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Harvest - Label Discography

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  UK  275
  Germany  95
  Netherlands  87
  USA  42
  Italy  35
  France  32
  New Zealand  29
  Australia  26
  Canada  21
  Ireland  21
  Spain  20
  Belgium  14
  Denmark  14
  Greece  12
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Deep Purple

A: Hallelujah
B: April Part 1
Harvest Germany1C 006-90 510Sep 19697"19.0
Greatest Show On Earth

A: Tell The Story
B: Mountain Song
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 56019707"0 
Deep Purple

A: Black Night
B: Living Wreck
Harvest Germany1C 006-91 61119707"210.0
Deep Purple

A: Speed King
B: Into The Fire
Harvest Germany1C 006-91 220 MMar 19707"0 
Kevin Ayers And The Whole World

A: Singing A Song In The Morning
B: Eleanor's Cake Which Ate Her
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 366Apr 19707"0 
The Greatest Show On Earth

A: Real Cool World
B: Again And Again
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 379Apr 19707"010.0
Pretty Things

A: The Good Mr. Square
B: Blue Serge Blues
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 420May 19707"09.0
Edgar Broughton Band

A: Out Demons Out
B: Mommy's Reward (Keep Them Freaks A-Rollin')
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 421May 19707"0 
Dave Mason

A: World In Changes
B: Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving
Harvest Germany1C 006-91 440May 19707"0 

A: Boogie Woogie Country Girl
B: Honky Tonkin'
Harvest Germany1C 006-91 504 MJun 19707"0 
Edgar Broughton Band

A: Up Yours!
B: Officer Dan
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 495Jul 19707"0 

A: Black Sheep Of The Family
B: Good Lord Knows
Harvest Germany1C 006-91 667Jul 19707"0 
The Pretty Things

A: October 26
B: Cold Stone
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 682Dec 19707"08.0
Edgar Broughton Band

A: Apache Drop Out (Apache Introducing Drop Out Boogie)
B: Freedom
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 685Dec 19707"0 
Southern Comfort

A: The Leaving Song
B: Take A Message
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 74319717"0 
Southern Comfort

A: (The Dreadful Ballad Of) Willie Hurricane
B: Berkshire Berk
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 79919717"0 
Curtiss Maldoon

A: You Make Me Happy
B: Amber Man
Harvest Germany1C 006-92 72219717"0 
Deep Purple

A: Strange Kind Of Woman
B: I'm Alone
Harvest Germany1C 006-92 301Mar 19717"09.0

A: One Blind Mice
B: Punting
Harvest Germany1C 006-92 383Apr 19717"08.0
The Pretty Things

A1: Stone-Hearted Mama
B1: Summertime
B2: Circus Mind
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 812Jun 19717"0 
The Move

A: Tonight
B: Don´t Mess Me Up
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 819Jun 19717"2 
Edgar Broughton Band

A: Hotel Room
B: Call Me A Liar
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 853Jul 19717"010.0
The Move

A: Chinatown
B: Down On The Bay
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 931 MOct 19717"0 
Deep Purple

A: Fireball
B: Demon's Eye
Harvest Germany1C 006-92 988Nov 19717"1 
Dizzy Man's Band

A: Shocking
B: Pretty Kitty
Harvest Germany1C 006-24 68819727"010.0

A: Layla
B: Sunny Morning
Harvest Germany1C 006-29 96019727"0 
Janus [Germany]

A: I'm Moving On
B: I Don't Believe You
Harvest Germany1C 006-30 370 A19727"0 

A: Small Beginnings
B: Morning Haze
Harvest Germany1C 006-93 55919727"0 

A: Time Of The Season
B: Tapestry
Harvest Germany1C 006-93 70519727"0 
East Of Eden

A: Boogie Woogie Flu
B: Last Dance Of The Clown
Harvest Germany1C 006-93 84019727"0 
Roy Wood

A: When Gran'ma Plays The Banjo
B: Wake Up
Harvest Germany1C 006-04 994Feb 19727"0 
Edgar Broughton Band

A: Gone Blue
B: Someone / Mr.Crosby
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 041May 19727"0 
The Move

A1: California Man
B1: Do Ya
B2: Ella James
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 045May 19727"09.0
The Electric Light Orchestra

A: 10538 Overture
B: First Movement (Jumping Biz)
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 085Jul 19727"3 
Pink Floyd

A: Free Four
B: The Gold It's In The......
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 086Jul 19727"0 
Roy Wood

A: Dear Elaine
B: Songs Of Praise
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 177Oct 19727"0 

A: Ball Park Incident
B: The Carlsberg Special (Piano's Demolished Phone 0213734472)
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 194Dec 19727"0 

A: Charly
B: San Jose
Harvest Germany1C 006-20 97319737"2 
The Electric Light Orchestra

A: Roll Over Beethoven
B: Queen Of The Hours
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 242Feb 19737"08.0

A: See My Baby Jive
B: Bend Over Beethoven
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 318Apr 19737"09.0
Pink Floyd

A: Money
B: Any Colour You Like
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 368Jun 19737"07.0

A: Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad)
B: You Got The Jump Onme
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 437Aug 19737"0 
The Electric Light Orchestra

A: Showdown
B: In Old England Town (Instrumental)
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 458Sep 19737"09.0
Roy Wood

A: Forever
B: Music To Commit Suicide By
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 504Dec 19737"0 

A: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
B: Rob Roy's Nightmare (A Bit More H.A.)
Harvest Germany1C 006-05 517Dec 19737"0 

A: Dimplicity
B: Million Dollars
Harvest Germany1C 006-30 57619747"1 
Roy Wood

A: Goin' Down The Road (A Scottish Reggae Song)
B: The Premium Bond Theme
Harvest Germany1C 006-95 61419747"0 

A: Hunters And Collectors
B: Vernal Equinox
Harvest Germany1C 006-31 39219757"0 
Be-Bop Deluxe

A: Kiss Of Light

Funky Phaser And His Unearthly Merchandise

B: Shine
Harvest Germany1C 006-06 21519767"0 

A: I Want More
B: ...And More
Harvest Germany1C 006-31 72719767"1 

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