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Giant [Reggae] - Label Discography

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Giant was a subsidiary of the R & B Label, releasing material from the Jamaican Giant Label
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Junior Smith

A: Cool Down Your Temper
B: I'm Groovin'
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 119677"28.0
Junior Smith

A: I'm A Good Boy

The Rocksteadys

B: Squeeze And Freeze
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 2Aug 19677"0 

A: My Time Now

Dandy And His Group

B: East Of Suez
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 319677"110.0
Ewan And Jerry

A: The Right Track
B: We've Got To Be The One
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 419677"01.0

A: Puppet On A String
B: Have Your Fun
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 519677"0 
Don Martin

A: Got A Feelin'

The Connections

B: At The Junction
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 6Oct 19677"0 
Dandy And The Superboys

A: We Are Still Rude
B: Let's Do Rock Steady
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 7Oct 19677"08.5
The Itals

A: New Loving
B: I Told You Little Girl
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 819677"1 
Ewan And Jerry

A: The Rock Steady Train
B: My Baby Is Gone
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 919677"0 

A: Somewhere My Love

Dandy And His Group

B: My Kind Of Love
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 10Sep 19677"2 
Bobby Aitken And The Caribbeats

A: What A Fool
B: Curfew
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 11Dec 19677"2 
The Itals

A: Don't Throw It Away
B: Make Up Your Mind
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 12Dec 19677"010.0
Ewan And Jerry

A: Tennessee Waltz (Rock Steady)
B: You've Got Something
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 14Dec 19677"19.0

A: There Is A Mountain
B: This Music Got Soul
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 15Nov 19677"27.0
Jeanette Simpson

A: The Rain
B: Whatcha Gonna Do About It
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 16Feb 19687"08.0
Ewan And Devner With The Carib-Beats

A: I Want You So Bad
B: I'm Gonna Love You
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 1719677"0 
Junior Smith

A: I'm Gonna Leave You, Girl
B: I Love You, I Love You
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 1819687"2 
Little Sal With Dandy And The Superboys

A: I'm In A Mood
B: I'm A Lover
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 19Mar 19687"1 

A: Charlie Brown

Dandy And His Group Featuring Carl Griffiths (Tenor Sax)

B: Groovin' At The Cue
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 20Feb 19687"1 
Gene Pancho

A: I Like Sweet Music
B: Seven Days
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 21Apr 19687"1 
The Superboys

A: Aint That A Shame
B: Do It Right Now
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 22Apr 19687"0 

A: Propagandist

Dandy And The Superboys

B: The Giant March
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 2319687"08.0
Don Martin

A: Keep On Fighting
B: Rock Steady Boogie
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 2419687"1 
Junior Smith

A: Come Cure Me
B: I Want Your Lovin'
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 25Apr 19687"0 
The Wrigglers

A: The Cooler
B: You Cannot Know
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 26Apr 19687"210.0
Dandy And The Superboys

A: Sweet Ride
B: Up The Hill
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 27May 19687"1 
Albert Tomilinson

A: Don't Wait For Me

Lloyd Evans

B: Loosing You
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 2819687"1 
Jeanette Simpson With The Missions

A: My Baby Just Cares For Me

Jeanette Simpson And The Superboys

B: Don't Let Me Cry No More
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 29Apr 19687"1 
Dandy With The Superboys

A: Tears On My Pillow
B: Mad Them
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3019687"0 
The Superboys

A: You're Hurtin' Me
B: Funky Soul
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3119687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Dance Arena
B: The Musical Train
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3224 May 19687"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Warming Up The Scene

Glen Adams

B: Lonely Girl
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 33May 19687"7 
Ken Parker

A: A Change Gonna Come

Val Bennett

B: Jumping With Val
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3419687"3 
Jeanette Simpson With The Missions

A: Thru Lovin' You
B: Send Me Some Lovin'
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3519687"0 
Dandy With The Superboys

A: I'm Back With A Bang Bang
B: Jungle Walk
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3619687"0 
Pat Kelley And The Uniques

A: Little Boy Blue

Pat Kelley

B: You Are Not Mine
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3719687"0 
Herbie Gray And The Cool-Tans

A: We're Staying Here
B: Life Ska
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 38Jun 19687"2 
Gene Rondo With Herbie Gray And The Cool-Tans

A: Grey Lies
B: Ben Nevis
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 3919687"0 
Roy Campbell With The Jazzboe Jaspers

A: Wonderful World
B: Another Saturday Night
Giant [Reggae] UKGN 4119687"0 
King Nightingale And His Band

A: Sekere Alafin
B: Sisi Caroline
Giant [Reggae] UKEddie-500-419687"2 
Dele Ojo With Watusi Band

A: Mura Si Ise
B: Abuke
Giant [Reggae] UKEddie-500-619687"0 
Hykkas Show Band

A: Lt.-Col. Ojukwu
B: Major Chukwuma Mzeogwy
Giant [Reggae] UK500 PR-17"1 

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