519797"0 
Cashmere [Netherlands]

A: Love's What I Want
B: I Need Love
Fleet Netherlands100.46019797"09.0
Toto Cutugno

A: Donna, Donna Mia
B: Una Serata Come Tante
Fleet Netherlands100.52119797"0 
The Mol Percussion Band

A: Percussion Polka
B: Take Five
Fleet Netherlands100.58119797"0 
The Millionaires [Netherlands]

A: The Queen Of Santa Maria
B: Like A Bird
Fleet Netherlands100.65819797"0 
Benelux And Nancy Dee

A: Do It
B: Taste Me
Fleet Netherlands100.73419797"0 
Ruth McKenny

A: I'm So Hot And I Need You
B: You Made A Fool Of Me
Fleet Netherlands100.73519797"0 
Bingo Kwartet

A: Claribol
B: Herinneringen
Fleet Netherlands100.94419797"0 
Cashmere [Netherlands]

A: I Want You
B: Too Far Gone
Fleet Netherlands101.03419797"0 

A: Margherita (Part One)
B: Margherita (Part Two)
Fleet Netherlands101.10919797"010.0
Wheels [Netherlands]

A: Welcome Home Angelina
B: Just A Hundred Miles
Fleet Netherlands101.16119797"0 
Urban Heroes

A: Get It
B: Lovin' You, Lovin' Me
Fleet Netherlands101.37819807"09.0
The Millionaires [Netherlands]

A: Oh Mama, Oh Papa ! (Kids Like You)
B: You Only You
Fleet Netherlands101.39019807"0 
Los Tres De Canarias

A: Las Dos Puntas
B: Requerdas Nadamas
Fleet Netherlands101.54119807"0 
Lange Jojo

A: E Viske Van De Zee

Grand Jojo

B: On A Soif!
Fleet Netherlands101.54219807"0 
De Lenco's

A: Prima Ballerina
B: De Wegenbouwers
Fleet Netherlands101.66319807"0 
Urban Heroes

A: Not Another World War
B: We Are Urban Heroes
Fleet Netherlands101.66419807"0 
Bernie Brooks

A: Come On Alice
B: Hanging On
Fleet Netherlands101.66819807"0 

A: You're The One
B: Land Of Thousand Dances
Fleet Netherlands101.68319807"0 
Hilka's Dolittle Band

A: Who Were You Thinkin' Of
B: I Betcha I Getcha To Say Ooh
Fleet Netherlands101.74419807"0 
Benelux And Nancy Dee

A: Rico
B: Souvenirs
Fleet Netherlands101.77819807"0 
Cashmere [Netherlands]

A: I Wanna Touch You
B: Years Go By
Fleet Netherlands101.81419807"1 
Eduardo Marti

A: Cambiarás, Cambiaré
B: Quiero Que Tu Me Sigas
Fleet Netherlands101.93219807"0 
The Millionaires [Netherlands]

A: The Italian Dream: The Italian Dream - O Sole Mio - Mamma - Santa Lucia - Cara Mia
B: Jet (Instrumental)
Fleet Netherlands101.94319807"0 
Toto Cutugno

A: Solo Noi
B: Liberi
Fleet Netherlands101.95619807"1 
The Carruthers

A: The Bounce
B: All I Know About Today
Fleet Netherlands102.03719807"0 
Tina Rosita

A: Ik Hou Vakantie In Eigen Land
B: Ik Heb Niemand
Fleet Netherlands102.04519807"0 
D. J. Bert and Eagle

A: Import
B: I Am Your Master
Fleet Netherlands102.06119807"0 
Cashmere [Netherlands]

A: Stop
B: Years Go By
Fleet Netherlands102.09819807"0 

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