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Gala - Label Discography

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Bing Crosby

A: Never Be Afraid
B: My Own Individual Star
Gala UKGSP 80119597"1 
Steve Race

A: Ring Ding
B: Hindustan
Gala UKGSP 80219597"1 
Helen Thomson With Eric Jupp And His Orchestra

A: Tender And True
B: Brokenhearted Melody
Gala UKGSP 80319597"2 
The Dawns With Orchestra

A: The Three Bells

Wayne Hansen With Orchestra

B: Lavender Blue
Gala UKGSP 80419597"09.0
The Muses

A: 'Til I Kissed You

The Codas

B: Sleep Walk
Gala UKGSP 80519597"3 
Paul Sheldon

A: Thank You Pretty Baby

Tom And Jerry [Bell Record]

B: Baby Talk
Gala UKGSP 80619597"118.0
Sonny Campbell

A: The One In The Middle
B: Wicked Love
Gala UKGSP 80719597"1 
The Hickories

A: Teen Beat

The Dreamers [Bell]

B: Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat)
Gala UKGSP 80819597"1 
The Dreamers [Bell]

A: Mr. Blue

The Lyrics [Gala]

B: A Worried Man
Gala UKGSP 80919597"18.0
The Promineers

A: Poison Ivy

The Glitters

B: Red River Rock
Gala UKGSP 81019597"5 
Steve Race

A: Inn For Trouble
B: Nicola
Gala UKGSP 81119607"0 
Music From Walt Disney's "Shaggy Dog"

Moochie, Shaggy, Roberta Shore

A1: Shaggy Dog


A2: You're My Friend

Kevin Corcoran

B1: How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

Jerome Courtland And Kevin Corcoran

B2: Old Yeller
Gala UKGWD 7011959EP2 
The Mouseketeers

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

A1: Whistle While You Work
A2: With A Smile And A Song
B1: The Silly Song
B2: I'm Wishing
Gala UKGWD 702EP1 
Music From Walt Disney's "Zorro"

Henry Calvin

A1: Here's To A Soldier Of The King

The Disney Vocal Group

A2: Zorro

Henry Calvin As Sergeant Garcia

B1: Zorro

The Disney Vocal Group

B2: The Fox And The Coyote
Gala UKGWD 7031958EP1 
Music From Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"

The Disneyland Chorus

A1: Hail To The Princess Aurora

The Three Good Fairies

A2: Sing A Smiling Song

The Two Kings

B1: Skumps (Drinking Song)

The Disneyland Trio

B2: Sleeping Beauty
Gala UKGWD 7041959EP1 
Ludwig Mousensky Directing The All Mouse Acappella Choir And The All Mouse Symphony Orchestra

A Christmas Concert

A1: Hark The Herald Angels Sing
A2: O Little Town Of Bethlehem
A3: O Come All Ye Faithful
B1: Jingle Bells
B2: Winter Wonderland
Gala UKGWD 7051957EP2 
Jimmie Dodd And The Mouseketeers

Official Mickey Mouse Club Songs

A1: Micky Mouse March
A2: Fun With Music
B1: The Merry Mouseketeers
B2: Here Comes The Circus
Gala UKGWD 7061958EP1 
My Fair Lady

Lola Fisher And Chorus

A1: I Could Have Danced All Night

William Reynolds With Al Goodmam And His Orchestra

A2: On The Street Where You Live

Edgar Powell

B1: With A Little Bit Of Luck

Lola Fisher With Al Goodman And His Orchestra

B2: Wouldn't It Be Loverly
Gala UKXP 1000EP2 
South Pacific

Richard Torigi

A1: Some Enchanted Evening

Susan Shaute And Chorus With Al Goodman And His Orchestra

A2: A Wonderful Guy

Dolores Martin And Chorus

B1: Bali Ha'i

William Reynolds With Al Goodman And His Orchestra

B2: Younger Than Springtime
Gala UKXP 1001EP2 
The King And I

Susan Shaute And Edgar Powell With Al Goodman And His Orchestra

A1: Shall We Dance?

Susan Shaute With Al Goodman And His Orchestra

A2: Getting To Know You

Richard Torigi And Gretchen Rhoads With Al Goodman And His Orchestra

B1: We Kiss In A Shadow
B2: I Have Dreamed
Gala UKXP 10021956EP3 

Gretchen Rhoads And Richard Torigi

A1: People Will Say We're In Love

Richard Torigi

A2: The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

Richard Torigi And Chorus

B1: Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
B2: Oklahoma
Gala UKXP 1003EP1 
Bill St. Clair

Music From The Film Pal Joey

A1: Bewitched
A2: There's A Small Hotel
B1: I Didn't Know What Time It Was
B2: The Lady Is A Tramp
Gala UKXP 1004EP2 
Pete 'Natural' Jones

Pete 'Natural' Jones Plays 'Fats' Waller

A1: Ain't Misbehavin'
A2: Twelfth Street Rag
B1: My Very Good Friend The Milkman
B2: Basin Street Blues
Gala UKXP 1005EP1 
[no artist listed]


A1: Toque Torero
A2: El Gato Montes
A3: La Sorella
B1: Toque
B2: La Virgen De La Macarena
B3: Espana Cani
Gala UKXP 1006EP0 
John Elliott And His Diatonic 4

Adventures In Sound

A1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby
A2: Serenade In The Night
B1: Caravan
B2: Who's Sorry Now
Gala UKXP 1007EP1 
Esy Grieco And His Orchestra

Cha Cha Cha

A1: Sweet And Gentle Cha Cha
A2: Que Templor Me Das
B1: Cha Cha No. 8
B2: Cha Cha No. 5
Gala UKXP 1008EP1 
Norman Brooks With The Al Goodman Orchestra

Norman Brooks With The Al Goodman Orchestra Give You Jolson

A1: Rock-A-Bye Your Baby
A2: There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder
B1: Blue Skies
B2: Easter Parade
Gala UKXP 1009EP25.0
Ike Cole

Ike Cole Sings

A1: Who's Sorry Now
A2: I've Got The World On A String
B1: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
B2: That's My Desire
Gala UKXP 1010EP4 
Johnny Kay

Johnny Kay Arrives

A1: I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
A2: I'll Be Seeing You
B1: Till The End Of Time
B2: (When You Were) Sweet Sixteen
Gala UKXP 1011EP1 
Bill St Clair

Let's Be Frank

A1: Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
A2: Beautiful Dreamer
B1: None But The Lonely Heart
B2: I'll Never Smile Again
Gala UKXP 10121957EP1 
Mark Andrews And His Orchestra

Drifting And Dreaming

A1: Charmaine
A2: Almost Paradise
B1: Autumn Leaves
B2: Lullaby Of Birdland
Gala UKXP 10131956EP1 
Edna McGriff

Edna McGriff's The Name

A1: The Fool
A2: And That Reminds Me
B1: Mr. Lee
B2: Born To Be With You
Gala UKXP 10141958EP3 
Helen Forrest

Helen Forrest

A1: Deep Purple
A2: My Reverie
B1: Lover Come Back To Me
B2: Secret Love
Gala UKXP 10151958EP2 
Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway

A1: I'll Get By
A2: Jilted
B1: Learnin' The Blues
B2: Unchained Melody
Gala UKXP 10161958EP3 
Bob Crosby And Dick Powell

Dick Powell

A1: Hold My Hand

Bob Crosby

A2: Steam Heat
B1: Happy Wanderer

Dick Powell

B2: Susan Slept Here
Gala UKXP 10171958EP2 
Bob Haymes

Bob Haymes

A1: No Other Love
A2: With These Hands
B1: That's All
B2: Ebb Tide
Gala UKXP 10181958EP1 
The Kays

A1: When

The Promineers

A2: Born Too Late

Dick Stetson

B1: Gingerbread

The Wright Bros.

B2: All I Have To Do Is Dream
Gala UKXP 10191958EP1 
Betty Green

A1: Fever

The Promineers

A2: Twilight Time

The Wright Bros.

B1: Bird Dog

Jose Gonzales And His Orchestra

B2: Patricia
Gala UKXP 10201958EP1 
Jeannie Carson

A1: Stupid Cupid

Terry Frank

A2: Who's Sorry Now?

Dottie Gray

B1: Everybody Loves A Lover

Richard Deane

B2: Return To Me
Gala UKXP 10211958EP22.0
Jimmy Grant

A1: Are You Really Mine?

The Promineers

A2: One Summer Night

Johnny Kay

B1: Moon Talk

Marty Kasen

B2: Poor Little Fool
Gala UKXP 10221958EP1 
Rick Corio

A1: Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)

Sam Horn

A2: Rebel Rouser

The Poor Crowns

B1: Yakety Yak

Ed Cee

B2: La Paloma
Gala UKXP 10231958EP1 
The Four Dreams

A1: Just A Dream

The Terrifics

A2: Little Star

John Drew

B1: Splish Splash

Dottie Evans

B2: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
Gala UKXP 10241958EP1 
Bob Worth

A1: It's All In The Game

Gary King

A2: Rockin' Robin

Larry McGinnis

B1: Tea For Two Cha Cha

Bobbie Rett

B2: Susie Darlin'
Gala UKXP 10251958EP2 
The Kays

A1: You Cheated

Marty Kasen

A2: Just Young

The Grasshoppers

B1: No One Knows

The Promineers

B2: Topsy (Part II)
Gala UKXP 10261958EP1 
Michael Reed

A1: Promise Me Love

Dick Stetson

A2: Near You
B1: Chantilly Lace

Al Freed

B2: Carol
Gala UKXP 10271958EP25.0
Richard Deane

A1: The End

The Promineers

A2: I Wish

John Logan

B1: Firefly

Betty Green

B2: Fibbin
Gala UKXP 10281958EP1 
The Four Dreams

A1: Tom Dooley

The Swings

A2: Guaglione

Tommy Dunn

B1: Lonesome Town

Julie Town

B2: Tears On My Pillow
Gala UKXP 10291958EP1 
America's Top Pops

Bill King

A1: It's Only Make Believe

John Logan

A2: Queen Of The Hop

The Kays

B1: Beep Beep

Eli Whitney

B2: I Got Stung
Gala UKXP 10301958EP1 
America's Top Pops

Al Freed

A1: Mr. Success

The Grasshoppers

A2: To Know Him Is To Love Him

Bob Mitchell

B1: Love Is All We Need

Dick Stetson

B2: Cannonball
Gala UKXP 10311958EP1 

Raoul Jobin

A1: Gigi

Lee Carol

A2: The Night They Invented Champagne

Andy Gaulitorie

B1: Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Lee Carol

B2: Say A Prayer For Me
Gala UKXP 10321958EP1 

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