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Hansa International - Label Discography

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Lester And Denwood

A: Sing Sing
B: Dreams To Remember
Hansa International Germany13 424 AT19747"0 
Big Pete Lancaster

The Original Bump - The Kung U Karate Bump

A: Chain Gang
B: Judy (Walking Through The English Garden)
Hansa International Germany13 697 AT19747"0 
Electronic Butterflies

A: Tchip Tchip
B: Stay With Me
Hansa International Germany13 233 ATApr 19747"0 

A: African Yama
B: By The Way (He's Gone)
Hansa International Germany13 241 ATApr 19747"0 
Buster [Bradleys]

A: Superstar
B: Ring Around
Hansa International Germany13 330 ATMay 19747"0 
Charles Jérôme

A: C'est Moi
B: Marilyn
Hansa International Germany13 448 ATSep 19747"0 
Stephanie De Sykes (With Rain)

A: Born With A Smile On My Face
B: Woman's Intuition
Hansa International Germany13 551 ATSep 19747"0 

A: The Year Of The Tiger
B: Big Star
Hansa International Germany13 584 ATOct 19747"010.0
Miki Antony

A: We Made It Last Summertime
B: Hey Suzanne
Hansa International Germany13 595 ATOct 19747"0 
Tony Sherman

A: I'm Gonna Stay With My Baby Tonight
B: I'll Be There
Hansa International Germany13 597 ATOct 19747"1 
Stephanie De Sykes

A: Only Love
B: What Good Is Love
Hansa International Germany13 712 ATDec 19747"0 
The Goodies

A: The Inbetweenies
B: Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Hansa International Germany13 719 ATDec 19747"0 
Sweet Dreams

A: The Best Of Everything
B: Only You Can Touch Me
Hansa International Germany13 840 ATFeb 19757"0 
Mike Berry

A: Don't Be Cruel
B: It's All Over
Hansa International Germany13 906 ATApr 19757"07.0
Anarchic System

A: Nana Guili Guili Couzy Couzy
B: I Make Up My Mind To Make Love
Hansa International Germany13 915 ATApr 19757"1 
The Goodies

A: The Funky Gibbon
B: Sick-Man Blues
Hansa International Germany16 012 ATMay 19757"1 
Big Pete Lancaster

A: Mack The Knife
B: Happy Gipsy
Hansa International Germany16 205 ATAug 19757"0 
Tony Sherman

A: Sing With Me
B: Thank You Baby
Hansa International Germany16 235 ATSep 19757"0 
Anarchic System

A: Generation
B: Wish To Know Why
Hansa International Germany16 268 ATSep 19757"0 
Sweet Dreams

A: Love A Little Longer
B: Let's Get Into Something
Hansa International Germany16 367 ATNov 19757"0 
Jumbo '75

A: Sexy Lady
B: Super Came
Hansa International Germany16 379 ATNov 19757"0 
David Martial et Le Bambou-Combo

A: Bambou Tabou (Part I)
B: Bambou Tabou (Part II)
Hansa International Germany16 403 ATNov 19757"0 
Mike Berry

A: Tribute To Buddy Holly
B: Dial My Number
Hansa International Germany16 443 ATDec 19757"0 

A: Why Don't You Do It
B: A Baby Of Love
Hansa International Germany16 482 ATDec 19757"0 
Jean Blacker

A: Heaven Is The Man I Love
B: There's An Island (Where The Sun Shines It's Light On Everyone)
Hansa International Germany16 533 ATDec 19757"0 
The Goodies

A: Wild Thing
B: Nappy Love
Hansa International Germany16 617 ATJan 19767"0 
Oscar Harris

A: Sing Your Freedom Song
B: I'm So Glad
Hansa International Germany16 712 ATApr 19767"0 

A: Brother Monkey
B: Friends
Hansa International Germany16 729 ATApr 19767"0 

A: Shimmy Shimmy Lolita (Short Version)
B: Shimmy Shimmy Lolita (Long Version)
Hansa International Germany16 749 ATApr 19767"0 
Terry Explosion

A: The Original Disco Polka (English Version)
B: Tomorrow I Will Marry
Hansa International Germany16 771 ATApr 19767"0 
Eddie Drennon And B.B.S. Unlimited

A: Let's Do The Latin Hustle
B: Get Down, Do The Latin Hustle
Hansa International Germany16 824 ATApr 19767"0 
Sweet Dreams

A: Love Kiss And Run
B: I'm So Glad I've Gotcha'
Hansa International Germany16 849 ATApr 19767"0 
Boney M.

A: Daddy Cool
B: No Women No Cry
Hansa International Germany16 959 ATJun 19767"08.0
Lotus [Netherlands]

A: Yellow Rose
B: Pretty Ballerina
Hansa International Germany16 962 ATJun 19767"0 

A: Help Help
B: First Love
Hansa International Germany17 068 ATJul 19767"0 
Hot Blood

A: Soul Dracula
B: Dracula's Theme
Hansa International Germany17 103 ATAug 19767"1 
Mike Berry

A: Take A Heart
B: Hey Joe
Hansa International Germany17 140 ATAug 19767"07.0
Jumbo '76

A: Let's Dance (Dance Dance Dance)
B: Loco-Loco
Hansa International Germany17 155 ATAug 19767"0 
Jumping Beans

A: Touchez Pas
B: Don't Touch Me
Hansa International Germany17 156 ATAug 19767"0 
Frank Farian

A: Spring über deinen Schatten, Tommy
B: Was Wird Aus Jenny? (Rocky Teil II)
Hansa International Germany17 203 ATSep 19767"1 
Stuart James

A: I'm In The Mood For Love
B: Fire Fly
Hansa International Germany17 219 ATSep 19767"0 
The Goodies

A: Bounce!
B: Good Ole Country Music
Hansa International Germany17 225 ATSep 19767"0 

A: Hold On I'm Coming
B: Shakin' In My Shoes
Hansa International Germany17 238 ATOct 19767"0 
Boney M.

A: Sunny
B: New York City
Hansa International Germany17 459 ATNov 19767"48.0
Sandy Kane

A: Dear Old Dad
B: Walk On By
Hansa International Germany17 474 ATDec 19767"1 
David Keat

A: Cosmo Galactic Prism
B: Love Comes And Goes
Hansa International Germany11 307 AT19777"0 

A: I Saw Her Standing There
B: Endless Sleep
Hansa International Germany11 762 AT19777"0 
Steven Giles

A: Rock Me
B: Golden Lady
Hansa International Germany17 756 AT19777"0 
Il Guardiano Del Faro

A: Domani
B: Pajaso
Hansa International Germany17 936 AT19777"0 
Ziggie Addy

A: Touch Me
B: Hey Domingo
Hansa International Germany17 578 ATJan 19777"0 

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