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Gull - Label Discography

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  UK  71
  Germany  14
  France  7
  Netherlands  5
  Australia  4
  Italy  2
  New Zealand  2
  USA  2
  Japan  1
  Spain  1
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Landscape [Mike Hawker]

A: Touch The Wind (Eres Tu)
B: California On My Mind
Gull UKGULS 129 Mar 19747"2 

A: Puttin' Me Down
B: Save Me
Gull UKGULS 226 Apr 19747"0 
Seventh Wave

A: Metropolis
B: Festival
Gull UKGULS 331 May 19747"0 
Arthur Brown

A: Gypsies
B: Dance
Gull UKGULS 413 Sep 19747"1 

A: I Believe In Rock 'N' Roll
B: Still Alive
Gull UKGULS 516 Aug 19747"1 
Judas Priest

A: Rocka Rolla
B: Never Satisfied
Gull UKGULS 623 Aug 19747"0 
Steve Ashley

A: Old Rock 'N' Roll
B: Fire And Wine
Gull UKGULS 98 Nov 19747"0 
Seventh Wave

A: Things To Come
B: Fail To See
Gull UKGULS 1015 Nov 19747"1 
Blue Mink

A: Melting Pot
B: Gimme Reggae
Gull UKGULS 1131 Jan 19757"110.0
Tiger Lily

A: Ain't Misbehavin'
B: Monkey Jive
Gull UKGULS 1219757"2 
Arthur Brown

A: We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
B: Here I Am
Gull UKGULS 1316 May 19757"1 
Typically Tropical

A: Barbados
B: Sandy
Gull UKGULS 1423 May 19757"48.1

A: Tobacco Road
B: Let It Roll
Gull UKGULS 1622 Aug 19757"0 
The Diversions

A: Fattie Bum-Bum
B: Jamaica
Gull UKGULS 1812 Sep 19757"1 
Typically Tropical

A: Rocket Now
B: Hole In The Sky
Gull UKGULS 193 Oct 19757"36.0
The Marvels

A: Lover's Concerto
B: It's Cool
Gull UKGULS 2017 Oct 19757"0 
The Philadelphia Society

A: 100 South Of Broadway, Part 1
B: 100 South Of Broadway, Part 2
Gull UKGULS 2124 Oct 19757"0 

A: Half A Love
B: Giving Yourself Is Loving
Gull UKGULS 227 Nov 19757"0 
Captain Zero

A: Space Walk
B: I'm Only An Elf
Gull UKGULS 2331 Oct 19757"1 
Calvert And West

A: The Ghost Song
B: Eternity Isle
Gull UKGULS 2414 Nov 19757"1 
Yin And Yan

A: The 12 Days Of Christmas
B: Breakfast Conversations
Gull UKGULS 265 Dec 19757"1 
The Diversions

A: But Is It Funky
B: To Make Us Happy
Gull UKGULS 2813 Feb 19767"0 
Apple Pie And Custard

A: Primrose Stores
B: Travelling DJ
Gull UKGULS 2912 Mar 19767"1 
The Year Of The Dragon

A: Let's Do The Latin Hustle
B: Over My Shoulder
Gull UKGULS 3012 Mar 19767"0 
The Chickadees

A: Cow-Cow Boogie
B: We Like Music
Gull UKGULS 332 Apr 19767"0 
Eugene Paul

A: Try It, You'll Like It
B: Gonna Get That Something
Gull UKGULS 357 May 19767"1 
The Marvels

A: We'll Be Together
B: My Desire
Gull UKGULS 3730 Apr 19767"1 
Typically Tropical

A: Everybody Plays The Fool
B: Sylvan's A Barbadian
Gull UKGULS 387 May 19767"27.0
Ron Walton

A: Soul Disco
B: Always Be The One
Gull UKGULS 404 Jun 19767"0 
Chain Reaction [Jamaica]

A: Never Lose Never Win
B: This Eternal Flame
Gull UKGULS 4313 Aug 19767"1 
The Marvels

A: Think
B: Take Good Care Of You For Me
Gull UKGULS 4427 Aug 19767"27.0
Rudy And The Rialtos Featuring Wolfman Jack

A: Christmas Tears Will Fall
B: Week Of Love
Gull UKGULS 4619 Nov 19767"2 
Chain Reaction [Jamaica]

A: Why Cant We Be Lovers
B: Hogtied
Gull UKGULS 5330 Sep 19777"1 
The Jive Bureaux

A: School Daze
B: You Say That You Love Me
Gull UKGULS 5625 Nov 19777"0 
Del Richardson [UK]

A: Soul On Fire
B: Qubaah
Gull UKGULS 5714 Apr 19787"1 
Carol Douglas

A: Night Fever
B: Let You Come Into My Life
Gull UKGULS 6121 Jul 19787"04.0

A: Free Fall
B: Lay Back
Gull UKGULS 621 Sep 19787"1 
Cleveland Eaton

A: Bama Boogie Woogie
B: The Funky Cello
Gull UKGULS 631 Sep 19787"17.0
Bunny Maloney

A: Baby I've Been Missing You
B: Julia
Gull UKGULS 6527 Oct 19787"09.0
Bunny Maloney

A: I Just Want To Be Your Everything
B: Ethiopia
Gull UKGULS 6815 Jun 19797"0 
The Red Haggle Pipers

A: The Scottish Dog Dance
B: The Scottish Dog Dance Part 2
Gull UKGULS 7026 Oct 19797"2 
Judas Priest

A: The Ripper
B: Victim Of Changes
Gull UKGULS 71Aug 19807"19.0
Francis Mallon

A: After All I've Been Through
B: Next Boat To Belfast
Gull UKGULS 718 Oct 19747"0 
Vince Everett [UK]

A: Cafe Fleur-De-Lis
B: Sing-A-Song
Gull UKGULS 825 Oct 19747"1 
Vince Everett [UK]

A: If You Don't Want My Love
B: Sing-A-Song
Gull UKGULS 1520 Jun 19757"1 
Seventh Wave

A: Manifestations
B: Only The Beginning (Part 1)
Gull UKGULS 1712 Sep 19757"0 
Hot Shots

A: Mellow Yellow
B: Come On Susie
Gull UKGULS 2521 Nov 19757"0 
Steve Ashley

A: Well, Well, Well
B: Finite Time
Gull UKGULS 279 Jan 19767"0 
Judas Priest

A: The Ripper
B: Island Of Domination
Gull UKGULS 3119 Mar 19767"1 

A: Tonight's The Night (Do What You Wanna Do)
B: All You Funky People
Gull UKGULS R 3226 Mar 19767"1 

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