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Garpax - Label Discography

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Bobby (Boris) Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers

A: Monster Mash
B: Monsters' Mash Party
Garpax USAP-1Aug 19627"88.0
Bobby "Boris" Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers

A: Monster Mash
B: Monsters' Mash Party
Garpax USA44167Sep 19627"2910.0
The Rev-Lons

A: Give Me One More Chance
B: Boy Trouble
Garpax USA45-44168Sep 19627"1 
Jesse Sailes And The Crypt-Kickers

A: The Jog
B: Gary's Theme
Garpax USA45-44169Nov 19627"0 
The Five Superiors

A: Big Shot
B: There's A Fool Born Everyday
Garpax USA45-44170Nov 19627"4 
Bobby (Boris) Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers

A: Monsters' Holiday
B: Monster Motion
Garpax USA45-44171Nov 19627"7 
Gary Paxton

A: It Had To Be You
B: We're Going Back Together
Garpax USA45-44172Feb 19637"0 
Chuck Denman

A: The Fool
B: Golden Dreams
Garpax USA45-44173Mar 19637"0 
Don Wyatt

A: I've Got Myself To Blame
B: Everybody Let's Dance
Garpax USA45-44174May 19637"0 
Bobby Pickett

A: Graduation Day
B: The Humpty Dumpty
Garpax USA45-44175May 19637"0 
Gene Moles And The Softwinds

A: Kaha-Huna (Goddess Of Surfing)
B: Maria (The Wind)
Garpax USA45-44176Jul 19637"1 
George Cottos

A: Oceana
B: Tahiti Hula
Garpax USA45-4418119647"0 
Ben Benay

A: Atlanta, Ga.
B: Outskirts
Garpax USA45-4418319647"0 
Lani And Boni The Cochrane Twins

A: Cherry Pie
B: Hey, Mr Weatherman
Garpax USA45-4418419647"2 
The Captivations

A: Red Hot Scrambler-Go!
B: Speedshift
Garpax USA45-44179Apr 19647"1 
Gary Paxton And The ?'s

A: Two Hump, Dual Bump Camel Named Robert E. Lee
B: Your Past Is Back Again
Garpax USA45-44180-VMay 19647"0 
Buddy Wayne

A: I Wish That Little Girl Was Mine
B: I'd Fight For My Baby
Garpax USA45-44182Sep 19647"1 
Bobby (Boris) Pickett

A: Me And My Mummy
B: Blood Bank Blues
Garpax USA45-4418519657"3 
Ron Hellard And The Party Animals

A: (The) Coffee Freak
B: (The) Coffee Freak
Garpax USAGPX-MR-R-454119817"3 
Gary Sanford Paxton And The American Warriors Division

A: There Should Be A Truckers' Hall Of Fame
B: There Should Be A Truckers' Hall Of Fame
Garpax USAGPX-MR-R-45421981Promo Only 7"0 

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