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Geffen - Label Discography

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  USA  445
  UK  305
  Canada  93
  Germany  90
  Australia  76
  Netherlands  66
  Japan  30
  Italy  18
  Spain  17
  France  13
  New Zealand  11
  Ireland  9
  South Africa  8
  Portugal  6
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Donna Summer

A: The Wanderer
B: Stop Me
Geffen AustraliaGEF 49563Sep 19807"0 
John Lennon

A: (Just Like) Starting Over

Yoko Ono

B: Kiss Kiss Kiss
Geffen AustraliaGEF 49604Oct 19807"1 
John Lennon

A: Woman

Yoko Ono

B: Beautiful Boys
Geffen AustraliaGEF 49644Feb 19817"08.0
Yoko Ono

A: Walking On Thin Ice

John Lennon / Yoko Ono

B: It Happened
Geffen AustraliaGEF 49683Mar 19817"0 
John Lennon And Yoko Ono

A: Watching The Wheels
B: I'm Your Angel
Geffen AustraliaGEF 49695Apr 19817"0 

A: Harden My Heart
B: Don't Be Lonely
Geffen AustraliaGEF 49824Jan 19827"09.0

A: Find Another Fool
B: Cruisin' With The Deuce
Geffen AustraliaGEF 50006Apr 19827"0 

A: Heat Of The Moment
B: Ride Easy
Geffen AustraliaGEF 50040May 19827"0 
Simon And Garfunkel

A: Wake Up Little Susie
B: Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Geffen AustraliaGEF 50053May 19827"0 

A: Only Time Will Tell
B: Time Again
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29970Jul 19827"1 

A: Right Kind Of Love
B: You're Holdin' Me Back
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29994Jul 19827"0 
Jennifer Holliday

A: And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

Cleavant Derricks, Lorette Devine, Jennifer Holliday, Sheryl Lee Ralph

B: Fake Your Way To The Top
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29983Aug 19827"0 

A: Sole Survivor
B: Here Comes The Feeling
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29871Nov 19827"1 
Neil Young

A: Little Thing Called Love
B: We R In Control
Geffen AustraliaGEF 2781Jan 19837"0 
Sammy Hagar

A: Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
B: I Don't Need Love
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29816Feb 19837"0 
Planet P

A: Why Me?
B: Only You And Me
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29705May 19837"0 
Mac McAnally

A: Minimum Love
B: Like Your Mother
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29736Jun 19837"0 

A: Take Me To Heart
B: Nowhere Left To Hide
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29603Jul 19837"0 

A: Don't Cry
B: Daylight
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29571Aug 19837"1 
Neil Young / Neil And The Shocking Pinks

A: Wonderin'
B: Payola Blues
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29574Aug 19837"0 
Wang Chung

A: Don't Be My Enemy
B: The Waves (Instrumental)
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29528Oct 19837"0 

A: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
B: Lying To Yourself
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29475Nov 19837"1 
Was (Not Was)

A: Smile
B: The Party Broke Up
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29477Nov 19837"0 
Wang Chung

A: Dance Hall Days
B: There Is A Nation
Geffen AustraliaGEF 3837May 19847"0 
Wang Chung

A: Don't Let Go
B: The Waves (Instrumental)
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29377Jul 19847"0 
Eric Carmen

A: I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips
B: Spotlight
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29118Jan 19857"0 
Don Henley

A: The Boys Of Summer
B: A Month Of Sundays
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29141Jan 19857"0 
Don Henley

A: All She Wants To Do Is Dance
B: Building The Perfect Beast
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29065Mar 19857"0 
Betty Buckley

A: Memory
B: Overture
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29776Apr 19857"0 
Don Henley

A: Not Enough Love In The World
B: Man With A Mission
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29012Jun 19857"0 
Eric Carmen

A: I'm Through With Love
B: Maybe My Baby
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29032Jun 19857"1 

A: Crazy For You

Sammy Hagar

B: I'll Fall In Love Again
Geffen AustraliaGEF 29051Jun 19857"0 
Neil Young

A: Get Back To The Country
B: Misfits
Geffen AustraliaGEF 28883Sep 19857"0 
John Hiatt

A: She Said The Same Things To Me
B: I Got A Gun
Geffen AustraliaGEF 28884Sep 19857"0 

A: Gambler

Don Henley

B: She's On The Zoom
Geffen AustraliaGEF 28885Sep 19857"0 

A: Talk To Me
B: Grace Under Fire
Geffen AustraliaGEF 28908Nov 19857"0 

A: Go
B: After The War
Geffen AustraliaGEF 28872Feb 19867"1 
Tommy Keene

A: Places That Are Gone
B: Faith In Love
Geffen Australia7-28752May 19867"0 
Ric Ocasek

A: Emotion In Motion
B: P. F. J.
Geffen Australia7-28617Sep 19867"0 
Neil Young

A: Weight Of The World
B: Pressure
Geffen Australia7-28623Sep 19867"0 
Wang Chung

A: Everybody Have Fun Tonight
B: Fun Tonight: The Early Years
Geffen Australia7-28562Oct 19867"0 
Lone Justice

A: Shelter
B: Belfry
Geffen Australia7-28520Nov 19867"0 
Ric Ocasek

A: True To You
B: Hello Darkness
Geffen Australia7-28504Jan 19877"0 
Wang Chung

A: Let's Go!
B: The World In Which We Live
Geffen Australia7-28531Mar 19877"1 
Sammy Hagar

A: Give To Live
B: When The Hammer Falls
Geffen Australia7-28314Jul 19877"0 

A: Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
B: Simoriah
Geffen Australia7-28240Sep 19877"1 
Rod Stewart

A: Twistin' The Night Away

Jerry Goldsmith

B: Let's Get Small
Geffen Australia651137 7Nov 19877"0 

A: I Found Someone
B: Dangerous Times
Geffen Australia7-28191Dec 19877"1 

A: We All Sleep Alone
B: Working Girl
Geffen Australia7-27986Mar 19887"0 
Robbie Robertson

A: Somewhere Down The Crazy River (Remix)
B: Hell's Half Acre (LP Version)
Geffen Australia7-28111May 19887"0 

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