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Gallo - Label Discography

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  South Africa  75
  Rhodesia  25
  Zimbabwe  9
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A: Looky, Looky
B: Happy Birthday
Gallo South AfricaPD.968019707"1 
The Dealians

A: Look Out Here Comes To-Morrow
B: Never Trust A Woman
Gallo South AfricaPD. 970219707"1 
Fuzz (SA)

A: Sailing
B: Waiting Till This Yearning Dies Away
Gallo South AfricaPD.971819707"0 

A: Moody Trudy
B: Stop
Gallo South AfricaPD.972319707"1 
Joe Cocker

A: With A Little Help From My Friends
B: I Shall Be Released
Gallo South AfricaPD.973719707"0 
Alan Garrity

A: Put Your Hand In The Hand
B: Just For You
Gallo South AfricaPD.974219717"0 
Spinach [Michael Holm And Giorgio Moroder]

A: America - America
B: Rhythm Of Love
Gallo South AfricaPD.975019717"0 
Peter Maffay

A: You
B: You've Got Something
Gallo South AfricaPD.975519717"0 
Tony Manuel With Costa's Band

A: If The Day Would Come
B: Wondering People
Gallo South AfricaSCP.11819717"0 
Neville Whitmill

A: Get Me Some Help

Square Set

B: Have Mercy On Me
Gallo South AfricaPD.977320 Aug 19717"1 
Alan Garrity

A: I Need Someone
B: Why
Gallo South AfricaPD.980219727"0 
Neville Whitmill

A: Hey You Love
B: Sonny Boy (Be A Man)
Gallo South AfricaPD.985119727"0 
The Dealians

A: Two Of Us
B: Twenty Miles
Gallo South AfricaPD.986119727"2 
Alan Garrity

A: Home Isn't Home Anymore
B: So Hard To Get By
Gallo South AfricaPD 986219727"1 
The Dealians

A: Hey Diddle Diddle
B: I'll Take What I Want
Gallo South AfricaPD.982424 Apr 19727"0 
Alan Garrity


A1: Goodbye Mama
A2: Put Your Hand In The Hand
B1: I Need Someone
B2: Home Isn't Home Anymore
Gallo South AfricaCBP 11973EP0 
Peter Maffay

A: It's You (I Want To Live With)
B: You've Got Something
Gallo South AfricaPD.987419737"3 
The Dealians

A: Time
B: Moonshadow
Gallo South AfricaPD.989530 Apr 19737"0 
Inia Te Wiata

A: Love Song Of The Islands (Hokihoki Tonu Mai)
B: Maori Love Song (Me He Manu Rere)
Gallo South AfricaPD.989911 Jun 19737"0 
Alan Garrity

A: I'll Have To Dream (Alone At Night)
B: Fight For Me
Gallo South AfricaPD.990211 Jun 19737"1 
Joanna Field

A: April Fool
B: Love A Little Longer
Gallo South AfricaPD.991030 Jun 19737"0 
Alan Garrity

A: Goodbye Mama
B: Cobblestone Street
Gallo South AfricaPD.993115 Oct 19737"2 
The Dealians

A1: Time
A2: Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
B1: Love Equals Love
B2: When Love Comes Knocking
Gallo South AfricaCBP 210 Dec 1973EP2 
Claude Larson Sangers

A: Karnival
B: Leef Vir Vandag
Gallo South AfricaPD.998019747"0 
Peter Petrel

A: Let Me Be Your Entertainer
B: Welcome Mr. Jones
Gallo South AfricaPD.105128 Oct 19747"0 

A: Muhammad Ali (Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee)
B: Show Me The Way
Gallo South AfricaPD.106211 Nov 19747"0 

A: Lovemaker
B: Paperback Love
Gallo South AfricaPD.107019757"0 
Mynie Reyes En Sy Viool

A: Kafhok Wals
B: Kyk In Die Pot
Gallo South AfricaPD.112312 May 19757"0 
Gary And Spider

A: Keep Our Love Alive
B: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Gallo South AfricaPD.116026 Sep 19757"0 
Jean-Claude Borelly

A: Dolannes Melodie
B: Dolannes Melodie (Flute)
Gallo South AfricaPD.121719767"0 
Roy Memphis

A: Gogga
B: Jy Alleen
Gallo South AfricaPD 129819767"0 
Matt Hurter

A: She Thinks I Am On That Train
B: Help Me
Gallo South AfricaPD 132219767"0 
Verenigde Musiekkorpse Van Die Suid Afrikaanse Weermag

Rand Show 1976

A1: Fanfare
A2: Rand Show March
A3: Lynwood
B1: Maple Leaf Rag
B2: Abide With Me
B3: Sunset
B4: Die Stem
Gallo South AfricaSCP 13628 Apr 1976EP0 
Donna Summer

A: Could It Be Magic
B: Come With Me
Gallo South AfricaPD 127928 Jun 19767"1 
Vergeet My Nie

Rudi Neitz

A: Sonder Jou

Anneen Leeuwner

B: Net Hierdie Laaste Woord
Gallo South AfricaPD 129716 Aug 19767"0 
Roberta Kelly

A: Love Power
B: Innocent
Gallo South AfricaPD 129325 Oct 19767"0 

A: Crazy On You
B: Dreamboat Annie
Gallo South AfricaPD 133219 Nov 19767"1 

A: Howzat
B: Motor Of Love
Gallo South AfricaPD 133022 Nov 19767"0 
Wright Brothers [South Africa]

A: Silverbird
B: Happiness And Sorow
Gallo South AfricaPD 134724 Jan 19777"1 
Barry Biggs

A: Side Show
B: Why Must You Cry
Gallo South AfricaPD 13701 Mar 19777"0 

A: I've Got Troubles
B: No More Cane
Gallo South AfricaPD 13884 Apr 19777"1 
Donna Summer

A: Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)
B: I Feel Love
Gallo South AfricaPD 142113 Jun 19777"0 

A: Magic Man
B: White Lightning And Wine
Gallo South AfricaPD 146819 Sep 19777"0 
Glenys Lynne

A: Jy's Die Een (In My Lewe)
B: Maladie D'Amour
Gallo South AfricaPD 149614 Nov 19777"0 
Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

A: Egyptian Reggae
B: The Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Teng)
Gallo South AfricaPD 15085 Dec 19777"0 

A: I Can't Stand The Rain
B: Be Yourself
Gallo South AfricaPD 153516 Jan 19787"2 
Boney M

A: Rivers Of Babylon
B: Brown Girl In The Ring
Gallo South AfricaPD 15841 May 19787"01.0
Alpen Susters

A: Heidi (Afrikaans)

Peter Lotis

B: Heidi (English)
Gallo South AfricaPD 160222 May 19787"0 

A: When You Walk In The Room
B: Stay With Me
Gallo South AfricaPD 159329 May 19787"0 
Glenys Lynne

A: Ma Di Wo Do
B: 'n Wereld Sonder Liefde
Gallo South AfricaPD 172419797"0 

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