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Fontana - Label Discography

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  UK  1798
  Netherlands  730
  France  336
  Germany  329
  USA  201
  Norway  129
  New Zealand  100
  Sweden  99
  Ireland  70
  Spain  68
  Italy  61
  Denmark  52
  South Africa  45
  Belgium  44
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Rikki Price

A: (It Looks Like Rain In) Cherry Blossom Lane
B: Tom Dooley
Fontana Norway267 035 TF19587"0 

A: Goodnight My Love
B: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Fontana Norway268 003 TF19587"0 
Else Nystrand Og Nicolay Wergeland

A: Dormi - Dormi - Dormi
B: Hvor Er Du, Min Barndomsvenn (When I Grow Too Old To Dream)
Fontana Norway269 007 TF19587"0 
Vidar Sandbeck

A: Pengegaloppen
B: Dagdrivervise
Fontana Norway269 008 TF19587"4 
Al Saxon

A: Only Sixteen
B: I'm All Right, Jack
Fontana Norway267.066 TF19597"0 
Vidar Sandbeck Med Ragnar Danielsens Orkester

A: Han Ola Torader
B: Skredder'n
Fontana Norway269 009 TF19597"0 
Vidar Sandbeck

A: Gull Og Grønne Skoger
B: Kjærlighetsvalsen
Fontana Norway269 013 TF19597"1 
Vidar Sandbeck And Ragnar Danielsens Orkester

A: På Folkemunne
B: Strikkemøte
Fontana Norway269 014 TF19597"0 
Vidar Sandbeck

A1: Gull Og Grønne Skoger
A2: Kjærlighetsvalsen
B1: På Folkemunne
B2: Strikkemøte
Fontana Norway464 257 TE1959EP0 
The Blue Diamonds

A: Ramona
B: All Of Me
Fontana Norway266 181 TF19607"48.0
The Cascading Strings conducted by Johnny Gregory

A: The Theme From "Sons And Lovers"
B: Honky Tonk Train Blues
Fontana Norway267 107 TF19607"0 
Else Nystrand Og Nicolay Wergeland

A: Veien Hjem
B: Når Du Reiser Fra Dalen
Fontana Norway268.000 TF19607"0 
Vidar Sandbeck And Ragnar Danielsens Orkester

A: Heksedansen
B: Menuett I Mai
Fontana Norway269 015 TF19607"28.0
Vidar Sandbeck

A: Frida Og Frode
B: Bildilla
Fontana Norway269 016 TF19607"0 
Vidar Sandbeck

A: Far Min Var Lirekassemann
B: En Får Ta Det En Kan Få
Fontana Norway269 020 TF19607"0 
Mai-Duo'n Med Ragner Danielsens Orkester

A: Sjømann
B: Klokken Slår
Fontana Norway269 021 TF19607"0 
Nana Mouskouri

A: Weisse Rosen aus Athen
B: Addio (Ebbe Und Flut)
Fontana Norway261 264 TF19617"0 
Tony Orlando

A: Bless You
B: Am I The Guy
Fontana Norway263 256 TF19617"010.0
The Blue Diamonds

A: Down By The Riverside
B: Always
Fontana Norway266 210 TF19617"1 
The Blue Diamonds

A: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
B: Baby Face
Fontana Norway266 219 TF19617"1 
The Allisons

A: Are You Sure
B: There's One Thing More
Fontana Norway267 139 TF19617"3 
The Allisons

A: Are You Sure
B: There's One Thing More
Fontana Norway267 139 TF19617"38.0
Cleo Laine

A: You'll Answer To Me
B: I Only Have Eyes For You
Fontana Norway267 166 TF19617"1 
Kjell - Calle - Tian Med Willy Andresens Orkester

A: Fattig-Pers Melodi (Beginners Luck)
B: Polly (Sing My Little Bird)
Fontana Norway269 024 TF19617"0 
Vidar Sandbeck

A: Idyll Ved Mjøsa
B: Gamle Formann Pedersen
Fontana Norway269 026 TF19617"0 
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

A: Blue Rondo A La Turk
B: Take Five
Fontana Norway271 168 TF19617"29.0
Anita Lindblom

A: Sånt Är Livet
B: Det Är Nå"t Mysko
Fontana Norway271 201 TF19617"29.0
Ray Adams

A1: Violetta
A2: Paradise
B1: You Belong To My Heart
B2: Dry Champagne
Fontana Norway466 291 TE1961EP0 
The Blue Diamonds

A: Red Sails In The Sunset
B: Carmen My Love
Fontana Norway266 279 TF19627"0 
The Sharks

A: Lise Lotte
B: Alle Fugler Små
Fontana Norway269 032 TF19627"2 
Anita Lindblom

A: Charlie (Norman)
B: Din Dröm Slår In (Your Time Will Come)
Fontana Norway271 204 TF19627"0 
Vidar Sandbeck

A: Mallorca, Mallorca
B: Gode Venner Og Glade Granner
Fontana Norway269 035 TF19637"0 
Ray Adams

A: Mest Av Alt
B: Aloha Oe
Fontana Norway269 039 TF19637"0 
The Rooftop Singers

A: Walk Right In
B: Cool Water
Fontana Norway271 700 TF19637"17.0
The Kingsmen

A: Louie, Louie
B: Haunted Castle
Fontana Norway271 802 TF19637"0 
Barry McGuire

A: Town And Country
B: Doo Dah
Fontana Norway272 25319637"0 

A: My Boy Lollipop
B: Something's Gotta Be Done
Fontana Norway267 331 TF19647"1 
Ray Adams

A: Avskedstoner
B: Någon Gång
Fontana Norway269 040 TF19647"0 
Ray Adams

A: I Love The Little Things
B: San Antonio Rose
Fontana Norway269 041 TF19647"0 
Hootenanny Singers

A: Jag Väntar Vid Min Mila
B: Ave Maria No Morro
Fontana Norway269 042 TF19647"0 
Ray Adams

A: I Like Your Kind Of Love
B: One More Time
Fontana Norway269 048 TF19647"0 
Ray Adams

A: Vårda Henne Väl
B: Min älskling
Fontana Norway269 050 TF19647"0 
Dionne Warwick

A: Reach Out For Me
B: Make The Night A Little Longer
Fontana Norway271.814 TF19647"0 
The Pretty Things

A: Honey, I Need
B: I Can Never Say
Fontana Norway267 422 TF19657"09.0
The Merseybeats

A: I Love You, Yes I Do
B: Good, Good Lovin'
Fontana Norway267 490 TF19657"0 
Mister Murray

A: Down Came The Rain
B: Whatever Happened To Music
Fontana Norway267 506 TF19657"0 
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich

A: You Make It Move
B: I Can't Stop
Fontana Norway267 512 TF19657"0 
Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders

It Was Easier To Hurt Her

A: It Was Easier To Hurt Her
B: You Made Me What I Am Today
Fontana Norway267.523 TF19657"0 
Finn Eriksen

A: Finnjerven
B: Lappland
Fontana Norway269 051 TF19657"07.0
Kjell Karlsens Orkester

A: Baby Elephant Walk
B: Hey, Listen
Fontana Norway269 056 TF19657"0 

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