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Freestyle - Label Discography

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A: No Rest For The Wicked
B: Sting In The Tail
Freestyle UKFSR 700131 Jan 20057"0 

A: Tremendo Boogaloo
B: Pa'lante
Freestyle UKFSR 700214 Feb 20057"0 

A: Work It Out
B: City Strut
Freestyle UKFSR 700314 Mar 20057"0 

A: At The Speakeasy
B: Dapper Dan
Freestyle UKFSR 700421 Mar 20057"0 
Ria Currie And The Deep Soul Messengers

A: Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
B: You Got Me Started
Freestyle UKFSR 700516 May 20057"0 
Jazz Juice

A: The Kicker
B: Mara Bossa
Freestyle UKFSR 70069 May 20057"0 
The New Mastersounds

A: Two Note Brown
B: Fast Man
Freestyle UKFSR 70074 Jul 20057"0 
TJ Chill

A: C'mon!!
B: C'mon!! (Instrumental)
Freestyle UKFSR 700825 Jul 20057"0 
Ocote Soul Sounds And Adrian Quesada

A: Tamarindio
B: Ora Como Rey, MañAna Como GüEy
Freestyle UKFSR 700922 Aug 20057"0 

A: El Padrino [Stereo]
B: El Padrino [Mono]
Freestyle UKFSR 70105 Sep 20057"0 
Jazz Juice

A: Bugablue
B: Sound Of The Summer
Freestyle UKFSR 701112 Sep 20057"0 
The Poets Of Rhythm

A: Ham Gallery

Jaguar [Iceland]

B: Battle Of Funk
Freestyle UKFSR 701226 Sep 20057"0 
Nosotros Pimpamos

A: Three Color Collar

Black Daniels And The 40 Ounce Commission

B: UF Ho
Freestyle UKFSR 701317 Oct 20057"0 
Clarence Foster And The Internal Revenue Service

A: Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants
B: Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder
Freestyle UKFSR 701424 Oct 20057"0 
The New Mastersounds

A: Stay On The Groove
B: You Got It All
Freestyle UKFSR 70157 Nov 20057"0 
Cookin' On 3 Burners

A: Gravel Rash
B: Mango Skin
Freestyle UKFSR 70165 Dec 20057"0 
Reverend Cleatus And The Soul Saviours

A: The Slip
B: White Stiletto
Freestyle UKFSR 701716 Jan 20067"0 

A: Homenage
B: Laredo 77
Freestyle UKFSR 70186 Feb 20067"0 
DJ Graham B

A: Sambamadness
B: Riot In Rio
Freestyle UKFSR 701920 Feb 20067"0 
Mike Edmonds Bass-ic Requirement

A: Back To The Time
B: Norman Connors
Freestyle UKFSR 702017 Apr 20067"0 
The Boogaloo Investigators

A: Let's Work A While
B: Let The Groove Move You
Freestyle UKFSR 702122 May 20067"0 
Cookin' On 3 Burners

A: Keb's Bucket
B: Redback
Freestyle UKFSR 702224 Jul 20067"0 
The Apples [Israel]

A: Attention!

The Quartertones

B: Caffeine (DJ Format's Getaway Version)
Freestyle UKFSR 702316 Oct 20067"0 
The Poets Of Rhythm

A: More Mess On My Thing

The Budos Band

B: Budos Theme
Freestyle UKFSR 702416 Oct 20067"0 
Lack Of Afro

A: Roderigo
B: Roderigo (Natural Self Version)
Freestyle UKFSR 702529 Jan 20077"0 
The Sound Stylistics

A: Shake And Hip Drop
B: Shake And Hip Drop
Freestyle UKFSR 702626 Feb 20077"0 
Robert Moore

A: Make It Alright
B: Do Right Man
Freestyle UKFSR 702730 Apr 20077"0 
The Mighty Show-Stoppers

A: Hippy Skippy Moon Strut


B: Night Of The Wolf
Freestyle UKFSR 702818 Jun 20077"28.0
Sirius B

A: Batacuda Consolacao
B: Something New
Freestyle UKFSR 70299 Apr 20077"0 

A: Take A Chance
B: Main Man
Freestyle UKFSR 70307 May 20077"0 

A: Same Old Thing
B: Am I Your Woman?
Freestyle UKFSR 703114 May 20077"0 
The Grits

A: Boom Boom
B: Jan Jan
Freestyle UKFSR 703221 May 20077"0 
The Sound Stylistics

A: The Players Theme
B: Soul Dynamite
Freestyle UKFSR 70339 Jul 20077"0 
The Apples [Israel]

A: Killing
B: Killing Dub
Freestyle UKFSR 703411 Jun 20077"0 
Cookin' On 3 Burners

A: Cook It
B: Settle The Score
Freestyle UKFSR 703525 Jun 20077"0 

A: Our Own Thing
B: Our Own Thing
Freestyle UKFSR 70363 Sep 20077"0 
Afro Elements

A: Stop You're Killing Me
B: Latinspiration
Freestyle UKFSR 70378 Oct 20077"0 
Kid Circus Presents Coolhurst

A: Mamas
B: Taller Than The Line
Freestyle UKFSR 703820 Aug 20077"0 
Lack Of Afro

A: When The Sun Goes Down
B: Spooky
Freestyle UKFSR 703917 Sep 20077"1 
The Fantastics!

A: Give It Up Or Turn It Loose


B: Answer To Mother Popcorn
Freestyle UKFSR 704021 Jan 20087"0 

A: When You're Through

DJ Aeon Seven

B: Funky Furious
Freestyle UKFSR 704121 Jan 20087"0 

A: African Battle
B: The Sexican
Freestyle UKFSR 704228 Jan 20087"0 
The Super-Phonics

A: Elevate Our Minds
B: Have A Good Time
Freestyle UKFSR 704311 Feb 20087"0 
Lack Of Afro Featuring Steve Marriott

A: Touch My Soul

Lack Of Afro

B: The Outsider
Freestyle UKFSR 704431 Mar 20087"1 
The Snugs

A: Trying
B: Trying Dub
Freestyle UKFSR 704528 Apr 20087"0 
Jazz Juice

A: Nuevo Latino
B: Batidos Suculentas
Freestyle UKFSR 704623 Jun 20087"0 

A: No Man Worries (DJ Format's Funky People Mix)
B: The Real Me (DJ Format's Funky People Mix)
Freestyle UKFSR 704730 Jun 20087"0 
Ruckus Robotics

A: Here We Go (Diesler Remix)


B: Revaletions (Jazzinvaders Remix)
Freestyle UKFSR 70483 Nov 20087"0 
The Dynamites [Charles Walker]

A: Killin' It

Open Souls

B: Turn It Up
Freestyle UKFSR 70491 Dec 20087"0 
The Fantastics!

A: Soul Child
B: Soul Sucka
Freestyle UKFSR 70511 Dec 20087"0 

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