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Gordy - Label Discography

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A: Dream Come True
B: Isn't She Pretty
Gordy USAGORDY 700116 Mar 19627"0 
Lee And The Leopards

A: Come Into My Palace
B: Trying To Make It
Gordy USAGORDY 700214 Apr 19627"110.0
The Valadiers

A: Because I Love Her
B: While I'm Away
Gordy USAG 700321 May 19627"0 
The Contours

A: Do You Love Me
B: Move Mr. Man
Gordy USAG-700529 Jun 19627"19.0
Mike And The Modifiers

A: I Found Myself A Brand New Baby
B: It's Too Bad
Gordy USAGORDY 700611 Jul 19627"17.0
LaBrenda Ben And The Beljeans

A: Camel Walk
B: The Chaperone
Gordy USAGORDY 70098 Sep 19627"36.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: I'll Have To Let Him Go
B: My Baby Won't Come Back
Gordy USAGORDY 701127 Sep 19627"18.0
The Temptations

A: Paradise
B: Slow Down Heart
Gordy USAG70101 Oct 19627"210.0
Bob Kayli

A: Hold On Pearl
B: Toodle Loo
Gordy USAGORDY 70088 Nov 19627"0 
The Contours

A: Shake Sherry
B: You Better Get In Line
Gordy USAG-701215 Nov 19627"2 
The Contours

A: Shake Sherry
Gordy USAGORDY 701215 Nov 1962Promo Only 7"3 
The Valadiers

A: I Found A Girl
B: You'll Be Sorry Someday
Gordy USAG 70138 Jan 19637"08.0
Hattie Littles

A: Your Love Is Wonderful
B: Here You Come
Gordy USAGO-70078 Jan 19637"2 
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Come And Get These Memories
B: Jealous Lover
Gordy USAGORDY 701422 Feb 19637"119.7
The Contours

A: Don't Let Her Be Your Baby
B: It Must Be Love
Gordy USAG 70168 Mar 19637"0 
The Temptations

A: I Want A Love I Can See
B: The Further You Look The Less You See
Gordy USAG701518 Mar 19637"59.0
Bunny Paul

A: I'm Hooked
B: We're Only Young Once
Gordy USAG-701728 May 19637"28.0
The Stylers

A: Going Steady Anniversary
B: Pushing Up Daisies
Gordy USAG 701828 May 19637"1 
The Contours

A: Pa I Need A Car
B: You Get Ugly
Gordy USAGORDY 701911 Jun 19637"0 
The Temptations

A: May I Have This Dance
B: Farewell My Love
Gordy USAG-702025 Jun 19637"2 
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Heat Wave
B: A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday)
Gordy USAG-702210 Jul 19637"810.0
LaBrenda Ben

A: Just Be Yourself
B: I Can't Help It, I Gotta Dance
Gordy USAG-702130 Aug 19637"19.0
Rev. Martin Luther King

A: I Have A Dream

Liz Lands

B: We Shall Overcome
Gordy USAG-702316 Oct 19637"1 
The Darnells

A: Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye
B: Come On Home
Gordy USAG-702427 Oct 19637"210.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Quicksand
B: Darling, I Hum Our Song
Gordy USAG-70254 Nov 19637"49.0
Liz Lands

A: May What He Lived For Live
B: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Gordy USA70266 Dec 19637"0 
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Live Wire
Gordy USAG-7027S DJ1964Promo Only 7"3 
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Live Wire
B: Old Love (Let's Try It Again)
Gordy USAG-702717 Jan 19647"2 

A: The Way You Do The Things You Do
B: Just Let Me Know
Gordy USAG-702823 Jan 19647"2 
The Contours

A: Can You Do It
B: I'll Stand By You
Gordy USAG-702928 Feb 19647"1 
Liz Lands

A: Midnight Johnny
B: Keep Me
Gordy USAG-703011 Mar 19647"110.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: In My Lonely Room
B: A Tear For The Girl
Gordy USAG-703123 Mar 19647"29.5
The Temptations

A: I'll Be In Trouble
B: The Girl's Alright With Me
Gordy USAG-703229 Apr 19647"1 
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Dancing In The Street
B: There He Is (At My Door)
Gordy USAG-703331 Jul 19647"79.6
Tommy Good

A: Baby I Miss You
B: Leaving Here
Gordy USAG-703431 Jul 19647"09.0
The Temptations

A: Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)
B: Baby, Baby I Need You
Gordy USAG-703520 Aug 19647"29.8
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Wild One
B: Dancing Slow
Gordy USAG-703613 Nov 19647"77.0
The Contours

A: Can You Jerk Like Me
B: That Day When She Needed Me
Gordy USAGORDY 703716 Nov 19647"310.0
The Temptations

A: My Girl
B: (Talking 'Bout) Nobody But My Baby
Gordy USAG-703821 Dec 19647"89.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Nowhere To Run
B: Motoring
Gordy USAG-70395 Feb 19657"49.6
The Temptations

A: It's Growing
B: What Love Has Joined Together
Gordy USAG-704018 Mar 19657"12 
Kim Weston

A: A Thrill A Moment
B: I'll Never See My Love Again
Gordy USAG-704121 Apr 19657"09.0
Marv Johnson

A: Why Do You Want To Let Me Go
B: I'm Not A Plaything
Gordy USAG-704228 May 19657"0 
The Contours

A: First I Look At The Purse
Gordy USAG 7044Jun 1965Promo Only 7"09.0
The Temptations

A: Since I Lost My Baby
B: You've Got To Earn It
Gordy USAG-70431 Jun 19657"18.5
The Contours

A: First I Look At The Purse
B: Searching For A Girl
Gordy USAG 704423 Jun 19657"18.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: You've Been In Love Too Long
B: Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)
Gordy USAG-704526 Jul 19657"1 
Kim Weston

A: Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
B: Don't Compare Me With Her
Gordy USAG-70462 Sep 19657"0 
The Temptations

A: My Baby
B: Don't Look Back
Gordy USAG-704730 Sep 19657"19.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: My Baby Loves Me
B: Never Leave Your Baby's Side
Gordy USAG-70484 Jan 19667"4 

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