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Fresh - Label Discography

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The Dark

My Friends

A: My Friends
B: John Wayne
Fresh UKFRESH 29 Nov 19797"1 
The Art Attacks

The Art Attacks First And Last

A: Punk Rock Stars
B: Rat City
Fresh UKFRESH 3Oct 19797"0 
Terri Hooley

A: Laugh At Me
B: Laugh At Me (Again)
Fresh UKFRESH 4Nov 19797"5 
Second Layer

Flesh As Property EP

A1: Courts Of War
A2: Metal Sheet
B1: Germany
Fresh UKFRESH 5Sep 1979EP0 

A1: In Black
B1: Neobeauty
B2: Cold Rebellion
Fresh UKFRESH 6Nov 19797"0 
Cuddly Toys

A: Madman
B: Join The Girls
Fresh UKFRESH 10Apr 19817"3 
UK Decay

A: For My Country
B: Unwind
Fresh UKFRESH 12Apr 19817"1 
The Dark

Hawaii Five O

A: Hawaii Five O
B: Don't Look Now
Fresh UKFRESH 1331 Aug 19807"0 

A1: The Young Ones
B1: Tomorrow's World
B2: Live For Today
Fresh UKFRESH 14Sep 19807"0 
Family Fodder

A: Debbie Harry
B: A 'Version'
Fresh UKFRESH 15Apr 19817"07.0
Manufactured Romance

A: Time Of My Life
B: Room To Breathe
Fresh UKFRESH 16Apr 19817"1 
The Wall

A1: Ghetto
B1: Another New Day
B2: Mercury
Fresh UKFRESH 17Apr 19807"0 
They Must Be Russians [Sheffield]

A1: Don't Try To Cure Yourself
B1: The Truth About Kanga Pants
B2: Air To Breathe
Fresh UKFRESH 1819807"17.0
Big Hair

A: Puppet On A String
B: Lies
Fresh UKFRESH 19Apr 19817"1 
Cuddly Toys

A: Astral Joe
B: Slow Down
Fresh UKFRESH 2019807"1 
Dumb Blondes

A: Strange Love
B: Sorrow
Fresh UKFRESH 2119807"0 
Family Fodder

A: Savoir Faire
B: Carnal Knowledge
Fresh UKFRESH 22Apr 19817"38.3
The Igloos

A: Wolf
B: Octopus
Fresh UKFRESH 23Apr 19807"1 
The Dark

A: Einstein's Brain
B: Muzak
Fresh UKFRESH 24Apr 19817"1 
Cuddly Toys

A: Someone's Crying
B: Bring On The Ravers
Fresh UKFRESH 25Feb 19817"0 
UK Decay

A: Unexpected Guest
B: Dresden
Fresh UKFRESH 26Feb 19817"6 
The Wall

Hobby For A Day

A1: Hobby For A Day
B1: 8334
B2: Redeemer
Fresh UKFRESH 27Jul 19817"0 
J.C.'s Mainmen

A: Casual Trousers
B: Earbending
Fresh UKFRESH 2819817"0 
Play Dead

A: Poison Takes A Hold
B: Introduction
Fresh UKFRESH 29Jun 19817"0 
Family Fodder

A: Film Music
B: Room
Fresh UKFRESH 3219817"0 
UK Decay


A: Sexual
B: Twist In The Tail
Fresh UKFRESH 33Oct 19817"1 
Beasts In Cages

A: My Coo Ca Choo
B: Sandcastles
Fresh UKFRESH 3419817"0 
The Dark

On The Wires

A: On The Wires
B: Shattered Glass
Fresh UKFRESH 35Aug 19817"0 
Chron Gen

Puppets Of War EP

A1: Mindless Few
A2: Chron Gen
B1: Lies
B2: Puppets Of War
Fresh UKFRESH 36Sep 1981EP1 
Play Dead

A: T.V. Eye
B: Final Epitaph
Fresh UKFRESH 38Oct 19817"0 
Cuddly Toys

A: It's A Shame
B: Fall Down
Fresh UKFRESH 39Jan 19827"1 
Levi Dexter And The Ripchords

A: I Get So Excited
B: Other Side Of Midnight
Fresh UKFRESH 40Dec 19817"0 
The Yobs

A: Yobs On 45
B: The Ballad Of The Warrington
Fresh UKFRESH 414 Dec 19817"1 
Family Fodder

A: The Big Dig
B: Plant Life
Fresh UKFRESH 42May 19827"0 
The Dark

The Masque

A: The Masque
B: War Zone
Fresh UKFRESH 46Jan 19827"210.0

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