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Gambit - Label Discography

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The Standards

A: Why Can't It Happen To Me
B: The Girl Across The Way
Gambit USA1102Apr 19627"0 
Paul Anthony

A: Hello Teardrops, Goodbye Love
B: Angel Face
Gambit USA1103May 19627"0 
Shayne Hunter

A: Lots Of Luck To You Dear
B: And Then There Was A Tear
Gambit USA1104Jun 19627"1 
Ray Fleming

A: Something In The Wind
B: Devil In Disguise
Gambit USA1105Jul 19627"0 
Cory Adams

A: Mister Teardrop
B: All Of Them Know
Gambit USA110619637"2 
The Key Brothers

A: Lonesome Life
B: Keep The Porch Light A-Burnin'
Gambit USA110719637"1 
Jerry Gandy

A: You Better Take Me Home
B: Mister Moon
Gambit USA1108Aug 19637"1 
Pam Dickinson

A: Funny Age
B: Johnny Ain't The Only Name
Gambit USA1109Oct 19637"17.0
Georgie Carmichael

A: Sweet Revival
B: Reach Out (Give A Little Love)
Gambit USAGAM-CS-00119717"0 
The Endeavors

A: Sexy Woman
B: Who! Shaft Where?
Gambit USAGAM-00619727"0 
Wilson Sisters

A: Sister Mary Ryan
B: I'll Always Care For You
Gambit USAGAM-CS-00419727"0 

A: Child Of The Sea
B: Nothing Is Easy
Gambit USAGAM-CS-00519727"1 
Bruce Fontecchio

A: Kaleidoscope Calliope
B: Day Star
Gambit USAGAM-CS-00819727"0 
The Endeavors

A: Goin' Down
B: Goin' Down
Gambit USAGAM-M-01019727"0 
Paul White Hawk

A: It'll Be Even Better
B: Uniform Of Freedom
Gambit USAGAM-CS-003Feb 19727"0 

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