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Glass - Label Discography

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Glass [London]

A: New Colours
B: Sweet Entropy
Glass UKGLASS 1Jun 19807"27.0
Ciaran Harte

A: Love Is Strange
B: Shimahero
Glass UKGLASS 00319807"0 
Religious Overdose

A: 25 Minutes
B: Control Addicts
Glass UKGLASS 00419817"0 
English Subtitles

A: Tannoy
B: Cars On Fire
Glass UKGLASS 00719817"07.0
Where's Lisse ?

A: Talk Takes Too Long
B: You Stole My Gun
Glass UKGLASS 00819817"0 
Religious Overdose

A: I Said Go
B: Alien To You
Glass UKGLASS 00919817"1 
The Cravats

A: Terminus
B: Little Yellow Froggy
Glass UKGLASS 02119827"0 
Anti Establishment

A: Future Girl
B: No Trust
Glass UKGLASS 022Jun 19827"0 
Anti Establishment

A: Anti Men
B: Misunderstood
Glass UKGLASS 02319837"0 
In Embrace

A1: Sun Brings Smiles
B1: Play In Light
B2: Sun Brings Smiles (Sweetamix)
Glass UKGLASS 02419827"0 
The Wise Men

A: Knowledge
B: Lost In Action
Glass UKGLASS 02519837"0 
The Gadgets

A: We Had No Way Of Knowing
B: Acid Bath
Glass UKGLASS 02619837"0 
The Jazz Butcher

A: Southern Mark Smith
B: The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula
Glass UKGLASS 02719837"09.0
The Tempest

A: Lady Left This
B: Attic
Glass UKGLASS 02919837"1 
In Embrace

A1: The Living Daylights
B1: Blue Beach
B2: Make
Glass UKGLASS 03019837"0 
David J And The J Walkers

A: The Promised Land
B: Saint Jackie
Glass UKGLASS 031Dec 19837"0 
The Jazz Butcher

A: Marnie
B: Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Glass UKGLASS 03319847"09.5
In Embrace

A: Your Heaven Scent (Plays Hell With Me)
B: Fluid
Glass UKGLASS 03419847"0 
David J

A: I Can't Shake This Shadow Of Fear
B: War Game
Glass UKGLASS 03919847"0 
The Jazz Butcher

A: Roadrunner
B: Rain
Glass UKGLASS 04019847"010.0
The Jazz Butcher

A: Real Men
B: The Jazz Butcher Vs. The Prime Minister
Glass UKGLASS 04119857"19.0
David J

A: Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh
B: Elegy
Glass UKGLASS 04219857"0 
The Jazz Butcher

A: The Human Jungle
B: Death Dentist
Glass UKGLASS 04319857"09.0
The Doctor's Children

A: Tomorrow I'll Die
B: Winds Of A Storm
Glass UKGLASS 4419857"06.0

A: When The Rain Comes
B: Country Girl
Glass UKGLASS 045Jan 19867"0 
The Jazz Butcher

A: Hard
B: Grooving In The Bus Lane
Glass UKGLASS 04619867"010.0

A: Too Bad
B: Take Good Aim
Glass UKGLASS 04719867"0 
The Pastels

A: Truck Train Tractor
B: Breaking Lines
Glass UKGLASS 04819867"09.0
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

A: Angels
B: Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back
Glass UKGLASS 04919867"19.5
The Pastels

A: Crawl Babies
B: Empty House
Glass UKGLASS 05019877"17.5

A: Timewarp 1991 (Long Live Trad Rock)
B: Too Fast To Live, Too Fast To Die
Glass UKGLASS 05219877"0 
The Pastels

A: Comin' Through
B: Sit On It Mother
Glass UKGLASS 05319877"0 
The Apartments

A: The Shyest Time
B: Make It Count
Glass UKGLASS 05519887"0 
The Servants

A: It's My Turn
B: Afterglow
Glass UKGLASS 05619897"0 
In Embrace

A: A Room Upstairs
B: My Worst Behaviour
Glass UKGLASS 05119867"0 

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