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Gem - Label Discography

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Jimmy Lindsay

A: Ain't No Sunshine
B: Tomorrow Morning
Gem UKGEMS 19 Feb 19797"49.0
Brian Wade

A: Only Me
B: Dear Michael
Gem UKGEMS 223 Mar 19797"0 
Eddie Howell

A: Six White Horses
B: Every Road
Gem UKGEMS 3Oct 19797"1 
Patrick Hernandez

A: Born To Be Alive
B: I Give You Rendez-Vous
Gem / Aquarius UKGEMS 4May 19797"29.3
U.K. Subs

A1: Stranglehold
B1: World War
B2: Rockers
Gem UKGEMS 515 Jun 19797"37.7
Eddie Howell

A: This Could Be You
B: Dime A Dance
Gem UKGEMS 6Jun 19797"0 
Gardner And Boult

A: Hollywood
B: Nite After Nite
Gem UKGEMS 7Jul 19797"0 

A: Charline
B: All Good Children (Part 1)
Gem UKGEMS 8Aug 19797"0 
Jimmy Lindsay

A: Where Is Your Love
B: Daughters Of Babylon
Gem UKGEMS 9Sep 19797"19.0
U.K. Subs

A1: Tomorrows Girls
B1: Scum Of The Earth
B2: Telephone Numbers
Gem UKGEMS 1031 Aug 19797"67.8
Captain Zorro

A: Phantasm
B: Sure Can Boogie
Gem UKGEMS 11Oct 19797"1 
Ronnie Lane

A: Kuschty Rye
B: You're So Right
Gem UKGEMS 12Oct 19797"08.0
Patrick Hernandez And Hervé Tholance

A: You Turn Me On
B: It Comes So Easy
Gem / Aquarius UKGEMS 13Nov 19797"38.0
U.K. Subs

A1: She's Not There
A2: Kicks
B1: Victim
B2: The Same Thing
Gem UKGEMS 1423 Nov 1979EP29.0
Jimmy Silver

A: Skin Talk And Body Talk
B: Tune Me In
Gem UKGEMS 15Jan 19807"0 
Gardner And Boult

A: Magic Eyes
B: Always One Love Behind
Gem UKGEMS 16Dec 19797"0 
Bob Morgan And Steppin' Out

A: Marguerite
B: Steppin' Out
Gem UKGEMS 17Jan 19807"29.0
Circus [John Carter]

A: Song On The Wind
B: The Saddest Word
Gem UKGEMS 18Nov 19797"26.0
Ronnie Lane

A: One Step
B: Lad's Got Money
Gem UKGEMS 19Jan 19807"2 
The Movies [UK]

A: Love Is A Sacrifice
B: Fat Girl
Gem UKGEMS 20Jan 19807"08.0

A: Woman Without Love
B: Like A Falling Star
Gem UKGEMS 21Sep 19807"0 

A: Twisted Wheel
B: SX225
Gem UKGEMS 22Mar 19807"18.5
U.K. Subs

A1: Warhead
B1: The Harper
B2: I'm Waiting For The Man
Gem UKGEMS 2329 Feb 19807"39.0
Midnite [Gem]

A: Love Comes, Love Grows
B: I'm Doin' Alright
Gem UKGEMS 24Mar 19807"0 
The V.I.P.'s [Mod Revival]

A1: Causing Complications
B1: Run, Run Belinda
B2: Love Is A Golden Word
Gem UKGEMS 25Apr 19807"0 
Patrick Hernandez And Hervé Tholance

A: Back To Boogie

Patrick Hernandez

B: Born To Be Alive
Gem / Aquarius UKGEMS 26Mar 19807"0 
Eddie Howell

A: Hatcheck Girl
B: Strong Is The Love
Gem UKGEMS 27Apr 19807"19.0
Lyn Hillier

A: Love Is Bad For Your Health
B: They Said
Gem UKGEMS 28May 19807"0 
The Movies [UK]

A: Have Another Body
B: Bardot
Gem UKGEMS 29May 19807"0 
U.K. Subs

A1: Teenage
B1: Left For Dead
B2: New York State Police
Gem UKGEMS 309 May 19807"77.0

A: Modern Love
B: Strange Kind Of Lady
Gem UKGEMS 31May 19807"0 

A: Sugar, Sugar
B: No --- No, No, No, No
Gem UKGEMS 32May 19807"2 
Jimmy Lindsay

A: I Wanna Dance
B: I'll Be There
Gem UKGEMS 33Jun 19807"0 

A: Vice Versa
B: Hammerhead
Gem UKGEMS 346 Jun 19807"0 
Charlie Harper

A: Barmy London Army
B: Talk Is Cheap
Gem UKGEMS 35Jul 19807"48.0
Praying Mantis

A: Praying Mantis
B: High Roller
Gem UKGEMS 36Jul 19807"0 
Canis Major

A: Freeway Rock
B: Fire
Gem UKGEMS 37Jul 19807"1 

A: Hard Times
B: Angel With A Machine Gun
Gem UKGEMS 38Jul 19807"0 
The V.I.P.'s [Mod Revival]

A: The Quarter Moon
B: Hippy Hippy Shake
Gem UKGEMS 39Aug 19807"310.0
Eddie Howell

A: Sitting In The Cafe
B: Hold On
Gem UKGEMS 40Sep 19807"0 
Jimmy Lindsay

A: It's Hard (For A Dread To Live In Babylon)
B: I Will Love You
Gem UKGEMS 41Nov 19807"1 
U.K. Subs

A: Party In Paris
B: Fall Of The Empire
Gem UKGEMS 4217 Oct 19807"78.3
The V.I.P.'s [Mod Revival]

A: Need Somebody To Love
B: One More Chance
Gem UKGEMS 43Nov 19807"0 
The V.I.P.'s [Mod Revival]

A1: Need Somebody To Love
B1: One More Chance
C1: Stuttgart Special
D1: Who Knows
D2: Janine
Gem UKGEMS 43Nov 1980Double Pack27.0
I Shinko

A: The Shining
B: Daze Of Pleazure
Gem UKGEMS 44Oct 19807"16.0
U.K. Subs

A: Keep On Running (Til You Burn)
B: Perfect Girl
Gem UKGEMS 453 Apr 19817"06.0
U.K. Subs

A1: Keep On Running (Till You Burn)
A2: Ice Age
B1: Perfect Girl
B2: Party In Paris (French Version)
Gem UKGEMEP 451 May 1981EP1 

A: She's So Goodlooking
B: Love Is Burning
Gem UKGEMS 46Jan 19817"07.0
The V.I.P.'s [Mod Revival]

A: Things Aren't What They Used To Be
B: I Thought You Were My Friend
Gem UKGEMS 47Feb 19817"29.0
Cosmic Cowboys

A: One Night Stand
B: The Boys In The Band
Gem UKGEMS 4819817"0 

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