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Grounation - Label Discography

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Johnny Clarke

A: Joyful Festival
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 200119757"06.0
Jackie Edwards

A: This Is Another Festival
B: This Is Another Festival (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 200219757"07.0
Johnny Clarke

A: No Woman, No Cry
B: No Woman, No Cry (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 200319757"17.0
Max Romeo

A: Natty Dread Take Over


B: Laughing Dread
Grounation UKGRO 200419757"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Blood Shot Eyes
B: Blood Shot Eyes (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 200519757"0 
Cornell Campbell

A: Gorgan At The Ginesos
B: Gorgan At The Ginesos (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 200619757"07.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Get Ready
B: Get Ready (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 200719757"19.0
Cornell Campbell

A: Conquering Gorgan
B: Conquering Gorgan (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 200819757"09.0
Barrington Spence

A: For The Rest Of My Life
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 200919757"07.0
U. Roy

A: Jump For Joy
B: Heavy Duty Festival
Grounation UKGRO 201019757"17.0
The Diamonds [Reggae]

A: Carefree Girl
B: Carefree (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201119757"07.0
Jackie Edwards

A: Before The Next Teardrops
B: Before The Next Teardrops (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201219757"18.0
Linval Thompson

A: Jah Jah The Conqueror
B: Jah Jah The Conqueror (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201319757"0 
Owen Gray

A: Let Jah Arise
B: Let Jah Arise (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201419757"27.0
U. Roy

A: Gorgan Wise
B: Grounation
Grounation UKGRO 201519757"17.0
Max Romeo

A: We're Gonna Make It
B: We're Gonna Make It (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201619757"0 
Linval Thompson

A: Cool Down Your Temper
B: Cool Down Your Temper (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201719757"0 
Jackie Edwards

A: I'm Still Waiting
B: I'm Still Waiting (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201819757"0 
Linval Thompson

A: Long Dread Locks
B: Long Dread Locks (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 201919757"0 
Joy White

A: Idlers On The Street
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 202019757"07.0
Joe Higgs

A: More Slavery
B: More Slavery (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202119757"0 
Brenton King

A: Josephine
B: Josephine (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202219757"0 
Bandit [Reggae]

A: Money Money
B: Money Money (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202319757"0 
Delroy And Derrick

A: Pack Up Your Troubles
B: Pack Up Your Troubles (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202419757"29.0
Righteous Flames

A: Slaving In
B: Slaving In (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202519757"07.0
Righteous Flames

A: Revolution
B: Revolution (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202619757"0 
The Cordells

A: Let I Go
B: Let I Go (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202719757"17.0
Leroy Smart

A: The Road Is Rough
B: The Road Is Rough (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202819757"0 
The Abbysinians

A: Love Comes And Goes
B: Love Comes And Goes (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202919757"07.0
Turnell McCormack And The Cordells

A: Three Card Man
B: Three Card Man (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 203119757"16.0
Fred Locks

A: Black Star Liner
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 203219757"28.0
Norris Wier

A: Pump The Pump
B: Pump The Pump (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 203319757"27.0
Flip Kay

A: Jane, Ann

Sons Of Jah

B: Organ In Dub
Grounation UKGRO 203519757"1 
Flip Kay

A: Back In My Arms

Sons Of Jah

B: Balm Dub
Grounation UKGRO 203619757"1 
Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus

A: None A Jah Jah Children
B: Glory Dawn
Grounation UKGRO 203719757"110.0
Jimmy London

A: Don't Keep The Children In The Dark
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 203819757"17.5
Cynthia Richards

A: Jackson
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 203919757"16.0
Dennis Brown

A: Life Goes In Circle
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 204019757"07.0
Tony Dee And The Gaylords

A: You Turn Me On
B: Faydo Faydo
Grounation UKGRO 204119757"1 
Kitty And Norris

A: He's The One You Love

The Allstars

B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 204219757"06.0
Boy Wonder [Honey Boy]

A: Pressure
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 204319757"0 
Elaine Taylor And Twinkle Brothers

A: Then Came You
B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 204419757"07.0
Phillip Parkinson

A: Just What I Own
B: Dub I Own
Grounation UKGRO 204519757"07.0
Ili P

A: Give Rasta Praise
B: Everlasting Praise
Grounation UKGRO 204619757"0 
Twinkle Brothers

A: Baby I've Been Missing You

Twinkle Brothers All Star

B: Version
Grounation UKGRO 204719757"0 
Landford Gilzing

A: Gone Me Gone

The Allstars

B: Gone Dub
Grounation UKGRO 204819757"09.0
The Mystics [Reggae]

A: God Bless The Youths
B: Tribulation
Grounation UKGRO 204919757"19.0
Sir Lee

A: Whip Them No Skip Them
B: Flog Them Jah
Grounation UKGRO 205019757"08.0

A: Babylon A Fight Rasta Man

The Allstars

B: Rasta Dub
Grounation UKGRO 205119757"08.0
Twinkle Brothers

A: Natty Dread Up Town
B: Mad Dub
Grounation UKGRO 205219757"08.0

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